Monero Hardfork Cryptonight V7 Update Miners & Binaries + Sumokoin Cryptonight Heavy

Get yourself ready for the Monero Cryptonight V7 Hardfork that is coming on April 6th. Update your mining software and Monero Binaries. If you mine Sumokoin you can also start to prepare for the hardfork to impliment the Cryptonight Heavy Algorithm.


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  • Robert atVitalityStar

    I heard that they are writing code into Bitcoin so by the end of the month we can mine with a Texas Instrument but it has to be Scientific, lol.

  • Ronald N

    I am switching to monero but I found on my road many miners as XMR-CAST, XMR-STAK, claymore cryptnight.But I do not know which is better for a rig of 5 RX 580 8gb.What is the fee of each of those miners?What is the different between them?I am a new subcriber on ypu channel and I really like the simple as you explainThanks

  • Robert atVitalityStar

    More juicy stuFF, thanks buddy ; )

  • Kodi Pagan Shqiptare

    Don't mining Monero stupid ,, last year year was 1 moner $500 dollar less than e there weeks down 1 moner dow $2 dollar Mining no more profit ate all

  • Crypto Currency

    Thanks.. But what about NVidia GPU. how to we mine new Monero using NVidia GPU?

  • Crypto Adventures

    i'm getting a 30% drop in hash rate on cryptonight heavy, is that normal?

  • djquantize

    Burger king foot lettuce.

  • Ozzy Bogan Tech

    Thaks for the good video thumbs up

  • Maksim Brilliant

    What a joke. I heard that a well-optimized phone, for example XAOMI REDMI 4 note can give on cryptonight v7 up to 3000 hashes???????????

  • Lee K

    I haven't updated any of my software on my rigs. Using both castxmr and xmrstak and they seem to be mining perfectly at their respective hash rate. Should I bother to update to latest versions of cast and stak?

  • timofey tkachenko

    how am i can find miner for rx 550 fore criptonight heavy?

  • AstroTech Studios

    I just started mining sumokoin with XMR Stak fork patch, but my hashrate decreased significantly from 760 to 220H/s...I'm on my RX 480 4GB and all my VRAM is used up. This sucks

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