Windows Registry As Fast As Possible

The Windows Registry is mystifying to many users. What does it do, and are Registry "errors" really a problem? message: Sign up for your 10-day FREE trial at


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  • Reed

    is this creature a transvestite?

  • Coleman Adamson

    "Re- pew-ta-ble"??? "REP-U-Ta-ble. How is it a technical channel can't properly pronounce words? Speech is too technical for them?

  • SJK

    Great video! I have troubles with my 'default program' in my PC. That was happed after I set the PERMISSION of registry editor. And I can't reset the PERMISSION settings because I don't know default setting of this permission. Can you give me solutions? Help me please

  • AJ Puzon

    If Microsoft thinks it's that best, robust way to store config files then why linux didn't even implemented it?

  • bill gates

    Em so this means i should not get pc optimizer pro?

  • ImpermanentHuman

    Does spy bot anti-beacon disable/remove essential windows data? I’ve heard it can damage the system?

  • NipkowDisk

    Many years ago when we ran NT 4.0 on our agency PCs, I was the PC coordinator at the time and I had limited administrative privileges. We had a custom login screen which could be edited via the registry editor. One of our co-workers had a grandchild, and so I hacked the registry on her machine such that the login screen congratulated her on the new family addition; she got a real kick out of it!!

  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    1:18 “Robust”? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!There is a reason why Linux systems stick with text-based config files, instead of aping the Windows Registry: because it Just Works Better™.OK, let me clarify that: it works better provided that software is disciplined about where it keeps its config files (as Open-Source software tends to be). Windows developers, on the other hand, just scattered their configs every bloody where. Which is why Microsoft created the Registry. So now Windows developers scatter their crap all over the Registry.

  • daverapp

    Holy shit, you can change the font in command prompt? For some reason this has blown my fucking mind

  • RavenAii

    My laptop's registry got corrupted by malware because some douche decided to plug in their usb without asking me beforehand. I usually connects any usb to my phone to delete any viruses, malwares, or even weird files that are seems suspicious to me. On the next boot, Windows Defender is turned off, Avast Antivirus are not trusted, Task Manager disabled by the administrator, also some files randomly showed up and can't be deleted because I need the "user's permission" in order to do that. Few weeks later, my laptop literally died on me because of those corrupted registry, I did check the registry before it went down, saw some bunch of weird symbols, chinese and korean characters, and even things I've never seen in the registry files. Was about to do a complete reboot though but naah now I need a complete new laptop. Smh


    interesting points ,if anyone else trying to find out cleaner pc try Skyarza Faster PC Star (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my cousin got cool results with it.

  • Stewart Macy

    Too many ads. You need to stop talking sooner. Its a waste of time listening to you hawk things we already know.

  • Ami Hoosin

    Ok so what registry cleaner app should i download ?

  • The26

    I've only got BSODs.

  • !猫の恋人

    *laughs in macOS user*

  • 2 minutes to twelve

    Again, well done guys.

  • PanicPoint

    Wait is that MYYYY pc? 3:02

  • delt

    3:46 FALSE. Why do you think speed/performance wise, windows is "kind of ok" when you just fresh-installed it, but then gets slower and slower over weeks/months (or sometimes even days) of use? Yes, there is FRAGMENTATION within your "system registry". Like in most database systems, old entries are marked as "deleted" but still have to be skipped every single time it's in the way of..well, in this case, the pretty huge number of (who knows how many) searches that go on at any given time, even if your computer seems completely idle (do a quick search for: windows registry protocol analysis) - these "marked for deleted" items are still actually present until the database is "purged" or "rewritten" to a new file. In the mean time, new space needs to be allocated for new entries, something your filesystem (yes, even FAT or NTFS) does perfectly well when you have good old, plain, text files. (mind you, not ONE HUGE text file for ALL the settings of ALL software on the whole computer, that would get..... well, like windows acutually)Problem is, this purge/rewrite opreation never happens in windows. I guess they "forgot" to add that feature in windows 95, and "never got around to it" afterwards.

  • AngelOfChaos32

    Just to make sure, nothing bad will happen if I get rid of broken registry items? Because I have a scanning program that offers the chance to delete them and I'm not sure if I should.

  • Nine Nine

    yea cant spell advertisements without semen between the tits...

  • Someone Else

    I stopped watching this when he did the cringy juvenile 2-finger quotation sign for the 20th time. Yuck.Is this guy 12?

  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    0:19 “PC” = “Paper Cassette”. It was asking you to change the size of paper that was loaded.I thought everyone knew that?

  • Luis G.

    Don't hate me people if it doesn't work for you, but for me, it saved my pc. Try "Malware Bytes". It will give you 30 days of the premium versiion free so you can try it. It will search and clean EVERYTHING that may be wrong with your PC. It will show a list with all the suspicious registry files, tmp files and a lot more, the you choose what to keep and what to delete. I was so happy with the results that I actually bought the software (sorry for the software developers out there, but I used to download a lot of pirate software, so this is a huge step).(Sorry for my bad English, if it was, pls correct any mistakes as a comment, I want to improve, as it is my second language)


    Is there an organized way for laymen to learn how to work with Windows Registry?

  • gwgux

    Ugh, the registry. Oh how I hate the Windows Registry. I hate it more than other Microsoft mistakes like Microsoft Bob and Windows ME. If there is any one reason to go to a non-windows system and you don't have any apps or games that are Windows only, it is the infamous Windows Registry. I'd rather deal with a cluttered mess of .INI files than deal with the registry. Screw programs needing to talk to each other directly. Make programs to do one thing and do it exceptionally well. Then pipe the output of one into the input of another.

  • The Acorn

    They should have called it RegE

  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    0:54 Yes it is. Have you seen some of the crap that people put there?


    I got an virus that damaged 267 registrys on' my Pc I managed to deletet the virus but I don't know where to start. But really nothing has happend to my Pc it works as normal so what should I do?

  • volleyballschlaeger

    We are Always fighting to restore Default settings in registry.


    Why did some people "dislike" this?

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