World's SMALLEST GTX 1080 Ti! Zotac @ Computex 2017

Did I mention it's the world's smallest GTX 1080 Ti?

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World's SMALLEST GTX 1080 Ti! Zotac @ Computex 2017

  • Billy Bob

    75º C would be great for use in smaller cases, which is what this product seems to be intended for.

  • Robot Treck

    Yoyoyo, mod ur node 202 to fit the watercooled version and water-cool it

  • Felix R

    they could have stacked more fins into the same space, but I bet this coller will run very hot anyway

  • johnnyb1936

    I wonder how cool it runs

  • joakim burman

    It will probably throttle like crazy

  • calical26

    more powerful gpu get more bigger they going to be

  • Sebastian Casella

    i hace one of this small cards from zotac, they're loud, coil wyning , inefficient cooling, drops from 925 mhz to 835 mhz because of thermal throttle, they need to put their sh!t together

  • TheVeryHarsh

    Does anyone want to exchange FIFA 17 with GTA V or rocket league (PC version)?

  • Cur Bai

    Is this any less powerful than a regular size? I run a GTX 970 its and I have problems with OC I get crashes alot, if i go over 140mhz, might look to get this, would an I7 4790k @4.2ghz bottleneck this?

  • O!Technology

    82C is definitely way too hot for that 1080Ti mini card. It would mean that it will hit throttling temps once you use it in a cramped chassis. Low to mid 70s would be great.

  • richard mendez

    no higher than high 70' anything under 80c..and they should make a fan profile that is set to 85% fan speed to 80c... then work on acoustics from would always stay under 80c in any non itx builds... over clocked included

  • John Williams

    Your videos are actually quite tolerable when the main focus isn't your face. I'm not implying your ugly I'm simply stating the "vlog" style videos are extremely annoying.

  • Hirumi

    lol on the first look i thought it was just another 1050 ti. I mean why would Zotac would release now anyway

  • Rivelino Cittra

    FINALLY, things other than the x299 motherboard, tbh I'm getting from being hyped about x299 to being bored because of it.

  • Jason Paul

    If you blasting over $700 already, don't be cheap and just get the watercooling, probably will add years to it's life.

  • Carl Sagan

    Any news about a water block being released for this card?

  • Colin Parks

    just bought this 1080 ti mini... hoping the temps are better than my founders edition which tbh are mid 70's and really stable

  • Legendaryxlx

    any idea when it'll be out?

  • MoDRun

    i love waterblock tiny cards idk why no1 has done that til now

  • Caleb

    My GTX 970 hits 80C underload and here I thought that was totally normal.

  • paflanagan1

    So I have the Zotac1080 ti Founders Edition card. With the GPU fan set to 65%, the Temperature runs between 75-80 degrees Celsius. That's running the Heaven" Benchmark, full screen, and everything set to max.That is still so hot, that the metal "exhaust"grate on the back of the card, below the display ports get SO HOT, that I can burn my fingers if I touch it for too long!

  • Ale Blanco

    love that zotac card

  • Felix R

    I dont let my GPUs run hotter than 60°C so the card can run with the maximum boost frequency

  • D. O'Connor

    I get really nervous if my GPU goes near 80c, 70-75 is okay so yeah they need to sort out the thermals on that Ti, get it down 10c or so

  • Milanotitan

    I really like the idea of having a small form factor high-end GPU in my system. I don't want to have to mount a shoe box into my system. If they pack the same power as the big ones I don't really see a point of picking up these huge bricks ...


    Jammn' out to your new introduction music 😝😝😝

  • G C

    As long as it can maintain a high clock and not throttle back, i dont care what temp the card is. Zotac will have to honor its engineering.

  • Nathan Fitzer

    82C for a package that size and powerful is fine with me

  • Raghav Garg

    I hate zotac i don't know why but i like msi evga and asus more in matter of gaming

  • SpicyWaffles

    Maybe this card would be better with pure copper heatsink for the better thermal conductivity.

  • undying

    oh man donate that to me!

  • Johnny Cat

    can it run minecraft with shaders?

  • primcrew

    could you put a gpu aio on this card? i have a dans a4fx case without a blower style card and it can get pretty hot in the case but if go with the smaller card i could put the aio cooler fan pretty much right next to it?

  • Godspeed_me

    girl dont want that Ti

  • Patrick Clark

    I'd be okay with 75-85 °C as long as the fans stay at 60-70%.

  • Mr. X

    Will this fit in a s4 mini pc case?

  • Homo Ludens

    For a desktop PC 80 degrees is a lot but my gtx 1060 laptop runs at 80 degrees when I play. Is this too bad and will this damage the gpu in the long run?

  • Steve, TheDailyShaver

    Before you sell your soul, does the fan run at 50% from boot because of heat? Id want to see it running before i recommended it to anyone.

  • evofx

    What is a suitable case for the liquid cooled card? The fractal node 202?


    Cards this small, are generally used for SFF cases. But then with these cases I want a blower style cooler!

  • HockeyPlayoffRun

    It would never overheat for me I do not game or overclock


    Would you recommend this gtx 1080 ti mini for mining on nicehash?

  • Omega STING

    you sound so much like Jay from Jay'stwocents that I sometimes forget I am watching you when you're behind the camera

  • Mpetros

    I don't know if I'm missing something, but why do the consumers have to choose what is a comfortable temp for a gpu? Ofcourse it's gonna make some noise under load. The gpu producers ( modders in this case ) should know what temperature is desirable for the gpu and stand behind it with facts. If not then don't even try to come up with a hot and potentially quick-degradable gpu, just for the sake of it being small. It all looks good, it's just this that seemed a bit odd. Keep it up dude thanks for covering the show :)

  • Yushi

    Put the watercooled one in your node202 build. A full custom loop with that new phanteks reservoir too. Probably just have to mount the radiator on the outside. Would be an awesome mod build.

  • Inferno_Spud

    I start getting frame dips when cards hit the 80C area, I try to keep GPUs under 76C, Fan noise also doesn't bother me cause I wear headphones

  • eagle213

    world smallest grill computex 2017

  • Emmanuel Gallardo

    then the price id bitch

  • originalkhawk

    under full load on air cooler i would be okay with high 70's creeping in to the 80's from time to time

  • idkthetime

    is this the same heatsink as their other mini cards (like the 1070 and 1080)

  • TragestyX

    I need this in my life.

  • Eddie Chan

    does the caption on purpose? gpx 1080p high 😂😂

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