Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 Gaming Review - A New Take

Is the new Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 Gaming model ready for a fight with its main competitors?
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  • Wind Man

    i have a question if anyone is willing to answer... Would this card fit in a Mid tower case? I have tried to find answers to this online and i haven't seen any detailed ones anywhere, but now that i see the card relative to the hands of the reviewer I can tell that its not as big as i thought.

  • Aaron S.

    This doesn't require GPU watercooling, correct?

  • Gerard Dresch

    Thanks looking to pick one up used for $225 --- Also First 65 or Older

  • Rige

    So do i have older one do they have any difference?

  • Kaido CS

    does gigabyte program has option to show fps and temperature ingame ??

  • ReX

    thought its hardwarecanucks for a second

  • It was Walpole

    Would it work well in this setup?

  • zeus1117

    is it ok with an 450W, 80+ Gold PSU ?

  • awan char

    can i have that g1 gaming driver link? i can't find it on to download

  • Cranky Neanderthal

    I bought this card for my PC build and after playing games for about 10 mins the system crashes and the fans of the graphic card run at 100%. Reseller blames my pc build but I used to have a ASUS 1060 card and there were NO problems. PSU iis 550w . Any suggestions what the problem is?

  • xSoZa

    Finally, someone who shows what i want to know!

  • Toby_ DC5

    Some reason my temperatures hit 85 C while gaming

  • Aquilus

    What is the temperature while gaming?

  • Rige

    Can someone explain me why do i have my pcie port in a different place like this guy has it in the right corner but i have it 3-5cm more in the right???

  • Nick Schmitt

    Would it work in 1080p pretty good? ive heard alot of people say some 1070 cards are better at 1440p than they are at 1080.

  • VeLv Tempo

    Hey just a question my fan stop light turns off a fair bit is this normal?

  • Christian Sanchez

    If a graphics card says it has a max screen resolution of 3840 × 2160 (4K) does that mean the graphics card will run 4K without a problem on any game? The model on this video says it supports 8K would this be better option to run 4K videos knowing it also has 8GB of ram?

  • Ville-Veikka Kiiskilä

    How loud is it in Gaming mode if its on your desk next to you?

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