Ethereum Proof of Work (POW) to Proof of Stake (POS)

Talking about the upcoming Ethereum change from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake and what that means for the future of mining.

Send tips so I can buy more batteries and make better videos, sorry about the quality of this one.


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  • It's Erno

    Hi Lee and thank you for the excellent explanation. Last week o bought 7 rigs each one 6xSapphirer x580 4gb =20.000euro i overlocked tham and made bios modded and all of them are near 180MH/s. Today i watched this video and i understood what is Proof of Work (POW) andProof of Stake (POS). I started scaring after waching this video. Did i made mistake? :(

  • Brotherhood

    Do you think that with POS and thus many people stopping mining ethereum price will drop?

  • Facundo GlobalTrade

    Make no sense. On POS who puts all the neccesary computing power behind ethereum to make it work securely? You need to have coins but you also need to have computing power behind it. Its the end of descentralization.

  • ETH Network

    Where do you live with cheap power costs?

  • Saulius Adomaitis

    Is the POS happening now? because it's July already

  • Anthony Phillips

    Which ethereum wallet would be best?

  • Emiliano Qaqi

    Lee, as always very good vid. I have read a lot about POS and one thing is unclear. What would be the POS profit one will make on a locked ETH? Will it be 20% Compound interest Daily, monthly or years? Again my 20% is just an assumption but I hope it is in that range otherwise what would be the profit on leaving a PC on for long term? Try to let me know if you have a clue on how this might go down. Thanks.

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