GTX 1080 Shunt mod- is it worth it? (GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT!!!)

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Today we are doing a mod to our GTX 1080 FE video card to increase power in hopes to help overclocking.

One of the best ways to increase gaming performance is by overclocking your video card. Overclocking is easy and definitely worthwhile. When overclocking you run up against limitations. These include silicon lotter, temperature, voltage, and power. Today we will short out the shunt resistor that tells the card how much power it is drawing. Theoretically, this should help overclocking, but will it?

Testing was done in actual games at 1080p, 1440p, and 4k, as well as synthetic benchmark software from Unigine (Valley and Superposition).


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-Panasonic Lumix G7
-Imorden 40" ball bearing slider
-Magnus VT-4000
-RetiCAM tabletop tripod
-NOSTON hydraulic ball head
-Neewer C2 follow focus
-Neewer camera cage
-Bescor MP101 motorized panning head
-Safstar Photography soft boxes
-MagicLight Bluetooth bulbs
-Rode SmartLAV+
-Blue Yeti microphone
-Blue Radius II shock mount
-Amazon Basics microphone stand
-Adobe Premiere Pro
-Elgato Game Capture HD60 Pro



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Intro provided by Joka232 @ LTT forums
  • The J&J Show

    I love the shirt Tim

  • Shane B

    My 1080 Waterford card has a pwr slider max of 150%, would it still give me more like 175%?

  • ThaCrypte

    2,3k subs> has expensive af gear> does a giveaway> is about to get kids with wife, still invests in a 4k cam./shrug.

  • ShadowOfDeath24

    Saw this in recommended on the newest Linus video...never heard of it till now so this is cool

  • Ding Chavez


  • System Error Message

    40% less power is worth it for the mod

  • Avathar Behemoth

    congratulations, you can now blow up your card.

  • Exiled Void

    That's informative. thanks for hard work

  • Iron Maiden

    Your mod actually works perfectly. 2100 on air is working perfectly. And forget about the gallium comments. That's a load of nonsense. Those idiots have found elsewhere on the interweb. He did a follow up on this liquid metal topic and found zero results if using the PROPER liquid metal. Not some radio shack hack stuff. Hope your life is treating you well mate.

  • Florent

    Thank you for demonstrate that mod, is not


    Good job. Never thought that a GPU can be done modding..Thank for this important information. I really like to see other informations of all about modding.

  • Neko

    I noticed a bunch of 'generic' comments here.And make a "low resistance" shunt with "liquid metal", will fry your graphics card.

  • alfblack2

  • bobhumplick

    "Testing was done in actual games at 1080p, 1440p, and 4k, as well as synthetic benchmark software from Unigine (Valley and Superposition)." where are the other games and resolutions. you only showed a couple seconds of one. where is the rest. it says they are test in the descr but id ont see it

  • Aviven

    Is it me or are you getting less FPS after the shunt mod?

  • Brandon Kinsman

    Great Content! Let your next investment be lighting please!

  • samljer

    "I SAID PLEASE"thats how i do it too ;Dgot a sub here from me too.

  • karan valvi

    congrats ..Man hit the 2K ur 2k subs XD

  • Improved Talent

    Nice video man, im happy that were getting more tech youtubers :D you will grow fast just dont stop

  • Mechanic

    Do not ever do this, liquid metal is gallium or mercury and in time it will dissolve the solder or any aluminum and you will brick your card!

  • minehow tech

    I really like the Nvidia packaging, and the shroud, but the EVGA SC/ftw look so much better, and the best I style 1080sc hybrid.

  • John Qsak

    man doubled the subs in only a few days. nice. (shows 2K subs atm).

  • Nullamount

    That first 30 seconds killed me!!


    Looks like that upgrade cost him a split lip.

  • John Kramps

    Cool introduction to a new tech channel. Thanks for the contest!

  • sim_ tastic vids

    You need to get off the burgers yank and do some exercise

  • Hyper Joe

    Bypassing that Resistor, I'd be scared to death Murphy's Law would bring forth that Magic Smoke and trash My Card, obviously You know it wouldn't fry? I guess.. :)

  • Ramiro ZC

    this has to be done with solder not liquid metal TIM

  • Amit Amar

    Yo 4k or no k !!!!!!!

  • Low bass

    I'm pretty sure your not the stig I could be wrong though

  • A. B.

    There is a pencil mod you can do to the traces on the board to allow the board to carry higher voltages I believe. I am going to check it out! Someone suggested it I want to see if its bull crap or not. I do know that there are a few mother boards that have bad V-drop and the pencil mod fixes it.

  • CarNinja

    Great video your channel will erupt soon


    Someone who thinks TDP is the amount of watt usage shouldn't be making computer videos.

  • dick slinger

    Is it me or did the FPS with the shunt mod show generally the same FPS with only 54% power consumtion? and if so would that not be better to keep temps down on an FE card?

  • Jacob

    I can’t get those clocks with an after market 1080 ti feels bad

  • Chadillac3006

    the comments are so sim on this almost seems like a viewbot / chatter bot lmfao find out if he removes this comment if so he 100% is either way just flagged incase bc ill never be watching this guy again

  • Ultimate

    30 videos = 2k you insane

  • Finrecon1

    Have you tried undervolting? Could give you more performance.

  • Striko Strikan

    New to the channel. Nice quality, I like it! Btw, is the giveaway International?

  • CreeperOnYourHouse

    I see you're getting over the divorce well.(it's a joke about the beginning.)

  • Dh66

    So for the 1080, you only short r53 and not r52? Did you measure power draw after? Seems like thermal would take that card further. Once you have your delta T under control, then you would attempt this mod? What was your min and max GPU temps and what was your ambient temperature?

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