Vlog #37: My Crypto Life. "Burst Lotto JackPOT is over 100K Burst."

"Hello my Youtube Family,

"Here is another one, "Burst Lotto JackPOT is over 100K Burst."

What is the Burst Key word for this Video?

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PIVX: DRKE8iJDBCC8Dkb21bt5it6c4uYuck48b8

Frances Reyes
  • Franzia

    ur gonna go broke giving away all this burst lol i love it tho

  • Franzia

    the stash are a great idea

  • BitTube MaSTeR

    Good job bro...can i ask what is the best pool can you recommend for mining?..My wallet: BURST-US98-TA8T-UVR8-9GHD5I would like to mine not only burst but zcash, and other altcoins but i dont have an idea what is the best gpu and how to set up it. currently i am mining zcash using my cpu with equihash algo but its too slow. If you are willing to assist me I would very2x glad bro. you can contact me in my email: jechardzbless@gmail.com FB: https://www.facebook.com/chard.cinco Contact# Globe: +639161134082 TNT: +639482120957. I am starting doing burst for a 2 weeks ago i like its platform and I want to engage it more.

  • Franzia

    0UYmkE if you get a chance

  • Frances Reyes

    DASH mining contract @ https://www.genesis-mining.com/a/40949595xTKf= 3% discount coupon code. I recommend weekly contract upgrades.

  • BitTube MaSTeR

    Good day everyone, hope theres anybody could help me regarding this errors, Im trying to run a solo mining using AIO walletI've been looking for information on this for a couple of weeks now and the videos posted either touched briefly on solo mining but didn't go into detail on the settings or they just showed how to pool mine. I wanted to try out solo mining too like most others in different forums who were trying to get the setting right, and I too were getting those "missing passphrase" errors as well. So I tired a few settings, changed this and changed that with no avail, all were giving me the same problem. Like most know about the "miner.conf" file, if you mine from the AIO platform, whatever changes you made to the "miner.conf" file will be overwritten and changed to the settings of what you inputted to the "start mining" tab. So this is what I did.I first opened up the AIO wallet either under Local or Online, it doesn't matter and chose to "start mining" at the bottom of the screen. Where it says to "choose pool" I entered the local host address of "" and changed the port to 8125.Next under "change reward assignment" I clicked that and entered my wallet details, both passphrase and my account number. Its all done and I launch the miner. I would get the error "missing passpharase","requestProcessingTime":0 and it would show that DL are found and sent but I would never get a "Confirmed DL."I was revert to my burstwallet file under "appdata/roaming/burstwallet/ (I haven't tried out other miners yet, so this is the only miner I've used so far) and navigate to the "miner-burst-1.160705 and locate the "miner.conf" file.I right click on that file (miner.conf) and choose "open with" from the drop down menu and open the file with Notepad, After that open the file to edit it.Ive seen that the file settings are the same from when I set up the miner in the AIO platform and should have "" as the UpdaterAddr and the port should be 8125 from when I set that also but the "mode" setting still in "pool"What I did next was change the settings under "Mode" at the very top from "Pool", to "solo", and that's it, so far I left all the other settings alone, but when I launch the miner it will automatically stopThe last thing I did was to make sure there was a "passphrases.txt" folder located inside the miner folder with my passphrase for my account I found not so I made a "passphrases.txt" file and put my passphrases correctly but when I launch the miner again it will open and automatically stop.What I did next is edit the "Mode" settings again back from "solo", to "pool", and launch again the miner It will run and never stop automatically but I would get the error "missing passpharase","requestProcessingTime":0 and it would show that DL are found and sent but I would never get a "Confirmed DL." again.My question is I did any mistakes to set it up? Anybody could help to set it up properly? Is there a chance that the problem is the blagominer itself?

  • Franzia

    whats my boy hope ur doin good just upgraded with code lil by lil were gonna get there

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