Solo Mining Dogecoin - Step by Step Guide for Beginners

This video will help people get started with solo mining Dogecoin in a couple of minutes. Some of the links and configs I use int he video can be found below so you can just copy/paste them and they will work. If they don't work then ensure your drivers are up to date and no firewalls are blocking the program.

Bitcoin exchange:

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Dogecoin Wallet:

Dogecoin.conf (roaming folder):


Cgminer batch file:

cgminer --scrypt -o localhost:22555 -u test -p 123

  • Nicolas Demers-Telmosse

    how do I pool all my rigs together? do I need multiple user in the doge.conf?

  • Electrifying Electron

    Please also provide your Dogecoin address. Thanks

  • Alexandre De Sena Viegas

    Perhaps you could do this at the year of 2014, but today this would be impossible using wallet 1.10, once they have a different blockchain... ;)

  • atomic 69996

    doesnt work for me :(

  • Wiliamhouse Williamhouse

    Hello. This is a comment from the future (the year 2018).Does this still work?I've followed all the steps to the T, tried turning off my firewall completely. But I keep getting the "pool 0 slow/down or URL or credentials invalid".Do I need to open the wallet (v1.10) as a server each time I change the config and batch files?I went on to try putting in my own local IP address (instead of just directly pasting from the comment below). Still doesn't work. Do I need to worry about what port I'm using, or does solo mining just not work anymore?

  • Andy Huber

    Thank you very much for you vid. With your help I am mining dogecoins :)Maby passwordlengh > 24 or gen = 0 was the clue???But anyway, I am earning money.

  • Infinetsoft solutions

    I think now period over for cloud mining:)

  • Tj Evanko

    Thank you!! Great video! Everyone make sure your password isn't too short. I made that mistake. Make it at least 24 random characters.

  • Aaron Dorman

    What are the user name and password from? Are they from my wallet?

  • Cramsteems

    Should the local ip be your own ip?

  • Navjot Singh

    Great video, I wanted to know after all this is setup. How will i know that my solo mining has found a block. Will it automatically show up in my wallet?

  • Avik Bara

    Hey m8! here is a channel that has copied your entire video and re upped it as his own. watch?v=wuALhqh9kyQ

  • MazeOfEncryption

    I enjoyed all 5 bytes of audio, and all 3 bytes of video in this tutorial.

  • Satchelboi

    After following these, I get to that message "No credentials found" But rather than defaulting to solo mining, the application simply times out and shuts down.

  • Big Boy 2018

    Earning a dog by investing at least 300 dogs, equivalent to $ 2. With excellent conditions and different designs and a safe and affordable payment. Through this site, a great way to earn money has been opened up to you, and you just look to earn money. So take action as soon as possible

  • Darragh D

    It says pool 0 slow/down or URL or credentials invalid?? then just crashes

  • Electrifying Electron

    Hi, can you help me setup bitcoin full node? I can pay for your time.Thanks

  • Andrii P

    Doge coin mining pool that pays in Euro

  • AtlokBlog

    I hope you will help me. I am new about mining, started to learn today.I have mined some Maxcoins after it launched but I do not know whether I do it correctly or not. First of all, while mining, I did not use any programs like cpuminer etc or any pool service, just used cmd.exe.I have downloaded it here: and change the file of maxcoin.conf as you mentioned. Then, I run maxcoind.exe. However, a new windows does not open like in your video. ( - not open )When I control the debug.log, I can see some mined coins but I do not know how to get them and send them to Coins-e for selling, I do not know where they are located... Also, while mining it, I have changed rpcuser and rpcpassword both several times and deleted debug.log. Does something happens to my coins?Briefly,1-) Why is a new window not opened after I run maxcoind.exe?2-) How can I see my wallet?3-) Is changing my rpcuser and password while mining problem for me? Does something happens to my coins?Thanks in advance.

  • Darragh D

    Hi I Find your vids great but having a prob with cgminer. after doing the bat file and i try to start it the cgminer screen comes up but doesnt get passed the first line and the cursor just blinks. i have tried it with other settings like pool mining and it works. i have disabled my firewall to check if that was the issue but no. please help

  • Darragh D

    heya zocuten, again i must thank you for the great vids. i'm finally solo mining dogecoin. ;). but can i ask one final Q'?. what would you recommend to be a good solo mining hashrate. I'm currently at 1300-1450 kh/s gettng another card soon to bring me up to 2300kh/s is this respectful enough or would you recommend pool mining at this rate??

  • The Alty

    I need some help with cgminer solo mining, can you help? Will pay you much Doges! Please contact me 

  • Scratchy Cards

    Some bitcoin/licecoin donation would be appreciated, no matter how small, it all helps. So far had over 100k views and no donations :(

  • Cramsteems

    Where do you get the username and password?Which pool do you use?

  • thededuy

    so where does the coins go when its mining?

  • DJ Mix USA

    Good video but WTF, its DOGECOIN not Dog-e-coin

  • LemonLarryLP

    Is this fast or not? a GTX 660 Ti

  • mugwarh

    good job mate i got it working. how do i know if im making dogecoins do i just have to wait and see if i get a block

  • Brandon Curtiss

    doge coin is a joke bitcoin is the real thing


    Hey is problem to conected {"result":null,"error":{"code":-32700,"message":"Parse error"},"id":null}

  • JoobZ ify

    Please get a better mic. that raspy/low voice is more annoying than helpful


    i got an alert that i need to set up a conf file which i did already

  • Azhure Pirateshare

    you go to downloads page of chrome and there is an option to retrieve the suspected malicious file, too bad you didnt figure it out :)

  • Lloyd

    Thank you for posting this. 

  • sud cyborg

    hy, the file.bat it's good for every pc or should I enter other parameters  ??I wont miner litecoin in solo , with cgminer 4.8.0 and bitmain antminer u3 (worker)Can you help me please ??

  • Electrifying Electron

    Hi, I get an error for missing OpenCL.dll missing. Please help. Thanks

  • Georgy Samailovich

    New clound mining HOT-COIN.com

  • Giannis Mariettos

    can this also work for the light version of the wallet (MultiDoge)?

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