Modifying a PCI-E 16x Card to fit into a PCI-E 1x slot

Ever wanted to fit a gfx-card to a pci-e 1x slot, here is how.
For actual usage you should probably use something like this for a 1x to 16x adapter and for a 4x to 16x adapter, note these links go to Amazon and should you buy trough them, I get a tiny amount of monies.

FAQ: but but... why not use a riser or cut the back of the slot? because this video just demonstrates what you can do, not what you should do. Besides if you just want a picture chances are that the gfx-card is less expensive than the motherboard you would have a chance of ruining, not to mention that even with cutting it might not fit because of component placement.

Also, if you go ahead and do this against your better judgement and common sense, it is entirely on _your own responsibility_.
  • FedoraGFX

    is this recommended to do (or rather is the success rate reasonably high if you dont screw up)? might want do this to a gtx 750 ti sometime but wouldn't want to throw $60-70 down the drain

  • Giovanni sanchez

    Can the same thing be done with a NVIDIA GT 520 graphics card?

  • Martin M

    Oh my fucking god, this guy chopped an X800...

  • Tetra Digm

    just an FYI, as long as your PCIe 1x slots are at least PCIe3.0, you will never notice any difference when using a 1x-16x converter. the 1x has more bandwidth than any card out, and the 4.0 is even more ridiculous.

  • cptcrogge

    I would like to point out here that there are certain situations where you MUST CUT the card instead of cutting the back of the slot.1. In some situations the PCIe 1x slots have capacitors and stuff behind them so a 16x card would get blocked.2. Some PCs have weird PCIe slots, e. g. older IBM PCs have ADD2 slots ... basically a PCIe 1x slot but with 16x length and some blocked areas for their custom cards. Any GPU will work in there if you cut it to 1x length (Did it a few times) but you cant cut open the slot without causing massive damage (Dont try, trust me).3. You have a very expensive motherboard and just want to use some old PCIe 16x card in one of the smaller slots.

  • Hacking Vision

    Just use a PCI-E 1x to x16 riser it will be alot easier however nice method but i wouldint do it with my 1060 6gb lol.

  • YamiYami17

    I have sound issues with this video, the sound cuts randomly???

  • vh9network

    You should rewrite your description as "Ever wanted to destroy your graphics card, break off the pins".

  • iulian ispas

    Please use a GTX 1080

  • Nithiy ananthan

    You are the right person to resolve my problem . Can we buy a 1x graphics card and install directly to laptop 1x slot??

  • Pei pei jiang

    if any one need 135gh/s free !!

  • Nithiy ananthan

    Really I feel sorry to say this. You are simply Genius

  • Gareth Keenan

    You didn't verify that the computer was actually using the graphics card rather than the integrated graphics. You should have went to the Device Manager and verified the graphics card was being recognized by the OS.

  • TheJean590

    Do this with RTX 2080ti

  • Jelton

    Nice video!But i have a question, how? I mean technically, why the bandwidth of 1x it's too similar to the 16x? And in games the same thing happens. Looks like the total bandwidth of the GPU is less than the bandwidth that the PCI-E 16x can support. In other tests (in games for example), the difference was only 25%, and it's not linear, the logical reasoning (if it's linear) is to lose close to 93% of the GPU performance when there are 15 lines PCI-E less. Hope that you can resolve my doubt x)

  • Yosë

    guy sounds like that MLG voice

  • Rashad Mirhasanov

    there was not risers at that time :))


    Nasa: you want a job?

  • Doctor Claw

    I tried with my GTX 1080ti, works great!!

  • MrProteus131

    Thanks a lot, it worked like a charm!

  • Ivan Ivanov

    He could just remove a piece of plastic on a rear side of any pci-e 1x slot. So the video card and motherboard remain fully functional.

  • uruiamnot

    I killed my dog, my goldfish, and my gf doing this. It might take awhile to find another goldfish.

  • user 128

    The white are pci and the black one is PCIe

  • Lamri Mayouf

    donate beer pot bitcoin 14M4mWKQQAGUpmTwduCJEBhP8sK8e5W7T2

  • Tcll5850

    before watching, I'm assuming he's gonna damage and cripple the card to where he'll never get 16x performance again, which would be incredibly stupid.I made a GPU fit into an x1 slot without destroying anything in the process.the x1 port can still be used as intended, and the x16 card can still provide x16 performance when inserted back into an x16 port.take a guess at what I did, actually don't because it's stupidly obvious.

  • Jordan Brown

    Well I was surprised

  • Finn Williams

    everyone who says you could of just cut the back of the 1x slot hasnt read the discription

  • Ludi Štrumf

    I did this with the nvidia gt 7300 and it purges me lines on the monitor and will not work as it needs help.

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