Mining Ethereum on GTX 1070 + GTX 970 (performance and power consumtion)

I would like to show you guys perfectly fine mining rig with GTX 1070 and GTX 970. If you wondering if it is possible to mine Ethereum using claymore on windows 8.1 with two diffrent architectures of GPUs, then this is the proof that it is.

PC spec:
CPU: i7 2600k up to 5 GHz
GPUs: GTX970 + GTX1070
SSD: Samsung 850 EVO
  • DamyHao

    What nvidia driver version are you using i can't see it? Claymore ver 9.5 better than 9.8 for nvidia?

  • Umar Gigani

    My pc wont boot when i connect my gtx 1070 and 970 what to do?

  • Troa

    Hi which ether wallet are you using? aside from which makes blocks laggy and takes forever to sync.

  • Adam Schmidt

    Witam powiedz jak zrobiłeś, że 970 tyle tobie kopie jakie masz sterowniki. Ja jak ustawie 1070, że daje 31 Mh/s to 970 kopi 2,7 Mh/s. Gdzieś przeczytałem że trzeba użyć starszych sterowników, ale jak je zainstalowałem to nie chodzi ani jedna z kart. możesz mi coś doradzić. Hello, tell me how you did that 970 copies you the number of drivers you have. I like Act 1070, that gives 31 Mh / s is 970 copies 2.7 Mh / s. Somewhere I read that you need to use older drivers, but when I installed them, it's not one of the cards. you can advise me something.

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