PCIe Riser setup

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    If the PSU has 6 pin to 6 pin (and enough of them) is there any reason to use this SATA adapter at all? Can't we just do 6 pin to 6 pin into the riser?

  • kunal jaiswal

    Can i add it to my laptop for gaming purposes

  • Popinmo

    So I have a small from case can i mount this to the side so I can vertical mount my gaming gpu in?


    Question, I understand that you guys use these PCI Express risers for data mining, but what I want to know is, can I find something similar that will let me connect a full size gaming graphics card into a small form factor cases PCI express 16x slot so I can upgrade my GPU card for gaming without having to buy a medium size tower?

  • SlicksterGhost

    "Its called a VGA Cable" Googles to make sure im not going crazy. MIND BLOWN😮😮

  • Chris Law

    Thank you, this has been super helpful! 👍

  • danz409

    how about a link to where you got this. looks intresting! want to see how good of an external GPU i can make with this...

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