Knock-off GTX 960 4GB only $43!!!

While you can import a large number of knock-off Chinese goods that actually work as advertised... there are still some scams out there.

But first... What am I drinking?!?

I picked up a Bridgeport Brewing (Portland) Deep Cuts Oatmeal Stout. It's a limited edition brew featuring Cascade Hops and a very rich flavor. 6.0% and 35 IBU make it a very easy-drinker, and perfect for really any time of year.

Get an ACTUAL deal on a GTX 1050 Ti here:

As I'm becoming known as "the guy who reviewed knock-off motherboards", you've began to request I start importing other PC parts that seem too good to be true. And today, that's exactly what we received.

I jumped onto and said goodbye to $56 of my hard earned dollars (including shipping). Six weeks later, I had what was supposed to be a GTX 960 with 4GB of GDDR5. This card actually does POST, shows GTX 960 on the BIOS screen, and even accepts the GTX 960 drivers directly from nVidia.

The only problem is this is NOT a GTX 960.

Spy Glass Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
  • Bryan Lotus

    yea just buy 960 instead of buying those 1050ti shit

  • cosqun muradov

    am still buying if i am selling

  • Trevor Hart

    A 1060 for 600????? Where in the world are you buying??? I bought mine around the time this video was uploaded and it was a higher end Asus ROG 1060 6gb and it was like $330...

  • Hatred

    So what to do, if we buy fake gpu with a REAL price? do you have some advice?

  • Skaterbyname 44

    Is the one on new frog good?

  • df71091

    Are you a hobby brewer ?

  • Cliff Lee

    5:32 It looks pretty high to play cs:go in that mode

  • CyanideGaming!

    I've seen one too many that were duds with the bios being fakes or nothing even coded in. But I'm getting a brand new RX580 8Gb for $400. Much cheaper than the Nvidia equivalent..

  • Eric E

    Something tells me that nvdia cd had the 450 package files lol and maybe a rat tool

  • Weemer

    Its shittier than a intel hd

  • WiseM Gaming

    LOL! This seems so funny! I am a YouTuber and i have many cards in my desk for play games on Daily Bases. but i never see anything like this before! Thank you for sharing this video Craft Computing 👌 ! YOU SAVED my LOTS $$ !! Amazing Video.

  • WiseM Gaming

    Hey Craft Computing :) , Can you share the link of website where you get this fake graphic card ? I want to see it from my eyes.

  • tr1p1ea

    Why didn't you try the counterfeit drivers? They might have been correct for the actual gpu/ram present? Dodgy, of course.

  • Destructiveforce

    I bought a video card on Wish for 2$, made certain of the listing and everything, got a fan brush instead.

  • RickyTomatoes

    Great video. Next time tell us what beer you're drinking at the beginning of the video.

  • Prince Cobbina

    How can I purchase one

  • BaseFocus

    You can actually Flash it again and it will work just fine!

  • TheRealRaMar

    lmao I got an actual EVGA GTX 960 4g FTW for 80

  • Badhacktime QC

    It was batter with some artifact XD

  • Comp Wiz2007

    Without having to be said...  But I will..   WTF were you thinking?  Yeah BIOS flashing can fool any PC.

  • Nicolas Lombana

    But ....CAN IT RUN CRYSYS ?


    Why it crashes is because its not a real 960 and you installed the driver for the real 960

  • Bikes & Beans

    any way to correct the info the card sends the pc to get a cheapo crapo card like this running as it should with correct gpu and ram info? would probably run fine then??

  • GirlDevils

    I would have also tried the drivers on the sketchy disk included, just to cover all bases as to what you paid for and were sent.

  • werlak

    If you want a good deal, shop ebay. They regularly have 15-25% off purchase codes. Look for a reputable parts store and go crazy. Was able to get a lightly used GTX 1080 FE for $350 using this method. Works like a dream and saved me a couple hundred bucks on my PC upgrade.

  • John Ortman

    I bought a fake 1050 ti 4 gb gddr5 and trying to identify what it actually is.... The GPU has this written on it.... NVIDIA12B5B170 1120A1S Taiwan Pac085.001 Do you know of any way to identify what card this actually is?

  • Lucian Tabria

    Wait, this is where you're wrong, you can scam a 540 driver to install into a 960. I did it in 2009 with a 8600 m gs, changed driver with something I don't even remember always from 8000 series. I had actually need to get a new bios and unlock something. Not to mention it wasn't the result it claimed to be with 8600 faulty chips didn't made a difference I was expecting.

  • 1AG Raging

    XD my thx 1060 6 gig $230

  • Justin Bieber

    dislike for the clickbait.

  • DazGamerPlayzZ

    Thanks so much for explaining. I bought a 1050 and the box was just like the one in your video. I couldnt play games properly with it , fortnite works but whenever i get into the lobby it crashes, so i returned the gtx 1050 and had to get a 650 ti unfortunately.

  • Never Imagined Official

    So would a dual 1070 SlI setup work? (With two MSI Armor 1070's)

  • marjan ciric

    regards, whether you return the money and that time if they are

  • KATALYST Games

    haha dumb graphic card.. it thinks its somthing its not!

  • NameName

    My computer has a similar visual glitch to that sometimes. I'm not sire what causes it, but I know my graphics card isn't a wish bootleg

  • Locke

    The little GTS 450 that couldn't.

  • Nick Berrie

    I just got the same card down to box but mine is a 1050ti...will be exciting to see if I can figure out what it really is.

  • df71091

    I have a evga 970 standard and i cant play Hunt Showdown on low settings , i need to lower the resolution to get a stable 60-80fps :/And you telling me that a 960 can run the latest Titles ://

  • Biotic

    Nice clickbait on the preview moron

  • Eric Siegel

    Can you reflash the card's BIOS to make it believe it's a GTS 450 (or whatever it really is)?

  • Ryvox

    i found one for 60 euros and hope is not a scam so im not selling my gtx 1050 till i buy it and finf out its not a scan

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