Should Gamers Buy Used GPUs From Miners?

As a gamer, should you buy a graphics card from miners? Stay tuned...



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  • treymtz

    Gpu's are not fucking cars. I've seen miners take better care of their gpu's than a overclocker. Just because you're salty about mining affecting pricing, you mean to say you won't buy a $100 card that can game at high 1440p? I'll buy one on the cheap, save tons, then but next year's amd and pull some slick savings.

  • based_will

    Just bought a 1080ti strix that was mined on for 6 months at 65c for $575. Still has 2 years of warranty left thru Asus.

  • Gamer Meld

    I figured out why I sound so sad. My girlfriend was actually sitting behind me for the first time, and I was slightly nervous (I'm a dork, I know lol). Thanks for the concern though everyone! :)

  • Dodgingss

    I bought my card GTX 1080 from a miner who bought them 3 month's prior to me buying it off him even came with receipt when he emailed the receipt i puked a little he bought 64 GTX 1080's in one order. Other then that the card has been running perfectly.

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