PCIe Riser setup

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    Is it safe to use 1 sata for 2 risers without the molex? using the evga 1000 GQ.

  • pubgamer mobo

    Can i use it for gamming like cs go, gta 4

  • Andrei 1744

    My pc doesn't have a SATA adaptor?. Help?!!?


    Question, I understand that you guys use these PCI Express risers for data mining, but what I want to know is, can I find something similar that will let me connect a full size gaming graphics card into a small form factor cases PCI express 16x slot so I can upgrade my GPU card for gaming without having to buy a medium size tower?

  • Okk Okk

    Pal just like to ask you i have MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB OC GDDR5 Graphics Cardbut they dont have any power plugs on the cardswill i be able to use the will i be able to use VGA G+ to power the risers?

  • Mark Griskey

    It would have been better if you actually explained how to connect it to your motherboard instead of the long discourse about the SATA power supply. Still not sure why that USB cable is connected to a little tab or circuit board material. Do you plug that into the PCI slot of your motherboard? How is it aligned. Thanks for the other information though.

  • Attila Vidacs

    People keep saying those SATA connectors are bad cause they can burn. So why do people keep using them?

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