GTX 960 Non-reference Card Comparison ft. ASUS, EVGA, Gigabyte & MSI

The GTX 960 has finally launched, but which one should you choose? We're here to help.

ASUS GTX 960 Strix Overview:

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Episode Credits:
Host: Riley Murdock
Writer: Anthony Chow
Editor: Kalvin Shum
Camera: Riley Murdock
  • manalili jimboy

    how about MSI GTX 960

  • Hardik Kapoor

    Gigabyte g1 or evga ftw 960????

  • Sean Ramey

    Umm, Bullshit on the EVGA fans not idling. I have that card and yes they do idle. If they don't for you then you must have fucked around in precisionx16 or something, and if you did, then you can just go fix it by editing the fan profile.

  • Zydash

    MSI 960 or EVGA 960. Will I ever know? Ffs.

  • Christoffer Andersson

    asus 960 4gb or msi 960 4gb?

  • Farhan Ali

    which one is better Gigabyte 970 xtreme windforce , EVGA 970 , MSI 970 or ASUS 970 ?

  • Thomas Chris

    I am not into overclocking.. I just want a card that'll let me run games like Sid 5, and total war. I have a msi z170A krait motherboard . I just want to pick whatever will work best and give me the least amount of problems.

  • Shannon Sharpe

    help im trying to get 1060 they range from £230 to £300 but i dont know if they are all the same

  • Brandon

    should i get the gtx 1080 asus strix or gigabyte xtreme

  • touhami _dz

    i dont get it i have the strix version and it's 1291MHz factory-overclocked GPU1317MHz GPU boost clock in OC mode

  • Kris


  • NeoFreeze

    Is EZVGA a dangerous brand to buy from? I saw a gtx 960 with only 336 stream processors

  • MixalisMax

    asus gtx 1050ti strix or gigabyte gtx 960?

  • varun arul

    which is the best excluding the gigabyte?

  • Arce_4

    On evga super clocked card can i just use 1x6pin rather than 8 pin

  • starkiller

    I went with the Evga GeForce gtx 960 super super clocked 4gb but that was before this video did I make the right choice.

  • aqsha izac

    no zotac gtx 960 AMP? its a great card

  • Super Space Idiot

    my name is Jack!!! why do i not get one?!?!?! 😭😭😭 this is so unfair!! ;-;

  • Marco Rivero

    msi 960 or evga 960?

  • Classic Assassin

    So which one i buy now its confusing help

  • KingMax Le

    Asus Strix is the best for no overclocking.@NCIX Tech Tips: may you make a temparature comparison, it worth it too !

  • Bradley Cockerill

    Can't choose gigabyte or MSI?!??!??!

  • FreadtheDolin

    i would go asus, cause its more worth it. EVGA with the expensive price but no backplate. gigabyte is expensive too, memory clock lower than asus and the clock speed only a bit higher than asus.

  • manalili jimboy

    how about Msi gtx960 4GB

  • Wickle Pinksnout

    should have used the MSI 4gig version =)

  • manalili jimboy

    how about MSI GTX 960?

  • carmanov

    so which one we should buy i didnt understand?

  • manalili jimboy

    how about MSI GTX 960?

  • Aldrian James Conquilla

    I bought this before gtx 1060 and rx 480 comes out. I felt so bad

  • Matthew Miles

    I would like some helpful insight. Do you thing an EVGA GTX 960 4gb card with an amd fx-6300 can run gta 5 on high above 45 fps?

  • Cheiften

    hey i dunno if anyone knows, but i cant find a definite answer. If i overclock my 960 oc edition with gigabyte oc guru will it void my warranty? thanks

  • hxhshow9

    we want GTX 1070 video!

  • manalili jimboy

    how about Msi gtx960 4GB

  • Marcelo Velarde

    Why nobody compare the mini gtx 960, is that shitty to ignore it? Or is the same as the others?

  • CanadianDominion

    GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 960 Xtreme 4GB 1304MHZ, thinking about getting this one. got any reviews?

  • NeoFreeze

    Is EZVGA a dangerous brand to buy from? I saw a gtx 960 with only 336 stream processors


    I got the GTX 960 from EVGA for my first build!!! Currently in progress.

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