GTX 970 Pushed to the Limit - Mining Ethereum at 23.07 Mh/s

Pushing my GTX 970 to the limit, mining Ethereum as fast as possible.

Using this method I got my MSi GTX 970 from 18.33 to 23.07 Mh/s

Ethereum Multi CPU & GPU Miner Download:

Use Nvidia driver 347.88 Download Link

Nvidia Smi Commands (open cmd window in administrator mode)

cd C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVSMI\

nvidia-smi -q -d PERFORMANCE

nvidia-smi -q -d SUPPORTED_CLOCKS | more

nvidia-smi -ac 3505,1455

To reset gpu clock speed
cd C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVSMI\
nvidia-smi -rac


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Tips are appreciated. Here's my Addresses

Bitcoin 12v4d15AuopsVzudct7J8LJMm7qH95SxA1
Ethereum 0x5B905114167C80276AD28A997f606C698547fe40

    Hello Lee I know this is an old post but can you help me please or any one for that matter I have 2 x gtx 970s using nanopool (eth) I replaced the file with the cuda 6.5 at first I was getting 2 mh/'s per card so I enabled the optimise compute performance and the dsr setting and now getting 11mhs per card and it's using only 65% TDP do I get there actual standard hash rate up to at least 17mh/'s with out major over clocking I know they are capable of it I have tried the latest driver to date and I have tried 385.28 and exactly the same result Thank you very much

  • Vertigo Studios

    im using the same driver and followed your video for some reason my card is still giving me low mh/s .. 3 barely 4 mh/s and everything on my desktop slows down.. i can barely move my mouse around. UPDATE: So after doing some tweaking with I got the ha rate up to 20.89 but cant go past that on my asus gtx 970 strix oc edition with Elpida Memory.

  • JDM Imports

    I turn the power limit down to 72% it draws 120w instead of 150w and runs about 5 deg cooler

  • Bat Man

    how do i set the miner to show me Mh/s when running?

  • JazekFTW

    Im using gigabyte gtx 970 and i get 18.6 Mhs but if i overclock it +200clock and +400mem it shows me the same hashrate of 18.6, why?

  • schawn rolfe

    I hope this comes out okay, I tried to copy and paste the command prompt so that you all can see the error and where it locks then closes. C:\WINDOWS\system32>setx GPU_FORCE_64BIT_PTR 0SUCCESS: Specified value was saved.C:\WINDOWS\system32>setx GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE 100SUCCESS: Specified value was saved.C:\WINDOWS\system32>setx GPU_USE_SYNC_OBJECTS 1SUCCESS: Specified value was saved.C:\WINDOWS\system32>setx GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT 100SUCCESS: Specified value was saved.C:\WINDOWS\system32>setx GPU_SINGLE_ALLOC_PERCENT 100Any suggestions on a fix would be greatly appreciated :)

  • Blue Collar Bike Werks

    Lee love your videos on BURST and Ether mining. Great stuff. I have a question or two. I have 2 GTX 970s currently mining on my home PC. I am mining on nicehash and making between $40-$50 USD a month. Depending on market. Or .01 BTC every 30 days or so. Would it be worthwhile for me to mine on say nanopool or some other pool? Seems like with your tutorials I might manage to make it work. Would it be worth the hassle of the switch? I plugged my numbers into crypto compare and coin warz but I don't feel those numbers are accurate considering my return would be less than I am making now with nicehash. Thanks for your time and great videos!

  • Jarek Galik

    When using GeForce 970 with the speed of 17 Mh/s, 24/7 what is the average time to get the reword for the ETH wallet ??

  • MrCakeboss

    You have any experience with gtx 1060s m8? I'm thinking about picking up 6 to mine eth and sc

  • rastafaray666

    i have 970gtx msi oc. only 15.500mh/s . what is the reason ?

  • popfresh100

    i was curious if you could help me. i am using the lastest windows 10 pro 1703. i am updated to the latest graphics drivers and also my bios pcie subsystem is set to gen1 since my other buddies advised i do that for my gtx 970s. i am using the latest claymore v9.3 for doing ethereum but i am stuck at about 3 mh/s per card totaling up to 6 mh/s? and also my bios is updated to the latest firmware. any suggestions as to why i am only getting 3 mh/s per a card and if there is a way to fix it? i have tried nearly everything and cant get it figured out.

