INTEL i7 6700K GTX 980 Ti Gaming PC Build, benchmark, overclock, Game test

Intel i7 6700K GTX 980 Ti Gaming Pc Build, benchmark & GTA V, BF4 game play, overclock

PC Config:
- INTEL i7 6700K 4.0
- ASUS Z170 Maximus VIII Hero
- GSKILL RipjawsX 8GB (2X4GB) DDR4 2400 Mhz CL15
- MSI GTX 980 Ti Gaming 6G
- ASUS VG248QE 24'' LED 1MS, 144Hz

Price (fiyat): 2300 USD + Taxes ( For TURKEY - Price can be different by country)

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  • Red Eye Gamer!!!

    Didn't you paste the thermal gel before attaching the heat sinker with your CPU chip????

  • VinC MOB BoSS

    why gta v so low on fps ?

  • Jeff Kitchen

    Can afford this PC, cannot afford capture card

  • Iván Soriano González

    The temperatures in all the games you have are good?

  • Norman Gamer

    Beyler aralarda çalan şu müzik ne çok rahatlatıcı (02 03 mesela)

  • Sloppy

    Guys, what's your Vcore voltage by default? mine was 1.328V...which seems a bit high...went up to 1.360V under full load.

  • torrente392

    Ya le tienes de poner la gtx 1080.

  • Harry Osborn

    I have 1070 and Trident Z 16gb ram rm750x psu and h100i gtx cooler and i have the same monitor

  • Immortal Assassin

    Shall i buy this Graphics card or Asus Strix 980ti

  • Raghul James

    The spec im going for are:I7 6700kAsus z170Gtx 1070 8gb16gb Ram650w psuShould i go for H80igt or H100igtx liquid cooler?

  • Ahmet Parlak

    Hi people can anyone tell me i have a asus P9X79, would samsung 960 evo nvme m.2 500 gb work in my motherboard with this adapter (ASUS HYPER M.2 X4 MINI Card M.2) will it get the max write and read speed? can i put it in pcie 3.0 16x

  • Raghul James

    Should i go for H80igt or H100igtx liquid cooler?

  • Hamza Jehan

    how much it cost you

  • Kratos

    can I use ASUS MOTHERBOARD Z170 PRO GAMING for i7 6700k?

  • NexGeNima

    I have the exact same case and GPU. built my rig back in 2015 as well

  • Youtube Play Button Challenge No videos

    Hey People, I really do hope this new year brings you all your wishes :) !

  • pawcio niedywiecki

    itel core i7 8gen nvidia Geforce gtx 108032Gb ram

  • andi afandi

    Skylake first gen ,is a failed chip... waste your money

  • Vasco Pinho

    Incredible ! top! THANK ASUS FOR MI ROG20CB

  • Microsoft Edge

    abi aynı anakart, işlemci ama benim sıvı soğutmam h110i corsair ekran kartı asus strix gtx980ti

  • Ivan jovanovic

    -Enermax Liqmax II 240-Intel Core i5 6600K-16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX schwarz DDR4-3000-Asus Z170-A-Palit GeForce GTX 1060-650 Watt Corsair Vengeance 650M Modular 80+ Bronze-250GB Samsung 850 Evo-1000GB WD Blue WD10EZEX 64MB I want to buy this, is good?

  • G. Skouras


  • Anuj mali

    why intel website says i7 6700k supports memory type DDR4-1866/2133, DDR3L-1333/1600 @ 1.35Von its website >

  • ismet aydemir

    i7 6700K i7 4790K <3

  • Gaming Dunia

    Nice video Nova Bilgisayar

  • Je Moeder

    lol dont spend that much money on that mobo. you should have gotten 16 gb and a cheaper mobo or a 2 fanned cooler.

  • YuviGamer

    Is i7 6th generation a good CPU for a pc with 980 to cuz I am also building a pc with 980 ti but I don't know which CPU to pick (except AMD)

  • Cactus Everdeen

    This is really Close to My current pc, except i use 32gb ram and a H110i gtx cooler.Solid build and Great video!

