GTX 1080 vs GTX 1080ti Hashrate, Power Consumption (Equihash)

Quick video comparing a good ole GTX1080 vs a newer GTX 1080ti on the Equihash algorithm. Zencash, Zcash, Komodo, Hush.
  • Paul Mita

    I have x10 MSI gtx 1080 ti cards ... Stock settings and 100% power .Each card does 680/700 . Low I think ...The problem is the I cannot overclock at all this cards !If I try to overclock even +100 to memory or clock ,the rate drops to 630/650 .Same for power limit ... if I drop to 80% the rate goes down to 630/640 .If I add the +200 on memory for examples ...the pc freeze . Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

  • Al Kz

    Thanks for the vid mark. Would your values on the gtx 1080 apply to the founders edition as well? Also do you set the fan or leave it auto. Thanks much friend.

  • da martian

    Hi sorry for the nube question but is that watts per hour or per sec

  • Takeshi Kovacs

    Very Good Job Bro....Keep it up...It helped a lot

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