First 5 Things to Do with a New PC Build

First 5 Things to Do with a New PC Build
Intel Core i5-6500 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor -
ASRock B150M-Pro4V Micro ATX LGA1151 Motherboard -
Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 2666MHz -
PSU - EVGA 450W 80+ Bronze ATX Power Supply -
GPU - Gigabyte GTX 1060 G1 Gaming 6GB -
Fractal Design Core 1100 MicroATX Case -
A-Data Premier SP550 240GB 2.5" Solid State Drive -
Kingwin 120mm Case Fan -

Windows 10 Media Creation Tool Download:

Beginner's Guide to Building a Gaming PC Playlist

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    Which is the best motherboard asus prime z370 a or asus rog stix z370 e

  • Arthur 94

    I already installed Windows 10, how do I get to the bios . I was using it just fine before windows

  • DG

    Is windows 10 pretty much a req for a gaming pc? Seems like a drag just need an answer.

  • Tommy A. Wood

    Thanks for ALL your well made and informative Videos!

  • Anti Petrolhead

    Well I'm happy. I learned a lot. You are my new go-to guru.

  • Jon Snow


  • Fafa Franz

    how can i see how the memory max OC? with the support of the motherboard

  • Beanieman

    Thank you! Building my first pc in a week!!

  • LoopesSPT

    Step 4 Install LinuxStep 5 costumize your desktop environmentXD

  • WizardNumberNext

    28:04 SATA is HotSwap so it is not "what I should probably do, while system is off", but what you should be careful (to do correctly) while doingeven PATA/IDE is/was HotSwap, but most windows (yes it fault of windows) drivers never actually supported HotSwap of any kind of ATA before SATA, which called for mandatory HotSwap supportcheck how both data and power connector looks likedata connector have ground pins longer to engage before data pins willPower connector have some ground pins longer and at least one 3.3V pin and at least one 5v pin longer to alert drive that connection is in progresswhy?because SATA is HotSwap by design, therefore it was designed this way to make it as robust as possible

  • Johnathan Fisher

    Is that fan backwards lol

  • WolfZ - Minecraft and Fortnite

    My cpu temp is 5 C is that normal should I overclock my cpu its a i7 6700k i dont really use it

  • NateTheKid

    dude, "u need a computer to build this" should have been the first sentence in the first video.

  • Rampant Monkey

    After new build prepare to embark journey to mordor you vs 148 updates 10 different drivers when you finally updated all firmwares and drivers you finally can use pc

  • SoVersetile

    What is RAID and what does it do?

  • Straight White Male

    lord of the rings ale?

  • Frodo The Kebab

    Ya wanna flop my disk?

  • KennerTube

    Where did you get that shirt?

  • sanesociety

    How difficult is it to install new motherboard with windows already on SSD? Total noob here, I dont want to pay geek squad.

  • Matthew Wolfgram

    What's RAID mode? (im a noob i know)


    After installing win 10 from usb do we need to boot from usb everytime to go to windows 10?

  • howtobebasic1

    u see paul the issue i had was that on the newer processors and hardware such as amd's ryzen chips are dropping support for windows 7 and their not many drivers out their to make it run right so yeah use older hardware if you want to run windows 7

  • Shogun auto group

    we ride for minas tirith

  • Ehsan Shamsi

    You literary teach EVERYTHING!!! and I really have no idea what thoes1.2k people who disliked the video were thinking!!??!!

  • John Pinter

    Its not good to turn off windows features you're better off to do that option when you have everything set up but not when you are installing because you need certain features to install for programs to run properly like the location on and other stuff so please do not turn off them options it's better to use the express option

  • keegan myers

    It appears that you accidentally installed some spyware by mistake. Next time try this instead

  • Jeremy Waugh

    is it really necessary to add fans anywhere and everywhere

  • David Alvarez

    Thank you so much for making this video! It was super helpful!

  • Jaspe Ferrer

    It's a slightly modified list for me:3. Make an Ubuntu 18.04 USB installer4. Install Ubuntu

  • WizardNumberNext

    while microsoft may call it format, it is file system creation and NOT formatformat is hardware level creation of blocks on physical drive, not creation of file system on logical storage unit, which may be anything not excluding Hard Disk Drive (it may be RAM, it may be file, it may be virtual HDD, which is backed by file, basically anything)

  • WizardNumberNext

    you want to get faster PC cheaply?1. get a lot of RAM. NO, 16GB is not a lot, but 64GB is a lot, you may settle on 32GB2. get fast storage - SSD is actually quite slow for present day - get NVME3. get processor with a lot of cores to speed up your NVME, as NVME will run one thread on each coreI have seen what NVME can do if used rightbe aware NVME will not be fast sequentially, neither any form of SSDany form of SSD will start to shine at at least 4 threads of read/writedual core will limit usability of any SSDquad will be just fine, but not fasthex core or octa core would start to make justiceI have actually tested same NVME on same machine and got 250MB/s on single write/read and got whoopping 1600MB/s using all 6 cores and 6 read/write threadsmost people do not understand SSDsI was one till 2 days ago, before I received 800GB SAS2 SSD, which performed worse then 146GB 10K 2.5" SAS HDD, until I have punished it for bad performance using a lot of data streams

  • Dennis Markland

    Old video but you made starting my first build such a breeze on this video and your others....thank you

  • trolle02

    to me it seems weird to use a computer to build a computer.... cant you just use the computer you already have?

  • Gaston Arrieta

    Do you even need a key because your pc seems fine without one

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