Ethereum Classic Why You Should Buy 2018 -2020

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  • Cringe House Productions

    You have a cute voice! I bought some! $12 a coin is a pretty good price.

  • efrain corpus

    How much ETC have you bought if you don’t mind me asking. I’ve invested $500

  • jonathan hiwatig

    Have you bought bitcoin from bitcoin machine?

  • Vince Wynne

    dude stop making your daughter do this

  • Rote Nelke

    Super nice video.. Thank you

  • Sergey Syroezhka - Rybalka i otdyh

    Лайк от друзей)))))))

  • Kole Kosta

    Beautiful work dear Stock girl ❤ Thank you very much for sharing :) great weekend .. with love ♥♥♥ Hugs

  • Vladimir Marduhanov

    இڿڰ-❤ 𝓐 ℬ𝓘𝓖 ℒ𝓘𝓚𝓔 & 𝓞𝓝 𝓤ℛ 𝓥𝓘𝓓𝓔𝓞 ❤இڿڰ-❤╔══════ ೋ ღ❤ღ ೋ ღ❤ღ ೋ ღ❤ღ ೋ ღ❤ღ ══════╗║❤░✽*░•~ღ Have a nice week dear friend ღ░ ~ღ ღ✽ ░❤ ║╚═════ ೋღ...ღ ೋ ღ❤ღ ೋ ღ❤ღ ೋ ღ❤ღ ══════╝

  • Lhasa Thailand

    So many fortune tellers in the crypto space. What a load of crock. Just make sure you have BTC and go on about your day. It will eventually go up again.

  • Joseph Stalin

    I bought a ton of these for $100, they show good promise.

  • Henry Hernandez

    You are beautiful 😍🌷

  • Rafael Degannes

    I bought 27coins at 18$. Someone help me before my wife finds out.

  • XtRemePower

    Do you still hodl your ETC? Or moved it to XRP?

  • WorldWar3gaming

    55 dollars, that's a good starting point. How much is it in euros?

  • M KD

    I'm about to get started on this. Thanks for the info

  • Volkihar

    Hi, I have 0.88 eth and 12.85 etc, do you recommend me to exchange those 0.88 eth to more etc or keep both, I mean, do you think etc will grow faster than eth and is better to have the more etc the better or keep both and when eth recovers sell it and buy more etc although it could be more expensive and for so I will receive less etc for my money, ty

  • Joe Kyser

    I hope I have a ton of ETC

  • Karl-Heinz Lang

    InterestingGreetings Karl-Heinz


    💗 G҉nomlắndia welcomes you!👏 Always excited when you post a new video!👌👀 Like!👍 👍100% FULL view of your whole video 🎥

  • Brian B

    Do you think this will go down to $10 to this year?

  • Outtathisworld_

    How does those coins work?

  • efrain corpus

    Show us your butt coin!

  • JMHarl02

    Great video! Are you single? 😊



  • Perozi Perozi

    Your cute and smart beside a very sweet voice 😀💕

  • My Family Fun Time & More

    Great video liked 13👍 and I subbed with the bell, plz do the same back to stay connected!

  • Lawrence RBE

    . I already own alot ltc and i am looking to diversify. Etc has a low entry point. I do agree BTC is the main driver of the crypto market and we should all root that it goes to 8500 and higher

  • primetronzero gaming

    Outstanding video Stockgirl big like :) my friend

  • Derry Apriyadi

    Thanks for your recomended I hodl etc

  • Crypto & Bitcoin Newstime

    I have only 60 ETC )-: Ethereum Classic is a very good project better then #Ethereum

  • Fruit and vegetables

    a stop being so cute its distracting me from comprehending what your saying

  • SwaggerLikeUz

    I like how you simplify and break down everything, thanks.