  • Good Hunter

    hi there plssss help me im so mixed up of this pls plswhat mother board can i choose between the below list while i need wifi and bluetooth asus z170i pro gamingasus z170 pro gamingasus z170 pro gaming aura:( this is my sytem :case green z7 gladiatorcpu core i7 6700k gpu asus rog strix oc rx470ram 16 2x8 g.skill tridentz 3200hdd&ssd 2tra seagate barracuda & 256 plextor m7vbluray pioneer evga 700b or green gp 650a-uk ?i need bluetooth and wife but i need at first a prefect m.board for that build<3thx alot alot love u all<3Show less

  • Dark knight

    intelligens core i7 7700 +kolin kőre 700 w

  • Y E E T

    Yay got all the parts and built it. ITS EXTREMELY GOOD

  • Shangy Puerj

    Tengo una PC Con una Asus Maximus hero alpha y core i7 6700k, 16gb de ram, enfriamiento liquido, h60 corsair, fuente de poder corsair 80 plus gold 1000wats, tarjeta de video R9 380x, disco de estado solido Kigngston hyper savage 480gb, lector de bluray HP, windows 7 pro original, la vendo, algún interesado?

  • Emircan E.

    nova bilgisiyar ingilizmi turk deilmi ?

  • wobblechopps

    did you not need thermal paste on the i7 before placing heatsinks on ?

  • HorizoFX

    So this is my future build (im still choosing motherboard and cooler)i7 4790k16 gb of RAMGeforce GTX 980 ti2 TB HDD128 GB SDD1000w psuTell me is this is good.

  • SHUVO Islam

    How to price in Bangladesh

  • Ahmed Sawafta

    Thank you for your great videos , Can you recommend a laptop with the same ability of this pc build ?

  • Seitex l 1HP

    What's is the Price

  • Semih Atılgan

    500 wattlık kasa yeter mi bu sisteme

  • SpeedygunOne

    Does the ASUS Z170 Maximus VIII Hero work with an i7 7700k kabylake cpu processor without having to update the bios?

  • FS7Snyper

    Do you need to use thermal paste on the Intel Core i7 6700K?

  • Jeff Fitzsimmons

    how much did this build cost?

  • Ben The Window Cleaner

    does that i7 6700k have to be water cooled

  • random stuff

    will ut support i7 7700k

  • Radu Raducu

    you should realy get that lid of the procesor and put metal liquid paste,it will lower the temps by 25 celsius in full load,higly recomend

  • Gaming Dunia

    Which is the moniter you have

  • Vividly

    Now you can build the exact same PC with amazing cooling for only 1.6k (with some price matching). I have:i7 4790k (no ac, gets ~55 celsius if its not hot outside... then maxes at 65 celsius when my room temp is around 70+ degrees farenheit)16 GB RAM (crucial)Samsung 850 EVO ASUS z97 Motherboard980ti hybrid (this baby literally goes down to 21 celsius when not turned on idols ~26-38 [again, no AC so it differenciates. However, if you did have AC... you're staying no more than 48]), maxes out at 53 celcius at 99-100% GPU level for hours)Antec P100 (last minute buy at store when i realized they didn't have my casing) [its quiet, but not the best fit.. you can probably get something cheaper and better, but not as quiet and awkward]1 Noctua CPU cooler650i PSU add ~$200 and you're upgrading to a GTX 1080, so you're legit getting this PC for around $1.8k thats not only 20%+ better GPU wise, but its better than this candy pleasing build and $500 cheaper.

  • Abe Nelly

    whats a good moniter for this?

  • Harikrishnan

    Budget PcGigabyte H61M WWIntel Pentium G2020 @2.90GHz8 GB Ram 1300 MhzGPU : GTX 750 TI/ GT 730450 Watts Power Supply

  • fatih yildirim

    Thermaltake v51 or Cooler master mastercase pro 5

  • Mexican Chicken

    can i use a gtx 1050ti instead of the 980ti?

  • Burak Yıldız

    ekran kartsız sistem ne kadar ? ekran kartı olmadan ?

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