Should Gamers Buy Used GPUs From Miners?

As a gamer, should you buy a graphics card from miners? Stay tuned...



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  • nikita zakutsky

    In 2016 in my country gtx asus strix costed 348 usd and now almost yesr 2019 i bought it for 482 usd (alot of thanks to miners) i wish them to suffer and rot in poverty

  • erimani 04

    I can pick up a saphire radeon rx 470 8gb for 97 dollars which has been used for mining. Is it worth it?

  • Gamer Meld

    I figured out why I sound so sad. My girlfriend was actually sitting behind me for the first time, and I was slightly nervous (I'm a dork, I know lol). Thanks for the concern though everyone! :)

  • Metal Life

    at this moment is cheap as f*** to buy old gpu from miner... on craiglist i got 2x 580 8go - 200 fps in bf5 only for 200$ xD

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