How To Mine Monero (CPU & GPU)

Step by step guide to mine Monero with your CPU and GPU. Works on both Intel & AMD CPUs and Nvidia & AMD GPUs


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  • Romer Tanaleon

    im new to mining but what happens if the mining was stop for a reason? pc issues, power issues or network you lose your share and starts back at zero or you can continue back to where you left off? or at least starts new but not lose what you have earned but not paid yet? let me know please thank you.

  • Kosta Kosta

    Can I even do it with low CPU power :D?

  • Hermeson FG

    cool! for begginers!

  • KentPlayPC

  • Artur Syrtlanov

    в итоге майнер он так и не запустил, говно а не видос

  • Greg Seguin

    xmr stack just hangs how can I fix this issue

  • Tony D

    I like the Space 1999 look. Also it looks “rough” with the truss blocks on the outside and the parts that look like canisters....not overly polished and fancy. It makes me think of a very small crew or single, aging explorer who’s used to living alone deep in space. Very cool design.

  • Richard Gródkowski

    Thanks, Very well done...

  • Trunks Cagampang You can earn thru cpu mining

  • Mortaza Yousufi

    So important for me, by regard from Kabul

  • TheMonyarm

    What would you suggest for Nvidia gpu mining on linux?

  • Balazs Norbert-Zsolt

    Been mining for several hours and I cannot change the default payout amount it says the information I have entered is incorrect but all my hashrate and worker name and everything is correct and displayed and I have 0.00000 the pending amount as well as at the paid I mined 0.0000000 XMR in a couple of hours ? or I'm doing something wrong

  • TutoSam

    Colega yo te recomiendo esta paga mas el xmr esta ha 0.00007681 te la garantizo y Coinhive esta a 0.00005516, es decir mas de 2000 HASHES/SEC. saludos

  • Γιώργος Καλιγερούδης

    i have done all the steps but i can't start daemon.. is there something that i should check first?

  • Kong Crit

    Moneropools blocked by avast, and i cannot make Fake positive false, are this is real virus?

  • James Rodgers

    I'm wondering how effective my the windows tablet i never use it has a 4 threaded atom cpu

  • dany _Sof

  • Wayne Bauer

    Can you adjust the usage of the cpu or gup?

  • mychainpool mychainpool

    If anyone want to mine with 0 fee, come to our pool

  • Ankit Ghildiyal

    Great video. Could you please do a video on how to start your own mining pool(for monero if possible).

  • Coffee Black

    When i try to download that...Win Defender says its a virus...Trojan:Script/Cloxer.A!cl

  • Lil' Jumpy

    When I try click on XMR-stak.exe, the file just disappears? any Help?

  • Modern Game Network

    My miner keeps on saying that it is having a socket error. Can someone help me? I do not know how to fix it.


    How do you disable the miner?

  • Dutescu Marian

  • Patrick Private

    According to a reddit the API is down to see your hash rate on the site.

  • Jack Carter

    remember when bitcoin was just bitcoin?

  • Abdulaziz matrah

    pro my hash is 16 only why? i want it to be like u

  • Anna Janiszewska

    i did as you sayed but dont working by me its even open only mssg popup there are many errors and need to install program new that will stops errors what to do?

  • Richard Gródkowski

    My laptop's Window defender blocks the recommended Miner because of "Trojan:Win32/Fuerboos.C!cl", any suggestion for another Miner?

  • Cazan Delureanu Sorin Manuel

    I have I5 CPU AND A GTX 650 GPU i cand mine monero ?

  • Maveric Miner

    For CPU mining, I prefer qwertycoin. I did not want to invest money on hardware and hence this one works for me. The low difficulty makes it possible for me to mine a lot of coins in a day. As the project grows, I am sure that the coins will worth much more than they are in the short term. I will continue mining them and will hold on to them until prices rise.

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