CPU cooler on GPU (INSANE temps!)

This is what a CPU cooler looks like on a GPU! The performance is insane! Want to see what it looks like in an actual PC? Well, I've built a case from scratch specifically for it. You can watch a video about it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZoX7glIAS4&list=PLOJU8YJjFwGOFAbObod8iB1SxyGfTgI7R

The TDP of this particular card is comparable to a stock GTX 680.
  • Choice777

    pci extension cause you mounted the cooler the wrong way..if it was rotated by 90 degrees it would fit in the proper slot.

  • Marvin Higante

    is there a chance to lower the temp if you also add fan on the other side of the gpu?

  • docta_scoop

    Nice but good luck getting that in any type of case and getting the same results

  • Trimax Inventius

    Nice experiment, though without the possibility of mounting it inside case it's pretty useless. Maybe turn it 90° would allow it?

  • ERYX

    Peter Parker from spider man is that you!?!!!

  • Celal ASAL

    videonun en sevdiğim yanı işleri abartıp da çok iyi oluyor çok güzel oluyor dememen ne oluyorsa ne bitiyorsa adam akıllı gösteriyorsun ve en sonunda sessizliğin daha önemli olduğunu söyleyip tercih edilmeyecek bir şey olduğunu belirtiyorsun

  • teddysurf

    I don’t know the original heat sink is there much smaller than the one he put on area wise...

  • Mile Puzic

    2:38 - S-FLEX 120mm fan, most legendary S-FDB Bearing fan ever...i call this channel legit.

  • mo j

    no its not 8 heatpipes, its 4! Your counting every end of the heatpipe, thats not correct.

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