  • 911 Solutions

    Some one can tell me why i get stock oon 12 mhs on 970 with 4gb and 8 mhs on 960 gb with 4gb?

  • David Ekstrom

    There's actually a way to mine with a GTX 970 at 400 Mh/s, but it makes your computer melt. So there's that problem.

  • Live Better

    Hi there, I have recently subcribe to your channel. You made me grew a strong interest in mining. I currently have 970 card. If you could provide me the link towards your video on how to wallet I should pick and the software I should you. Sorry I'm new to this. Thanks in advance

  • 「michael」チャンネルミカエル

    How can I mining the crpyto currency with using NVIDIA GeForce GTX970?

  • lalormwork

    Great video. I have one question. I have two of the same GTX 970 cards. I'm currently getting 21 Mh/s for both cards combined. So only around 10.5 per card. Should I expect to get around 40Mh/s for both cards combined or am I missing something?

  • NS Farm

    I have GTX 970 G1. Running 3 screens at 1080. and mining nicehash. OC and getting 293 H/S ... Core 1600 Memory 4001 Temp 67 C

  • Chris Rudd

    go to settings in msi, on the first page it should say something about unlock voltage. There are two things that you can click, i do both, one unlocks core voltage, and one unlocks the monitor so you can see whaat voltage is being ran

  • DethNDots

    Help, Im mining on a gtx 970 at a max of 4 Mhash. whyy is this happening? lol

  • MotocrasherX

    Hi! thank you i get 22mh/s thx to this vídeo, Im from Venezuela and I have a Evga Gtx 970 , My wallet is from Myetherwallet, wich one u recommend forma this or wich bar file conf

  • Pavel Nedobitý

    Hi, anyone might have any idea why my hashrate dramatically changes with PCI-e speed? I have 3x970 - in x16,x8 and x4 PCI-e slots. Respective HS are 19,17,10 MH/s. If I put all at x1 they all run at 6 MH/s. Same on CUDA and OpenCL. Ethminer and Claymore miner. Tried so many drivers and settings ... :-/ Thanks in advance!

  • Wind

    how does your pc not lag when you are mining? that so cool can you teach me? thanks

  • Anton Slavik

    Thx for help, now I have 7 mh/s -_-

  • Lance West

    every time I restart my computer I have to input these settings again any way to save these settings that way I don't have to do this over and over and over?

  • Elliot

    THANKS increased from 18.3 mh/s to 22 mh/s!!

  • Karlsson

    How much hash per sec can a gtx 960 4gb get

  • Hisham Dalle

    Your download link points us to a package that contains the Artemis virus. Beware everyone

  • Mr Penguin

    my 860m gets 40 mh/s dont know why but its op

  • Mitchell Abendroth

    I am using a GTX 970 that u have overclocked and it is only getting 9.7 mh/s. I have updated to the latest driver's and it hasn't improved. Can anyone explain why my hash rate is so low?

  • Gaminity

    @IMineBlocks I only get around 3 MHz.. why is that? used all the same settings as you in CMD, MSi Afterburner and I have the same graphic card?

  • Martin Carti

    You need to benchmark

  • Dimepag Barrell

    I just don't get this. I have Radeon RX580 8GB and it mines with Nicehash about 20.000 satoshi/day and my GTX970 does almost the same. About 18.000-19.000 satoshi. So is radeon's really that much more profitable when mining straight ethereum? In fact if I mine daggerhashimoto with the Radeon RX580 with Nicehash, it takes more wattage and heats up more, than when I am mining with the Equihash algorithm. And it makes MORE profit when mining more power efficient Equihash.

  • jean-pierre Helliot

    please sir, are you using only 1 card gtx 970 ? or many cards ?i want to know if 1 card gtx 970 could give 23 mh/s ?

  • Lucy_____

    How do I do this on claymore?

  • BoGJimPew

    this work with a 980?

  • Samto Boris Taliansky

    can i use nvidia 970 along with 1070 ?

  • John LaFosse

    Reminds me of spinal tap. Increase the volume to 11.

  • DigiTan000

    I'm only getting 3 MH/s out of my GTX 970 after multiple driver upgrades and downgrades, updating Windows 10 to very latest version, etc. It's total bullshit.

  • eljuancho2

    i get 3hs any1 help?

  • James Melbow

    Good video. It was working well for me up until yesterday. I am reinstalling the drivers to see if that's the issue.

