Asus Z270A Prime Kaby Lake Motherboard
  • Michael Johnson

    Hey moron yes it does have leds on the MB dur huh... no more listening to you

  • Scott Goodell

    Can you help show me where each case panel header connection goes in the MoBo? I think it's the bottom right pannels, but they have different descriptions from what the connectors from my Corsair 200R say.

  • Nigel Green

    Cheers Tom, just ordered this board for a Kaby Lake build I'm doing with the 7600K. It's currently available on Amazon for £144, which in my opinion is an absolute steal for a quality board as feature packed as this one is. It may lack the extra icing on the cake that you get on the ROG boards, but they are more of a luxury for me, rather than a necessity anyway. One extra I will end up getting though, is the ASUS Thunderbolt 3 add-on card, which this board is compatible with. That sweet sweet 40Gbit/s!ASUS's little touches of polish on this board just make it sweeter, like their amazing rock solid UEFI, the USB 3.1 Gen 2 10Gbit/s Type-C and Type-A ports, the inclusion of RGB headers for AURA, the isolation of the audio chipset from the rest of the board to cut down on unwanted noise from nearby components on the board, and even little things like the Q-connector for making those damn front panel cables a lot easier to hook up - one of the least enjoyable parts of a new build for most people I'd imagine! Can't wait to use this board!

  • Medium_Jibbo

    Is this board compatable with i5 7400 7th generation?

  • Dunkelwelpling

    didnt even showed led's. what an asslack

  • Emiliano Qaqi

    Hey, any idea how I can configure the bios to support more than >3 GPUs on an asus z270-a? Thanks!

  • Noxius

    This review is so rushed!. The board does have LED and as David Raynolds pointed out, you mixed the M.2 slots.

  • certi_zak786

    does it have wireless

  • iEatPotatoChips

    Listen here dumbo Ass monkey i bought this board and guess what it has leds indeed you dumb baboon go git gud you little smurf lookin Ass dumbledoor cumdumpster bitch ass mistake

  • J0keriznogoud

    Were you high while making this video? This is low end? Piece of shit look at it

  • Average Gaming

    this board does have led's

  • MilezyGamez _

    Budget end? Fuck off

  • Earlly William

    Wait...I have to buy separate parts to be able to use the usb 3.1's?

  • itcomeoff

    Does this support a hyper 212x or evo? The heatskinks and ram slots look like they will overlap

  • Randy Levine

    Lo end?? It's the second most expensive board ASUS makes! ... Bested only by WiFi.

  • Daniel Soares

    would you recommend to use both M.2 slots, one for windows and the other to install steam and games to use only for gaming?

  • Jed Alley

    shitty rushed low quality review for a channel with your amount of subs. and you forgot to mention the sli bridge

  • codyhill06

    4:42 ...and your hache-dmi port. first zed now hache.

  • Videos

    Hi. When you talk about M.2 slots, 5.37 you say - top slot 'Woo support Sata and Pcie'. What does it means 'Woo'? Is it 'will' support or 'Won't' support? Thanks?

  • wizzgamer

    Disliked due to not showing the sata ports which is the reason I watched this video.

  • Michal Dao

    You think noctua D15 without S, will block something? RAM or PCI? ASUS prime z270a

  • a k m rakibul hasan

    Guys please tell me Asus Prime Z270-A or Rog Strix Z270-H which one of these two would be better than all the purchases. Thank you every one :)

  • Mashtendo

    Is there a serial number on the back?

  • Milind Bhatt

    Does it have inbuilt wifi

  • Raz zaz

    how is this different from Asus Z270P - can both of these support 8

  • Shaun Bell

    Got as far as "SHASIS" and couldn't watch anymore.... painfully funny!!

  • mdd1963

    For anyone wondering, all of this mainboard's hardware detected and operated flawlessly under both Ubuntu 16.10 and Linux Mint 18.1; the network adapter was not detected on Debian 8.3 as of yet.

  • Sami Benbella

    It's Sha-see! NOT SHA-SIS. :D and its Sat-Tah! nice video!

  • Tyler Hexxxa

    What's the difference between the 270 a and the 270 ar?

  • arnold archer

    I want to build a computer But I want to know if The NVME m.2 If I could use it for my boot Drive On this motherboard ..MSI Pro Series Intel Z270 DDR4 HDMI USB 3 SLI ATX Motherboard (Z270 SLI PLUS

  • Buff Themio

    Hi! I just want to ask which is better z270-A prime or rog strix z270F? I don’t know what to buy

  • George David

    after buying last year my state of the art 6600K the Z170 was the chipset to have, and I usually buy nice stuff so I got the Z170-A from Asus.. and now this! How fast they plan to release new models? I remember clearly back then (around a year or so) the only option for this family of CPU's was this Z170. meanwhile they launched 270 and now 370. And my CPU is already 2 generations old.. Don't get me wrong, I don't complain is working super. I invested like 3000 USD in it .. NZXT top case, nVME M2 reading with 2.8Gb/s I mean.. you name it and I probably have it on my gaming rig. Is not fair.. my CPU already 2 generations back? And I know for sure performance is just slightly better. I made tests by myself and my CPU is however at 4.5 Ghz .. but is not fair for reselling. If I plan to make an upgrade the client will be like "oh shit. Skylake. that's old man.. I give you 1/3 of its value".. while me being like: "Yeah of course if I can bang all the females in your home I don't see any problem with that".

  • Carl Chandler

    SASHIS ... I'm crying :P

  • Hayder Mia

    which is better z270f or z270a

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