ASUS Strix GeForce GTX 970 Video Card

ASUS sent over their Strix GTX 970, a factory overclocked version of the GTX 970 Maxwell GPU. It lists a few pretty interesting features, like a "zero decibel" mode when playing games that don't push the GPU - but how does it compare to its competition?

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  • Sander Cohen

    I fell for the G1 gaming of the 970... As it happens, i ended up with a pretty good chip, but the extra features of the STRIX would've been pretty nice... It also suffers from a LOT of coil whine, but it clocks up 1627Mhz on the core and about 800 Mhz offset on memory, which is pretty crazy, considering that i didn't touch the voltage (it only induced screen tearing and worse coil whine). With a custom fan curve, it stays pretty quiet, but even at 100% fan speed, it makes surprisingly little sound. GPU never goes over 90, as that is where I've set the curve to 100% fan speed, but even so, doesn't go over 78 in actual games. Only in benchmarks, does the fan have to spin over 70%. Still, if not for my luck with the silicon lottery, i would've bought the STRIX any day.

  • Robix

    i have it after 2 years the fans are breaking down

  • Hoss0805


  • stijngmail

    how on earth did you guys get plus 250 on the base clock of the 780 ti reference model without even touching the volts?i have the directu ii model and i can barely get the base clock over 1000 without artefacts...

  • PurpleCider

    I just got this for $140 usd

  • Void Beats

    can it run csgo at 300fps*?

  • Anja Schwager

    I have a bud that gave me that for 100$ and I can get it from eBay for 259$

  • Ja Es

    can anyone help me my asus strix gtx 970 4g oc edition has no display on booth only continues beeeeeep sound but all fans are spinning

  • YoStu

    Card is good, fans are crap. Have read a lot about rattling and failing fans with these cards and one fan of my Strix also starts to make terrible noise when certain rpm is reached. And no, it's nothing simple like fan blades touching wires etc. When PC is turned off and I pull the noisy fan it's shaft feels very loose and it moves quite a bit vertically, quiet fan doesn't budge at all and feels tight so bearing seem to be shot.

  • Menghini

    It´s a good card, but the coilwhine is standard...

  • Matthew Suffidy

    I just got this model for $250 Canadian. Used, but so mint there wasn't even dust on the fans. I sold my old 550 Ti for $50. It is a pretty cool card. I really got it for cpu compute in blender.

  • Angel Cortez

    3 years later, I'm still playing all new games max out @1080p... I even got this card to hit 1513mhz/7800mhz @1212 voltage while still running at a cool 60-65°c under heavy load...

  • 3D Fer

    2019 and this card still rocks at 1080p.

  • Aaron Stickle

    6:45 the gtx ninesevenemy

  • SumTing Wong

    Not a bad graphics card at all. I'm still rock n roll with it in 2017.

  • iHelloway

    fans are horrible n noisy, one broke, my suggestion just mod the coolers and u are set to go , cause gpu itself is awesome !

  • ViniByte

    970 was like 50% slower than 980?Now a slightly OCd 970 is equal to 980

  • Arthurashr

    The question is... can it run Cookie Clicker??

  • Bryan Lotus

    people buy asus just because of better cooling

  • Erik Björk

    When ur watching in 2017 and still have a gtx 480

  • How2Basics

    It’s 2018 and I still get great performance from this card

  • Radu Barbulescu

    is it worth now for the same price as the gtx 1050ti ?

  • Maelstrom

    this thing is still beast :)

  • Elsa Debroglie

    Looks like Linus has dirt all over his face in this video.

  • Richie Hyacinth

    I can now get one of these for less than $200 on auction on ebay, gtx 1050 ti aint an option anymore

  • Take Hiro LOL

    And now it will be the next potato...


    Need to know the the new of every card how much?

  • luckylukasminer

    Anyone looking back to this video from 2019?

  • Rock N Roll Xombied

    Anyone watching this in 2018 because they are still proud of their ASUS Strix GTX 970? Well Iam :P :D

  • icecreammm2

    I bought this card a couple days ago. Most recent games still run with all settings on ultra in 1080p and sometimes even in 2.5K. Just amazing for a 4 year old card.


    Thank you Linus and Luke

  • Blitzerman

    typically, just my luck! Mine has coil whine! SOOO ANNOYING!

  • Liam 2077

    Holy shit my 970 runs at 54 degrees under load with Heaven Benchmark.

  • SuperiorMe PW

    Love it,eventhough there is 3.5 fast mem

  • Mojito

    I love this card.. Got it.. And overclocked at 1580 mhz coreclock!!!

  • Zk Genius

    make a video to differentiate between 3fan gtx 970 G1 vs 2 fan gtx 970

  • Jacob Fullman

    The CLASSIC INTRO SOUND holy shit I remember that from way, way deep in my memories

  • Frocodile Fundee

    is this good for gaming anymore

  • Hazher Abdullah

    Asus Strix is so good

  • TheMiningTeam

    It's easy to compare my system to this one because I have the exact same card!

  • Aggressive Land Whale

    Still using one in 2018 yolo

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