The Best GPU's For Ethereum Mining

I share the important details on the top 3 graphics cards for fast and efficient Ethereum mining.
Recommended best ethereum mining GPU for Price / Performance / Efficiency -
AMD R7 370 4GB US | UK

Hardware discussed in this video.

AMD HD 7950 / 280

AMD MSi R7 370 4GB

AMD R9 Nano

Ethereum Multi CPU & GPU Miner Download:

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  • Jason Salz

    Is GPU the best harware for mining? How long can GPU normally last?

  • H.P. Lovecraft

    r9 270 im getting 18 mh/s

  • neeraj kashyap

    how much i get in a week doing amd r9 nano card running 24 hours a day ?

  • Gumersindo Espinoza

    Is it good option the gpu r9 fury of 4gb? Or is there a better option right now? With respect to electrical consumption, value, and production?

  • geigster

    What is the megahash for my R9 Fury? (Non-X) I got it as a gift and don't care about wattage.

  • raxii

    ive currently got 2 hd 7950s and its getting me just under $10 a day

  • Blackstar Trade

    would i be able to use the HD 7950 to mine other cryptocurrencies like XMR or Zcash?

  • Art Master

    Hello I use any type of cards Sapphire AMD Radeon R9 Nano Or Sapphire AMD Radeon R9 Nano

  • Jeffrey Z

    What about Quadro and FirePro Cards? Would those make sense for mining?

  • SMGM

    Hi,I'm looking at buying GTX 1070 Asus strix 8gb card for mining anybody know if it's good for ethereum?

  • mem emmo

    Hellowhat you think of Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 480 4gb- is it not best now ? Thanks

  • FroztiProductions

    I have a 7950, should I try ethereum mining?I don't understand how you make money from this...

  • Dr REX

    how do u make money from ethereum?

  • Son of Mran

    How much hash should i get from an R9 290X tri-x? and is it worth it due to high power consumption?

  • David James

    VGA GeForce GTX TITAN Z 12GB GDDR5 768 Bit GPU Graphics Card (12G-P4-3990-KR) could this be used for mining?

  • Lenovo Ntow

    Please what was the hash rate for mining litecoins on the XFX 7950

  • Avanstarwa

    Why do these Cards have 20MH/s when I have 340H/s with a 970?!

  • Lenovo Ntow

    Please is the R1-LTC Anti router very powerful , it hashes at 1.29 Mhz , and i want to know , if its gonna be rational to buy one now ,

  • corian12

    Hello Lee, I currently have a MSI RX 470 Gaming X DDR5 8GB card $240 US mining ether and just purchased an additional MSI RADEON RX 470 Gaming X 4G GDDR5. $200 US. I purchased the 4Gb this time to save a little money. Now I am rethinking it. Keep it, or return for another 8GB version and run 2 - 8GB cards to start. Thanks for any input!

  • Cristian Weiser

    Can you help me? I just build my Rig with a Radeon RX 480 8gb from Sapphire DDDR5 Samsung and my hash hate is 16mh/s ... should be 24.. Once I restored the bios it was 24 for 15 seconds and then back to 16mh/s ... Any idea what this could be? I would appreciate a lot a help, thank you in advance

  • Happy Life

    hello sir redeon rx 480 8gb hashpower 70?


    lee I have 3 radeon rx 470 gpu. I have everything hooked up but my comp is only regonizing 1 of the gpus. do I need to install dummy plugs and or an sli bridge? please help

  • Oz Haver

    Hi Lee, Your video is great! I had a question, It's been more than a year since your videos and a lot of Ethereum has been mined since then and difficulty increased I guess. So my question is are those MH/s numbers you gave still valid or do they drop over time as the difficulty increases?

  • Lauren Ennis

    Can you give me your take between the gtx 1070 and 1080 plus the amp editions for mining?

  • TNT Gaming

    and thanks for the information

  • Shri Ram Yadav

    sir why we use miner' s comparison to gpu

  • Jim the GOD

    r7 370 is ok but it is a hd 7850

  • Christopher Kato

    How well does the 4gb rx 460 do? Is it worth it for about 110$ usd or should I go for the r7 370 for 140$ usd

  • Hyabusa

    I'm seeing DCR next to Eth when mining, what is DCR cos I have like 30.3Mh/s while Eth is at 3.0Mh/s any advice or help?

  • pierre ashe

    how much is 184.009 H/S in Mh/s?

  • yicancu56

    IMineBlocks: I'm just looking at pcadvisor for newest and powerful graphics cards. The top rated one is the Geforce GTX 1080. Would you recommend this? If I want to find out the hash rate of a graphics cards is there a specs list on the company website?

  • MrSuperb98

    How about R9 380, what mining software would I choose using Windows 10 32bit ?

  • Nasdaq trader

    On the NVIDIA graphics cards, is it the CUDA cores that determines the speed of mining?

  • Le Leedler

    Assholes eating through graphics cards and raising prices to non competitive rates.

  • عراقي تيوب - Iraqi tube

    Plz help me Can i mine etc with a laptop? And which one is the beast plz answer

  • kfc id

    Hello lee, how to increase mining speed since my r9 280 only get around 14Mh/s . Doing some google, this card can get around 23Mh/s . please help

  • amor tawfiq

    hei adam can you tell me about you using Bitcoin Miner ?thanks

  • ShehXada

    how much did i earn from 5 GPU

  • أحمد الكَتبي

    Hi my friend i have question and i hope reply from you ASAP wich RX480 is better for ethereum mininig MSI or SAPPHIRE ? Because i want to order two of cards but I do not know witch one is better and they are the same price

  • RandoCrypto

    Do you know which is better for mining today, RX 480 or GTX 1060? I may get a couple of whichever is better.

  • Don't Know

    Is the R9 Nano still the most efficient in terms of power vs MH/s ?I'm not concerned about the initial cost of the GPU, I'm just wanting to make sure I'm getting the most MH/s for my electricity cost. Please let me know this was really interesting but others have said R9 295X2

  • Clark Elmer

    how much did AMD pay you to do this video?!

  • Bobby Bell


  • Lukas Sebesta

    i mining on 4x1070.Evrybody hate nvidia for mining but i love it.And my electricity bills loves me too

  • vpn referidos

    7970-7950-rx480 4gb, recomended?

  • Türkay

    Hi bro I want to ask you is there a big deferent between graphic cards 4GB and 8GB FOR example what is the hash rate for RX 480 4GB and RX 489 8GB ?

  • Trip Essence

    will the Mh/s be the same or close thoe figures for monero mining? i am planning to make my firt rig with 2x Rx470 8gb and A8 7600 a cpu. do you think its ok?

  • Arturo Hinojosa

    hey, is good de xfx rx 470 4gb to eth mining? how many mh/s gives?. Thank you very much

  • Phill Kpotufe

    Fuck all of you, i cant buy a gpu because of you

  • vcvitiko

    R,9 480 ,how much mh/z

  • Jamspell

    Would the hash ratings be the same for monero mining?

  • Ramon G

    I have an Asus Radeon Strix RX480 graphic card. How could I find its MH/ S reading rate? The only place that I could find information was on NiceHash website; however, I don't think is 100 percent accurate. What do you think?

  • Alexander X

    when i buy 1 card willl i have a ROI below 10 month ?

  • TNT Gaming

    plz can u tell me wich card is better msi rx 470 4gb or msi rx 470 8gb version !!!!

  • Riz Abbasi

    Hi, thanks for this valuable video. One question: Can I use these cards for currencies other than Ethereum?

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