Trojan.JS.YouAreAnIdiot смотреть онлайн в хорошем качестве hd 720 лицензия

whoa i actually made a video about this

spoiler: it is not very dangerous

original name of this trojan is offiz according to kaspersky, but that won't be familiar to anyone so i just named it youareanidiot.

now maybe people will stop asking me to make a video about it!!!!!
  • Natural Nate

    I keep picturing Proto dancing in the background.

  • Joni

    2:58 when i try download free aimbot

  • นารี วรรณริพร

    ขอบคุณครับ ตอนนั้น เป็นไรไม่รู้ ให้เพือนยืมไปเล่น แต่พอยืมไปเล่น แล้วพอมันคืนมา พอผมเปิดเน็ตเท่านั้นแหละ ก็เป็นยังงี้ พอรู้ตัวอีกที ก็ดูวิดิโอนี้ ก็เข้าใจ มีซัพไทยด้วยดีๆ แม้งเชร็ตติ้งให้ เป็นตอนเปิดขึ้น แสดงเว็บนี้ด้วยนะ แส้ด

  • Alexander3350

    Is this Despacito, or am I just a idiot...

  • GalaxyMindHQ

    B E G O N E T H O T

  • Sacred Gamer

    Trojan JS: ahahahaa! Ahahahaa! Ahahahaa!

  • Prisoner416

    I remember this one! Had some good fun with it.

  • theFizzyNator

    Funny story, in high school—I forget which class—we were in the computer lab. I sent someone the Flash of You Are An Idiot in chat. That guy opened it, and the song played full blast for a moment before the teacher was like “SHUT THAT DOWN.” Proud moment.

  • ThatOneMii

    Jesus fucking christ this trojan is just giving suicidal people more ammo for their shotguns.

  • Kid

    How tf y’all think this is funny? Imagine you being like 7 yrs old with windows 95 in liek 1998 at like 12:00 AM and get cickbaited by some shit like “click here to win a free iPad!” And this consumes ur computer, that’s scary af

  • Eza Tastic

    I can imagine a "hillarious" but actually annoying use the link and copy amd paste it with something thats our favourite


    Me opening a scam for free robux

  • Thumblina Ro

    You are an idiot hahaha

  • EthanReallyRocks

    I know this one! It feels awesome to see you do it.

  • The Snowy Guy

    3:04 How widows looks like for Mac users...

  • brookiecookiebrownie TV

    Can you get it on tablet for Samsung

  • heardofrvb


  • SiCk d0LLi3

    OMFG... I laughed so fucking hard! My eyes were watering! 😂😂😂💗

  • RPMO45

    2:55 hey I won solitaire!

  • ShadowExtreme ShadowFire

    SO I can get a virus by joining sites YOU SAY? LOL NO I am re-installing my browser antivirus again

  • Memecentral

    I really want someone to do this with the scam callers

  • Gabrielius Juraitis

    wait what do u mean its it is not very dangerous?! so can i use it or nah?

  • JhudielTheOne

    agk reacted to this lmao

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