[HW: HowTo] - ASUS H270 prime plus 8 gpu mining - IT WORKS!


To see how to set-up everything watch: https://youtu.be/Z1FnEYI25z0

Anyway, i had problem with faulty wires (chinisium el-cheapo power cable)

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  • Stef Angel

    Any tips to how to get the m2 adapters working :(

  • razedee ahmad bistamam

    hi can share your bios setting my having issue with 1050ti and simple mining detect only 2 gc

  • Stanislav Rachev

    i have the same MOBO and the same M.2 adapter. But Windows dont recognize this adapter and find GPU. I change all of settings with PCI-e speed. Any Idea ?

  • Vladan Ivic

    Hey I see your video is pretty straight forward but im having a few problems with my boards for some reason...I updated the bios it is version 610 now, my board is asus z270 p.I enabled 4g, i set all the pcie things to gen2 (on gen 1 one of my cards was working at half speed for some reason)But when I go to onboard devices, I only see one m.2_1, m.2_2 is missing....One of my boards when it first booted detected 7 gpus, then after a reset now it only sees 6The second one is detecting 7 with no problems.Any idea on how to solve this? I am using simplemining os.Thanks

  • Danny Ko

    wow i've been waiting for this and you've done it. i just bought prime plus because of your suggestion last time and i think its all worth it.

  • Zoran Hranj

    Hey Vlad,Any special settings that you need to enable/change in the motherboard bios that can improve mining performance?

  • baruch shad

    i just Bought this MOBO because of your video!! thanks! is it stable at 8 GPU?

  • Mircea Cozma

    I'm getting Code error 43 with for more than 4 FOUR nvidia GPUs. I'm using these exact bios and Windows 10 settings. Any ideas ? ty

  • Nikolajs Romanovs

    I have same mobo, but main pci and both m.2 crashes like on your vid on 7:47. If there is connected any card - crashes in half hour. So only 5 pci's working stable. All set to gen1

  • Yu Yang

    Nice video buddy. I got all my 8 cards working, but there still some issues. When I try to power off and disconnect the main cable(from PSU), reconnect it, power on and it wont start normally( starting screen and restart itself over and over again.) I have to disable and enable the 4G process again to make it work. Any ideas how to solve it?

  • Chris Collard

    Thanks for your video. Your BIOS changes video saved my bacon. I have 8 x EVGA GTX 1060 currently running on this board and it works for the most part but the MHs rate slows over time so I have to restart the miner every couple hours. I took some screenshots of the GPU power usage acting funny here: https://imgur.com/a/ZAMRl. Ill buy you a bunch of beers if you can help out :-)

  • DaMafiaGamer

    I can't wait till I get this motherboard gonna be rich, just wanted to ask will 8 r7 370s work on this motherboard?

  • Michael Sato

    "I love Nintendo" =)

  • Crypto Bin

    Great vids. Can you share OC settings.

  • Džuļjeta Šuļenkova

    Well done, I spend a day and still cannot run on this motherboard even a 5 cards of Asus Strix 570 4gb. Bios settings - Advanced mode (F7) -> "Boot" section -> set "4G Decode" to ENABLE.Under "Boot" -> set FAST BOOT to DISABLE.Under "Advanced" -> Onboard Devices Configuration -> set HD AUDIO CONTROLLER to DISABLE.Under "Advanced" -> PCH Configuration -> set PCI-E Link Speed to GEN2.Any advice why other 2 cards not recognised in Windows 10 or even in simplemining!

  • M P

    Great content man. Keep up the good work.Sad mi je jasno zašto nema grafulja za kupiti, sve su kod tebe :D. Nema druge nego čekati vegu ili nove rx570/rx580.

  • Pavel Ivanov

    Did u handle to fix 8 GPU rig for long time stability?

  • labib laksana

    comrade, listen to me if you plug more than 2 sata cable into riser your psu you are gonna meld down the psu. especially your psu is platimax which is enermax and enermax is bad

  • Pavel Ivanov

    Thx the video helped me

  • Jack P

    Please help, I can't setup my rig right. I have 6x1060 3G. However only 2 vgas which are inserted to 2 PCI Express ports work, the rest of them didnt work on small PCI ports. My rig just doesn't recognize them. I tried to turn on "above 4G" and set "PCI speed to 1.0 gen" options but no luck. Do you have any solution?

  • Anthony Lipari

    "how can a cable be faulty" - ahahhaa i laughed so hard. its true! i've pulled my hair out only to find the fucken cable is broken, how!!!

  • powerofbass

    Thanks for video!!! helped a lot to set up my miner... but i have a question/problem.. i see You have pentium G4400.. i have G3930 celeron, and 7gpu is ok but 8th is not working due to "insufiscience of resources" ... what is wrong? both has 16x pciex lines and cpu is not used over 50% (maybe 30)... so will this solve g4600 ? i switched cards,switched power conectors,risers.. always no problem with riser/power conection,never problem with card...if other disconected,card o position worked well.. i have 8gb ram.. thx for help ,dont wanna buy unnecessarily expensive cpu :)

  • Rose Lovely

    Ninetendo console good to see

  • Kan Nata

    hi with 5 i'm getting crash just wondering if is the cpu Im using a babylake, what do you think?????????????

  • SS Swaery

    thanbks so mutch it helped me alot 6 moths ago... but now when I try to run my Claymore it gives me error when it starts to setup dag file... screen goes black and it shuts off... idk whats wrong

  • John Kevin Francisco

    Any chance you would share your BIOS settings? When I plug in my 8th card the mobo gets stuck in a BIOS loop, but 7 boots to Win10 just fine. 4G decoding enabled.DMI speed Gen 1Peg port Gen 1PCI Link Speed Gen 1HD Audio, Lan, and Serial Port disabled.

  • Crypto Bin

    Hey, did you manage to pull it to 10GPUs with PCIE extension like 1 to 4 PCIE card?

  • Pavel Ivanov

    Great video again mate.I have same MOBO still cant find GPUs here in my country is pretty hard to find any RX at this moment.Ill try it when i have some cards available.AAa and btw where did u find those m2 to pcie adapters?

  • Alan George Mehmet

    any advice for getting 8 1080tis to work on this board. i have been trying for 2 weeks. - g4400-8gb ram-1000watts evga psu x2 - windows 10i have followed your bios exactly the same and no luck

  • Gym Life

    can you go higher than 8 gpus?

  • tomas franko

    Hi.when I connect 8 gpu into pcix16 slot...motherboard starts in starting screen and then restart itself..and after its doing same thing all over again.can you tell me what might be the problem? 4g is turned on and gen 2 as well

  • TwoTon Hasher

    i have 5 of the ASUS Z270A boards as an alternative. Just like the board in this vid, they work great after you patch the BIOS.

  • Crypto Bin

    Hi, I'm using Z270-P (with BIOS update) mobo with 4 XFX RX580 8GB - Hynix. In Claymore 9.8/10 1 GPU in primary gpu slot is giving me a temp of 82+ in default settings and rig keep restarting due to high temp. Rig details:Win10 ProClaymore 9.8/10PentiumFury 4GB DDRXFX RX580 8GB - HynixZ270-P with BIOS updateAny help? TIA m8.

  • Anthony Lipari

    finally got 6 vega's working on this board!! what a fucking nightmare!!! now lets try 8!

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