Asus Z170 Pro Gaming 6 GPU Bios settings

The settings for the asus z170 pro gaming motherboard in order for it to work with 6 GPU
  • Aleksandr Chebotarev

    Ничерта не помогло, хрень полная. второй день парюсь! Подскажите люди добрые!!!!

  • Ján Jasenský

    man you are my hero thank you !

  • Eduardo Arce

    It works! Thanks! Resetear la bios y seguir estos pasos, no todos coinciden porque en versiones nuevas cambia un poco el menú, pero logra reconocer las 6 gpu, quizás alguna queda marcada como que no tiene driver, se le instala y listo!

  • Noah Ray Sanders

    My bios isn’t showing enable 4g as an option

  • Sergey

    Привет. Можно это видео снять немного медленнее а то я даже на паузу не успеваю поставить в нужном месте чтоб все это повторить у себя. =)

  • KaNom Mecom

    ทำได้ครับ #ประเทศไทย

  • Deepak Upadhyay

    how many graphic card i can conncet with my asus z170 pro gaming ?

  • Anatoliy Kulbabskyy

    Hi, can you share your mb bios? Did you use official one? The lastest version that i found is 3501. Or you use modded bios? Please share it if you can Thank you.

  • Ben Tizzano

    Still can’t get my 1060s to show up when plugged into my PCIE riser... I guess I’ll try updating the bios

  • Bogdan Groza

    hey, thanks for the great setup details. I have 4 rigs and on one it worked like a charm. the other 3 instead, they just freeze when I start the miner. Or..if they don't freeze, one of the PSU's just stops working shutting down power for three of my gpus. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance

  • Urban Omahna

    Hey everyone, i had 4 gpu plugged in my z170m pro4s mainboard, but i had do disable on board lan on board basicly everything before it worked.... just for the info

  • Roger Castro

    so originally could not run more than 3 gpu. I followed this video, still no more than 3 gpu. I updated bios to 3501 (had to manually download, EZ Flash would only give me 3402), redid your steps, now I can run 4th card successfully.hook up 5th card, back to ASUS screen bootloop. ideas?

  • raptor dynosaur

    Замедлил скорость до 0.25 и сделал все настройки пошагово также. И получилось: с 4-ой видеокарточкой не запускался - система висла, а после настроек всё работает, за 6 пока не могу ничего сказать, нужно докупать ещё)

  • Carlo Fernandez

    Why did you pick GEN 1?

  • Aamir Khan

    Awesomeeee it worked for me ... my all 6gpus are running now

  • TA CMining

    Awesome video. I'm having a problem getting the PCIEX16_2 port to work. Any thoughts? The settings on the BIOS are different on the AR or the new BIOS has moved them around. Thanks!

  • Dan Harlow

    Total LEGEND, thank you this has been bugging me for hours.

  • Lerinot Gaming

    The best i had done, is that enter in SMOS, but fail, no working nothing. I probe multiple configurations, but i don´t know that i can do.

  • Marwane Mahai

    it work with h170 ??

  • Female Species Never Cares Honest Love

    Buddy can i run 7 gpus with z170 on windows 7

  • Bikbay Hav'er

    Спасибо!!! Супер! Помог!

  • Mining Choice

    I can't get 5 GPUs working, only 4 works, is the same mobo Z170 Pro Gaming , How I can make works 5tH GPU? Thanks

  • Share Ko Lang

    mine only have 1 PCIEX_1 yours have 2 what do i need to do to have 2 of those?? i already tried reseting the bios and same show that it is already up to date

  • Apandi Magomedov

    Можно ли биос от z170pro вшить на z170-e ? ни как не могу на z170-e 6 карт подключить

  • Anderson Games

    This video save my life!! :)

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