How much 1 GTX 1070 makes on Nicehash Miner with Inter i5 CPU? $$$

This is how much one gtx 1070 makes on nicehash, I have 5 gtx 1070, and here is the results, leave a comment if you have questions.

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  • Hans Kristian Ask

    2x 1060 3 GB or 1x 1070?? 1060 is 250 dollars and 1070 is 450 dollars

  • Ray OfMinneapolis

    Nice video. I'm running in the same kind of system with it 1070 and a core i5. It's crazy, I bought my system a year-and-a-half ago for VR, for 1100 bucks. Now the 1070 itself is damn near worth the price I paid for the system! But yep your numbers are right on. I'm usually making from 4.50 to 5 bucks a day, plus I have another system with a GTX 960 in it that pulls in an extra dollar or two

  • Vin Aizen

    Hey man, how much did your GTX 1070 cost each?

  • Emmanuel Obadiah

    Hello I am new to it I need help setting it up

  • Kiran v

    hye < Can u suggest me Good PC configration for mining under $1000 or & Which graphic card u suggest me for good mining Hshrate ?

  • Meow Nigga

    Because of you guys we gamers can't afford to buy graphics cards anymore.Hopefully Bitcoin will become trash very soon and you guys will sell the cards.

  • Francesco Grani

    Yo I have a gtx 1070ti , how should I overclock it to get max efficiency but make it still last?

  • Travel Wire

    change the title its not only with GPU but also mining with CPU too.

  • Mining Riggor

    nice info for that ....and some way of mining of bitcoin using cloud mining without buying graphics card using this

  • bgemologist

    From my experience the cards will cool better if you let the air from the fan woosh over the cards from front to back. putting the fan over them or under them seems to push heat back onto the card as its trying to exhaust.

  • Satish Patel

    Thanks bro.. I have the same setup as of now with 1gtx 1070 8gb - gaming x GPU... can you pl. tell me what GPU temperature it reaches with nicehash mining..?

  • I'm a Potato

    Check my pc specs ._. (On my yt channel)

  • Dan A

    You're full of shit, you are making less than $5 a day, your stat screen at the end is showing your daily at 19.78, stop lying about your rig

  • Rey Austine Echavez

    Dude stay away from your window curtains!! in case your rig went burning you wont burn your house down.

  • Sava Rackov

    Hi! Im making around $5 with TWO asus1070 turbo. Pwr.lim.80% core+200 mem+300.What am I doing wrong and how to get those numbers up a bit? :)All the best!

  • Shaggins

    Try nicehash legacy miner, some reason I make more money on there, currently have a 1070 rig also.

  • The Infinite Corner

    Im curious what you're making today on Nicehash, seeing as the profitability calculator says 1070's are not profitable at all. (1-22 is the date)

  • vera donna

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  • Mohamed S

    How to transfer this money to my $ account? Coinbase or something?

  • Anil Das

    I am using 1070...but i don't know why my daily estimate earning is about USD 2.50

  • Yogesh Meena

    Is nicehash profitability increase again?

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