My Ghetto 3204H/s $850 Monero (XMR) Rig

Updated Video:

280X miner I threw together trying to maximize savings.

XMR Donations are humbly accepted :D 43WshdjoBvh6rX1r5WJdm4KrosQmVtJrmUDQMtSzfs7FCDf6NvSiSEzEfKofkAa2gu1jxaSaQU9V3cXjb8PjJisiLNULaXZ

Claymore v9.6 AMD GPU miner:!e4JVEAIJ!l1iF4z10fMyJzY5-LnyC2A

Example of a pre built 2 card rig at 2.5x the cost of mine with 1/3 the hashing power:

It blows my mind that people overpay by the thousands on pre built gpu mining rigs like these. Hope you guys enjoy!!
  • adalaza

    If this catches fire, it's right next to kindling.

  • Cooper_TheGeekery

    I feel u I got a setup just like it

  • Anuar Ku

    Hi, may i know the minimum RAM (Memory) DDR3/DDR4 to start with?

  • Rakly3

    for a little more money you can have this but at 500W (750W gold rated PSU needed)And you save on one less PSU too.AMD HD series are power hungry beasts.They are very cheap 2nd hand tho.

  • Sean

    Nice toilet paper on your desk. Too busy fapping while mining. And exactly why not to buy used R9s off EBay. Guys running them non-stop, basically destroying them, and cumming all over it at the same time.

  • mrpyro07

    Based on a monero calculator I found, 3200 H/s at 1100 watts (at 12 cents per KW/h) equals out to about a $560 profit per year at the current price. Is this accurate or was the monero calculator way off?

  • Agents of Mars

    great video bro! I subscribed

  • sanjeev kumar

    I want to also make a rig so kindly help me . tell me all the things

  • imrannawaz71

    Superb job man, impressed. I am planning on setting up a rig with 1 MH/s power for mining Monero, please advise what kind of setup is required.

  • Cryptomined

    good job, btw, none of my rigs use a 16x to 16x riser... all cards in every one of my rigs just use 1x to 16x and works fine with a monitor...

  • Devin Howard

    Where do i sell my XMR to make a profit

  • No Name

    Nice setup. Not ghetto at all. It's not about fancy designer rigs, but about hitting that ROI asap.

  • GoDz

    You might want to make the wires more neat

  • Nicola Vianelli

    What about hardware list to build one?

  • Anthony Trifoglio

    How much money is it making per day?

  • amri aulia rochman

    how much u can earn money with all of that in a month bro??and im interesting to minning monero too...but//..i just starter... i just have sapphire radeon rx 470 nitro + oc, please teach me how to configure man.... :) i need your help

  • Cameron Claxton

    I wouldn't buy used minning video cards

  • Odafe Jagboro

    you sure you made this?

  • Anjum Monga

    which motherboard and processor are you using for this rig?


    Hi, friend, can you send me the way of installing the program, the software to mining of that way that yuo do? I have a RX 580, I am mining in microminning, and minergate. coul you recommend me something better? I am from caracas , Veenezuela.

  • Wood En

    Connect to Gig9 and get super rich..!!

  • Dominic Sobieralski

    As long as it you are profiting that is all that matters. Here is my ghetto rig the "Frankenrig"

  • Geek Mark

    **UPDATE** This video is very old and partially obsolete (in my opinion with the hardware used). I would not recommend building something like this any longer. Keep in mind cryptocurrency prices, difficulty, equipment and mining programs change drastically even on a day to day basis. Always do your own research before hand.

  • Trip Essence

    i am planning to make my first rig for monero mining. Do you think i should go with 2x Nitro RX470 8GB or 1 Sapphire VGA R9 390X Nitro 8GB and then buy a second R9? Also what processor do you suggest for the mining rig? I was thinking A8 7500 AMD. any tips? thanks!

  • Mobile Boy

    This case is very hardcore...

  • Paul Jenkins

    Sergio are you getting those vid cards from the used market? I'm assuming so looking at the frankenstein arrangement. I've been acquiring cards as I find deals but your rig answers a question I had, which was if I could mix and match AMD cards, which obviously you are, so that's fantastic. Right now I've got two 7950's (one is mining, one is in my trunk as I need something more than my 500W PSU), but if I can snag deals on some more powerful cards I can slap them in with zero difficulty.What's your feel on ZCash? I'm hammering Monero also, but I'm waffling between starting to snag some ZCash as I think it will value up in the future or just mining at Nicehash and getting paid BTC. Or, of course, I could just keep hammering out Monero. :)

  • sultan shah

    what do you use monero wallet

  • Crystal Babe

    Nice Barcardi there ! cheers and thanks for the continuous support. Happy New Year Mark !

  • Naddy Nodge

    There's almost no money in monero mining unless you're running a botnet, this is what I've ascertained from the research I've done.

  • Timothy Bates

    how did you get those cards for 600 dollars? ebay?

  • JustA PlebHere

    theres a guy on craigslist selling 4 280x's, think i may pick em up and build my own rig

  • Andrew Grochan

    Does it ever crash? Ik you said it was stable but do you ever have to restart? I've heard 2 psus for one machine can make it crash sometimes.

  • ken chen

    Hi, I would love to build one for the same budget, could you give me a list of hardware? Thanks

  • Zephyraijunzo

    are you mining solo?

  • Lalit Kumar

    how much money are you getting?

  • RyanHustle B

    Good job man, as long as it works and making crypto! Who cares how it looks.

  • Adam's Tricks

    how can u make it self?

  • Pohodacik 007

    can by mine on one pc zec with rx 470 and with other (radeon 5770) monero ? and cpu monero too .. ?

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