The R9 Nano - Is AMD's Tiny Flagship Still Worth It?

The AMD Radeon R9 Nano is truly an interesting graphics card. Once a high end $649 flagship, it now makes the odd appearance on online auction sites where it still fetches decent amounts of money. Performance wise it sits between the GTX 980, RX 580 and GTX 1060,
so is it the ideal card for you if you're shopping around at this price point?

Thanks for watching :)
  • Croix Tucker

    Just buy a 1070, all the used prices are down to a reasonable price now

  • Angry Gamer

    Nothing from AMD in the flahship is worth it since 9700. What a POS second fiddle company for poor people.

  • mpkfaTM

    the memory limit is a problem now even at 1080p

  • StraiFFF

    I bought it 2 months ago for a 200$. Its was a nice deal. But it has some problems - it needs a lot of air, cause it's so hot. In closed case it starts throttling

  • Jaggsta

    £200 is $262 USD you can get GTX 1070 off ebay for that price lol

  • Thomas Hibbard

    One thing to always keep in mind when you get an older card that was the best of its time is that it will be power hungry relative to the newer offerings that have the same performance, so just make sure getting a more power hungry card from a couple to a few years ago won't ultimately have you spending more getting a more robust PSU and through your power bill in the long run.

  • nibruhh

    I have one crossfired with a R9 Fury X

  • MattVon Scruger

    Should i buy a 1050ti or rx470-480

  • adam

    its basically a mini gtx 980?

  • Michael Müller

    you should try and undervolt it, for a higher boostclock.

  • b real

    Only reason I never got the fury was due to the 4gb HBM..

  • Landen Nipper

    The r9 fury that comes with water cooling is awesome

  • Hyperion98

    I was able to get a brand new one unopened for $400 Canadian Ruppies last March. Quite a feat if your consider the market was drowned in inflated gpu prices.

  • Pavle Denčić

    About the end of the video... Miners will usually undervolt and underclock the cards they use for mining, so they run cooler and are more power efficient while mining, so they likely won't be more worn out than your typical gaming GPU that gets overclocked running at up to 80c

  • molenini

    Fury Nano is certainly a beast of a card. It's higher tier than 1060 and 580.

  • Cry

    Found one of these for 250$ last year in the middle of the crypto craze, amazing pickup at the time ;) and threw it into a console itx build for a friend, from my own tests it does indeed have 1060 level performance. BUT! the damn coil whine on these things is seriously loud, you better not be recording around it and headphones are a must the harder you push the card, thats not even talking about the fan.

  • Frank Degan

    Still the best channel for people who like to tinker or cant outright afford the latest but yesterdays greatest is still viable for todays games

  • HispanicAtTheDisco

    AMD video? Aaaaaaaaaaand I'm back to watching RGIHD

  • Sam W

    u should run shadow of mordor at high at 1440p theres no difference unless you use the ultra resolution texture pack at 4k. apart from the reduced frame rates.

  • Sm00th GAMES

    can you make a video about amd's old server cpus? the opteron

  • Ambrose Killpack

    was the amd r9 nano not one of amd's fastest cards ever?

  • foufou81

    I own 36 cards. Sensitive over their PCI Express power supply but amazing cards !

  • Stefano_pena

    The card is like 220 now

  • Jonathan Robinson

    Fury cards make quite a bit of coil whine, btw.

  • Minezone 2025

    I own a computer with an Intel core i74770 and gtx 1060 6gb and this card is equal too if not slightly worse by one or two fps. Very similar

  • Paul Frederick

    Some people have a lot of cash to piss away on PC hardware.

  • OstrAdamus

    Hi, RGHD if You still have this card, can You test power consumption with and without vsync 60fps ? i am considering this card vs 1060 6gb for 1080p 60Hz.

  • real names not given

    Do you have any advice on reviving an old potato computer. Currently tinkering with a few old builds

  • Flavia Pitariu

    I really want to grab a 295x2 as I have a PSU that can cope plus, it'll be a real upgrade to my crossfire 6970

  • el imortal

    Better than an xbox one

  • Jordi P

    Why get a second hand card when you can get a brand new 1060??

  • bob sharlt

    a 970 wins in 9/10 benchmarks, and has notably higher fps in every single game. get a clue and stop lieing to your viewers

  • Patrick Jackson

    The amd fury x and the nano have been my favorites that I've used

  • dra6o0n

    They really need to consider making GPU smaller but more powerful in it's scale again... Making them massive and then putting bigger heatsinks just shows that they aren't really trying too hard to advance technology.Vega Nano was mentioned a few times, never actually focused on... Probably because if they release a smaller Vega card that has similar performance to a Vega card, releasing bigger cards that are 'weaker' at a slightly or somewhat cheaper price won't change much later down the line (Vega 20 GPUs or Polaris 30 GPUs for instance).That and HBM is still expensive, and maybe we need HBM3 with cheaper, faster, scaling.

  • bob sharlt

    this is purely a entry level budget card, your not going to be running any game on "high" detail. you will be struggling to keep 60fps on med-low settings

  • M P

    I managed to pick one up off eBay for £175, performance is great at that price.

  • mbsfaridi

    That card throttles hard, if anyone has a choice to go for a full size car should got for the latter.

  • Divinitas Silberwald

    The "Normal Fury"dose not got 4096 SPs

  • jan409

    why make a "still worth it" video if you can't even get your hands on it under normal circumstances?

  • Random Guy

    Got it for 300€ new... Paired it with a 4790k on a Asus Rog Impact board...

  • Ezzbra

    2:01 he turned into a frog for a second there xD

  • IlK7

    0:36 Is this an Intel box cooler?

  • SitOnMeDokkaebi

    Not worth it, since you can get a 1070Ti for a similar price

  • Shallow Revelations

    I'm loving my R9 290x, Beast on ARK. nearly max settings and I still get almost 68 FPS regularly.

  • karlo šmehil

    gonna have to dislike your video for the first time... fortnite?!?!? pubg ain't all that good, but fortnite...

  • eraldorh

    Runs very hot, rare and very power inefficient and likely to run into driver issues with new games. There's no reason to buy this card over a 1060.

  • vdonov

    In my country we have 2 of them for sale going for around 200€ or 180£ respectively.

  • Bartosz Piechocki

    Can I buy your kfa2 gtx 680? I live in the UK.

  • Madson Freitas

    Graphics card started HUGE then got smaller then got bigger (sometimes huge) again

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