Gigabyte GTX 1080 Fan Noise Tes. 3 fan windforce 🔥🔥🔥

Fan Speed Levels:
1. 25% (lowest you can do)
2. 50%
3. 70%
4. 80%
5. 90%
6. 100%
(microphone xiami note 4 mobilphone)
Gigabyte 3x fan windforce noise test
  • The Leviathan

    Thing literally sounds like a jet engine That's cool

  • jasonx165

    I just got my card a month ago and just noticed the noise it makes around 50%..that can get really annoying. it seems to only happen at 50% too, when you go to like 70, its loud but I dont really hear that low pitch "hum"

  • rohit dutt

    I have the same card but only one fan works when its on full load else 3fan works when i start the pc or when the driver is not installed.

  • Limitless 1

    I have one gtx 1080 windforceand I love it

  • MrTheHarderTheyCome

    I decided to upgrade from a 1060 to this Gigabyte 1080 Windforce OC and I found the fan noise so unacceptably loud that I returned it the next day. I wonder if the more expensive Gigabyte models like the G1 gaming would be any better. I have also read positive reviews about the noise levels and cooling of the MSI Gaming X and Palit GameRock.

  • Andrey Samoylov

    Почему сейчас такие шумные видеокарты?

  • Rustik Shoting

    Você percebeu o seu dicipador ? Ele está empurrando ar quente para a placa de vídeo muda ele.

  • Emil Kulpa

    czy cewki przy karcie ci piszczą jak w grze masz ponad 60 fps a benchmarku 100-200 ?

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