CPU cooler on GPU (INSANE temps!)

This is what a CPU cooler looks like on a GPU! The performance is insane! Want to see what it looks like in an actual PC? Well, I've built a case from scratch specifically for it. You can watch a video about it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZoX7glIAS4&list=PLOJU8YJjFwGOFAbObod8iB1SxyGfTgI7R

The TDP of this particular card is comparable to a stock GTX 680.
  • Firez

    Are you sure that GPU is not going to be bending in a standing case?

  • Alex Don

    What is the point of removing the heatsink from videocard and replace it with cpu cooler... and then put a fan infront of the heatsink?

  • Mitsos Tech Tips

    My graphics card max temprature is 52 celcius on Fuzzy Donut [AMD RADEON R5 230 2GB 128BIT

  • CattleRustler

    Play at 1.5x, this dude is way too fascinated with his own voice to speak at a normal speed.

  • Scooter Clips And Vlogs

    Does he realise the Fin Stack usnt working correctly? Finstacks use a vapour to cool and having it upside down doesn’t allow the liquid to condense and collect heat correctly.

  • Raydio Paleo

    if you drill a hole into a multilayer circuitboard, to mount a cooler, and it still works after, it is either a fals one, or you just got lucky. And do not forget, Do not do this at home, you might kill a planet by creating more E-waste.

  • Raydio Paleo

    I am talkingicheing but not knownledgeinging, So a you say , An i agree completely Quote : I just want silence unquote. love it.Heat-pipes have an interieur gas /liquid cycle! The liquid state! flows down underisch :-b Do not put it upside down, it is like pissing against the wind Haaahhg! LOL 2x. Love you! make an other please.

  • Slarti Bartfast

    for god's sake put the camera on a tripod

  • ilia Gofman

    Brilliant. It should be possible to also mount a 2nd cooler to the back of the card, with thermal pads as thermal interface as too many exposed components there. I'm estimating if that can be done, another 10c to 20C drop, as the back gets similarly hot as front. I have just done a little experiment with placing freely, a stock cpu cooler on to the backplate of 1080ti kingpin gpu, with lots of thermal compound and noticing a few degrees lower temps.

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