  • Lucy_____

    This does not work....

  • Dorian Johnson

    Lee, thanks for an informative video on the GTX970. I got only 3Mh/s on Windows 10 but am able to get 21Mh/s on Windows 7 with your solution. I have a question regarding your "nvidia-smi". If I have multiple GTX970 on the computer, how do I set the different supported_clocks for each card. Let's assume that each graphic card has different max clock speed.

  • John Lemuel Suarez

    Can anyone help? I got this clenqueuemapbuffer -36 when I reach higher clock speed.

  • suls00

    This is not working for me. I have the driver 347.88 - GTX 970 Win 10 64bit .... When i try to check Support clocks i get "Unknown Error" Then i cant set this : nvidia-smi -ac 3505,1455 - unable to set application clocks - Unknown Error - Any ideas guys?

  • Dmitry The Great

    Well I have msi gtx 970 with win 10 and 347.52 old drivers. My MSI Afterburner simply doesn`t allow me to change MC above 3004. Using NVidia Inspector I managed to change CC to 1584 (I can do this via Afterburner too) and MC to 3505 and that`s it. Can`t change MC more than 3505 neither with Afterburner nor with Inspector. Hashes changed from 18.5 up to 20.9. I wonder if I can do something else to reach those 23.07 ...

  • WyyzNoLeg

    im using gigabyte 970, i almost do everything like the tutorial. but i still stuck at 16.7 ~ 17.8mhs..... gpu core clock 1604mhz, memory core 1846mhz. btw, i already try this for 4 day...

  • Phil Callis

    I have an MSI GTX 970 4G Gaming that's underperforming at 12.32MH/s on a clean Windows 10 install trying several miners and overclocking as best I can. "Optimize computation" is also selected. I'm running out of ideas :(

  • BigPoppa

    Hey,Im currently trying to get into mining eth. Im using claymore v9.2 with the cuda 6.5 files.But im only at 12mh/s. Anyone know what i can do to improve the hashrate?

  • Emil Tomellini

    i tried to mine ethereum today but i have 3MH/s, i installed the same geforce driver and use the same version of genoil but i get the error that my cuda is too old; what can i do ?

  • ShakDiesel

    GPU-Z shows half the clock speed due to the nature of double data rate or DDR memory, it's the same concept with your standard ram when you check in CPU-Z

  • Oscar Cid Ibaceta

    after apply this the clock memory is tuck in 1500mhz and only obtan 9mh/s

  • Kamil xxx

    thanks I have got GTX970 G1 Gygabyte and from 8---> 16-->18 thankscan you do same on Rx570? or some similar?

  • Charles Kelly

    Hey there! Love the videos but am having two small problems. With Claymore Dual Miner v9.2, it doesn't seem to recognize my card after installing 347.52 OR 347.88 but Genoil seems to work so that's fine. The bigger issue I'm facing is somehow NVIDIA always manages to update it's drivers which in turns breaks my mining and reduces my MH/s back down to 5-7, is there anyway to disable this? I have to reinstall the drivers every time.

  • Chase Barnard

    anyone using a gtx 960 4G gaming for mining ?

  • JRDN

    how much you earn a day from 1 card, ive got the same card and thinking of mining if its worth it

  • Psaawkel

    How to OC these cards if I have few different gtx970?Is there a method to set clocks for each other card individually?

  • juvey90

    I have a gtx 1050 ti gaming with a gtx 970 gaming. Is it possible for both cards to use different drivers and if so how? How do I specify which card to use cuda and another use opencl?

  • Rainovel

    not work for me stuck in 2.378 mh/s hufftt is there something wrong?

  • Cassius Animus

    good to see another eve online player!

  • commie256

    Strange thing, afterburner won't actually speed up my memory regardless of settings (it worked fine before and then stopped doing it a while ago), so my memory clock is 2008 according to GPU-Z (MSI shows 3004 and doesn't change)). Core clock overclocks just fine but it's only useful on Equihash algo mining.

  • Sergio Karg

    Hello there, i tried everything possible, drivers (optimise for compute etc.), oc,uc new win 7 install, new win 10 install, nothing works. i just get 10.4 mh/s with my asus gtx 970 stric @1460 4000. Is your GTX 970 still mining at 23 mh/s? Some say its because of the new DAG SIZE so its not possible anymore? Could u confirm that please?ANTWORTEN

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