  • Richard H

    Just because ETC has hit $55, doesn't mean that it can or will do that again. That event occurred at a time when many with dreams of owning a lambo in 6 months time started hopping on board the crypto market. Also this rapid increase in price was not limited to ETC and pretty much, affected all digital assets. The video conveniently ignores the rather large downtrend afterwards. People need to really snap out of this "it'll go up again" mentality and actually look at how the market is moving, do their technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Nothing informative about this video at all. Oh and I'm a holder of ETC.

  • ad urpina

    so beautiful video new friend here..

  • Healthy Vegan Living

    Nice video, like 110 Gary

  • Truth Hunter

    good video i just bought some

  • Konstantin Karetny

    Yeah! I'm fully agree. ETC is changing our reality already now. Tell us more, about 4ETC.PRO/en for example. A very interesting startup based on a smart-contract

  • Leftis Music Channel

    Very good and interesting presentation!Love the visuals too!

  • Jorge Rios

    I’ll buy it just cause Yo cutie face told me ;)

  • Nathan Lewis

    Most coins have seen much higher values than they have now. You could say the same thing about Litecoin. It’s on Coinbase and is much cheaper now than it was. Crypto coins are in a bear market new investors may see their investments lose for sometime.

  • Community Tours Australia

    great info stockgirl thanks

  • MGB crypto

    Well done 👍👍👍👍thanks for sharing

  • Aaron Monroe

    I disagree with a few things in this video and I'd like to explain why with evidence, but in the end I agree with your sentiment and I have Ethereum Classic too. Ethereum Classic will rise above $1,000 mark my words. First, Ethereum Classic's all time high price was $47 and it reached that 12/21/17. There have only been 6 coins that started below $1,000 and ended up passing the $1,000 mark. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Maker and Mixin. Ignore the last 3 of those coins because they only got there due to low circulating supplies. Ethereum Classic in my opinion will be either the 7th or 8th coin to pass that $1,000 mark. The great thing is now you can buy it for less than $15 and wait for it to hit high prices! Ethereum Classic used to be in the top 5 but due to a lack of funding it slipped down to #18 at its lowest point. Behind the scenes they were slowly acquiring funding and working on the project. Long story short, this coin is about to do some amazing things! ETC was the original chain and when Ethereum forked from it, they took all the big funding with them. A few people got behind the project and kept it alive. It didn't get mainstream attention or hype but managed to maintain a marketcap over 1 Billion Dollars. Funding is coming back to ETC, they've even started ETC Labs which will provide 50 Million dollars for companies to build upon the Ethereum Classic Blockchain. Now that Ethereum Classic is on every major exchange including CoinBase, it's easier for people to get. Remember how Litecoin went from $4 to almost $400 in less than 12 months all because it was on Coinbase and was the cheapest coin, the same effect will happen with Ethereum Classic. Litecoin's previous all time high was in November of 2013 when it reach $51 and then it sunk below $5 due to lack of exposure. When Coinbase began adding it, it skyrocketed due to the fact it was the cheapest coin and people will rather own a whole coin in stead of a fraction. Ethereum Classic will have the same effect but the difference is ETC has big advancements coming which will bring in more money. ETC isn't for ICOs and DAPPS like Ethereum is. So many coins do that and it's boring. ETC however is for the Internet of Things market and Mahine to Machine protocol. At the end of the day the coins that will last longest and go furthest are the coins which can be used in the world outside of Crypto. You're about to see a lot of your favorite companies start partnering with Ethereum Classic in the next 1.5 to 3 years. All in all, anyone who buys now and sells at $50 will regret it, especially once they see ETC become worth hundreds of dollars and eventually thousands of dollars.

  • Burt Gordon

    I didn't really see any substance in this video. Just because the coin hit a previous high means nothing. The listing on Coinbase could be significant but it hasn't made a big difference yet. There is no way to know if this bear market will turn around anytime soon. I'm referring to the bear market for crypto of course. The insane run that took place large last year brought more people into the space but now everyone is getting crushed and no one really knows which coin will actually break through in the next five years.

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