My first rig mining litcoin ltc with 2 gtx 750 ti

My first rig mining litcoin ltc with 2 gtx 750 ti
  • Ahmet Çevik

    I have my GT730 Display card and can I do ZCASH mining with it?

  • Hola Holu

    where can i mining ltc

  • ultramen ricky

    its huge hashpower if you mine in monero. but i see you ser in x11 algorith right?

  • Neil Miranda

    How many GB do you have in these GTX?

  • Quantify Crypto

    dude you must be doing well now !

  • Q Wong

    sorry bro.. how much litecoin you make per month with this graphic card? thanks

  • Klod

    thats not monero you mining its LTC using the x11 algorithm dude !!!!

  • Wood En

    Been hearing a lot about this gig9.They are getting popular day by day due to their 36% bonus offer.just signing up to their whitelist right now!!!

  • Geek Mark

    that's not monero lol

  • Tin Tốt VN

    can you help me ? i run by win 7 64bit. used minergate.exe . but mining for 5 vga gtx 750ti 1,5kh/s . why you run 2 vga gtx 750ti 5kh/s? can you share me your tool? can it's run on win 7 64bit

  • Rux Solis

    How much it cost you? Without the monitor, keyboard abd mouse.

  • H2Gamers Dz

    GTX 750 ti good card but rx 460 is Batter tham

  • H2Gamers Dz

    whats the name of your cart mér

  • Huy Nguyễn Ngọc

    Can you tell me .GTx 750ti should dig these kinds of coinsthanks u

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