Can a $2 ANTIVIRUS protect YOUR INFO?

We take a look at the cheapest antivirus solution available and see if it's up to the task of protecting your data.


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  • AdamsS12345

    How much is avast? Is the free version bad?

  • Wickedsick GGS

    i use Kaspersky on my windows 7 for 2 years and it work great i recommend it.

  • Orange Dog

    Wtf kaspersky is this cheap?!I fkin was bying it for 25$ for a year :(

  • GameZiseFX

    All about the kaspersky ban is just because the headquater is based in russia and the law says they have to give info if the goverment needs it. Thats the only reason why they ban kaspersky. Kaspersky is (my opinion) the best av because its user friendly and performs the same or better then/as bitdefender. And many articles about "kaspersky found a NSA malware" etc and they get involved in many malware and virus related problems where they have to fix it. Also scanning the folder takes really long just because kaspersky scans every thing(what i mean with that is every thing), compared to other avs it doesn't take that long just because they don't scan every single file. I've seen the diffrence between multiple avs like malwarebytes avg and kaspersky.The scanned files by kaspersky will count more then avg or malwarebytes.IDK if internet security has a webcam protection, if so i would like to see a malware vs kaspersky webcam protection.Also if im right u will receive a addblocker and data analystic blocker with kaspersky internet security.

  • Toto Ze

    Mans don’t use an antivirus

  • Dominic Warr

    x'D there was literally no point in giving us a detection percentage when you gave us no other software's detection percentage as a marker

  • Dante Alighieri

    Switching to Linux ?😎

  • Jon Ngwisha

    post more frequently

  • apricotbucket28

    i scanned 1 file and it says that scanned 313 files

  • BulletDragon

    Just use Malwarebytes free

  • SaLih SaLu

    windows defenter is best

  • apricotbucket28

    Kaspersky is the best

  • ZippyStew45

    Haha I'm Russian lol

  • Exeutiy

    Long time... no see...Nvm i just checked your channel. I'm a bad follower. I've clicked the bell.

  • PresidentDwayneElizondo MountainDewHerbertCamacho

    I would think you would know this but the only reason kaspersky is now "a threat" is because it patched security "flaws" in windows that were the primary exploit of the nsa/five eyes. Do a little research.

  • K0bogiga

    avast actually went down hill. just windows defender and routers now is all you really need.

  • dude14377

    I recommend bitdefender, although I did have to email them a malware file to add to their detection. Funnily enough, windows defender picked up on the file yet bitdefender did not. So I use both together, and occasionally scan with malwarebytes.

  • مو نا

    I liked your channel bud 😌♥️

  • Angelo Lo

    I don't understand the point of this video what are you showing how bad programs are or if the keys are proper and working. A working Key and the way a program works are 2 totally different systems and you have you at least compare them to other things. Saying will the code work is BS at its finest like cause i use Cheap kaspersky codes which i buy from a certified retailer here in AUS and its never failed me and if you had of done it properly and did a full scan instead of selected scan it would found everything and also Kaspersky would of found every single file after a few scans and also having a whole file of Malware on the computer is your problem and i bet you didnt even turn off Windows Defender as well meaning they probably both were attacking against each other so if you wanna do proper testing test the programs cause a key doesnt affect the program it only affects the activation didn't you see that the Kaspersky its self had a 30 day free trial

  • Zerozerito14

    The title is kinda confusing, this has more to do with Kaspersky rather than an AV solution that costs 2 usdNice video btw

  • Chabo

    I see you made the Windows upgrade :)

  • nicsti cLeAn

    привет, мы kaspersky, и мы крадем ваши личные данныеTranslation:Hi we are Kaspersky and we steal your personal data

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