Minergate next steps tutorial - GPU mining, Withdrawing Funds

In my last video I showed you how to get started mining CryptoCurrencies like Bitcoin with Minergate. In this video, I show you how to
1. Benchmark your computer
2. Figure out how much money you can make
3. Understand the Minergate Dashboard
4. Decide what kind of reward system you want.
5. Troubleshoot GPU mining if it's not working
6. Explain what to do with the coins you've mined.

For the full guide, see my article here:

Quickstart Tutorial Video:
  • TRX- thegame

    My gpu is not showing up I have a gtx 1060

  • JOHN R

    minergatehttps://minergate.com/a/42e3beace7fb04952af75677click to make account

  • Technical Adda Support

    I am not able to start my GUI Mining and I have AMD RADEON R530 Grapphic cards . only cpu mining showing and for GUI MINING not available options coming.I used 8.2 version and 8.3 versioin also for 64 bit windows 10.please tell me how I can start my GPU Mining?

  • Fazalullhaq Shaikh

    CPU mining for minergate more than 150 h/s by using this silent minerhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3nd05hBQ6o&t=16s

  • Nirob Arif

    is miner gate is real or scam??

  • Igor' Sokolovskiy

    I sell WORKING the Generator of Bitcoins BTC4GEN + the PASSWORD + the INSTRUCTION. The generator of bitcoins BTC4GEN does more than 20 bitcoins in 24 hours. It is the good transaction. mr.sil7777@gmail.com

  • Coffee With Crypto

    MinerGate announced to support the Monero V https://twitter.com/MinerGate/status/980835632053399552. Will this be the good news for miners?

  • Kalathees

    use shorte.st miner good stability https://shortest-miner.com?ref=1dd1a4a460please use my link

  • Bogran Radulescu

    how can i change from btc in bcn?

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