The ETHlargementPill, 50Mhs+ GTX 1080Ti's?! ᴛᴇsᴛᴇᴅ.

Today i show my results and opinion about the OhGodAnETHlargementPill mod you can use to increase your GTX 1080, GTX 1080Ti and Titan Xp's Ethereum Algorithm Hashrates.

The mod seems to be working at the short term test.
Long term test is running currently.
The GPU's run at a more high temperature (+7°C average on each GPU) and consume more power.

As i calculated before with troy we expected these GPU's to have a much higher potential hashrate than they were performing.
More of that in the next video on the expected GDDR6 Mining Hashrates or also known as the GTX11 Series video.

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  • Bitcoin Lucky

    I think if this programme really did work as they claimed, the creators would be selling it with a registration key to unlock it like WinXDVD ripper for example.Or it does work for free as they say but whats the catch.. Whats really going on with this 'closed source' software.. Nothing is free in this life online, If anything facebook proves this. "Facebook users trust me, dumb fucks" (quote: mark zuckerberg)

  • Luthfi Zain

    I kinda late finding this pill. I just tried it on my 1080 Ti for a couple of hours but I don't get any temp jump like you did. Normally my card hashes at 35.5 MH with peak temp around 72-73 C. With this pill I got 50 MH with temp only go as high as 70-71, which I assume it consume less power. And the hashrate were reported correctly in the pool. My AV didn't alarm me about any virus or suspicious network access, but I can't tell what really happen actually. Just sharing my new experience using this pill.

  • Flight Deck HD

    My 1080ti does 44 to 49 Mh/s on the pill. JMS vlogs has an interview with one of the devs. You will not be able to use your max overclocks. For example, if you are running +200/+700 core/mem, you will get a lot of rejected shares. Back it down to +100/+350 core/mem and the pill does what it says. When I scrolled through the afterburner you can see that all 1092mb of video memory is being utilized, whereas with the pill turned off, for whatever reason, not all 1092mb is being used the whole time. Also, on XMR, my 1080ti hashrate goes from 850h/s to 950h/s but did not after 6 hours find more shares than without the pill. Where this pill seems to work best is with nicehash. After benching with all 14 algos with the pill engaged, and running for 24 hours, profit per day on my 8 card rig (only one 1080ti) is about 7% higher with the pill. There is nothing adverse I can see in the afterburner while running on nicehash. The whole rig burns 950w before and after the pill, and runs in the middle 60's C during the day, and in the middle 50's C at night.

  • Xtra Miles

    Hello there, I've AMD RX 580's and GTX 1050 TI's for sale. If interested please email me on

  • Sniper Pro nerf mods

    For a sec I was confused when I saw the title, and then I realized the joke and I was like butried better have not title the video like that for joke then I learned from your video of course that is the actual name, I am out of the mining scene atm, looking go get back in when all the new hardware come out or even burstcoin of golem

  • Aj Blazed

    so buried now that its a month later whats the news on if this is what it seamed to be or not

  • ladislav leutter

    What about 1070 and 1060s

  • George Georgiou

    my temps arent more than 1-2 degree higher than before, you just dont know how to clock your cards. 1080ti doesnt need 100% PL to run etherium.

  • Electricos Cosmos

    RX580 is $300 and does 31Mh/s... still one of the best bang for the buck mining cards. ⛏

  • Said Muhamad Husni

    better 2x rx580 instead of 50mhs+ gtx1080ti

  • FX-797 Z17

    for all commenters here :the OhGod company is is 100% trustable , they released a lot of similar bios editors and memory timing editors for Rx cards and they are in this business for if one thing is that it's surely not a scam / virus

  • JazekFTW

    Those 80Ti are not going to last... 85 degrees?

  • Eibegruss19057

    How to streatch a video

  • Dávid Lipcsey

    vegas[64] doing 46mhs, did you not mean 42-43 tops?

  • Hemanteesh Hemant

    Are you seriously running at 80+ degree. That itself will shorten your GPU life.

  • Quan Trinh

    Same as my Bday. Happy birthday bro!

  • DeadShot

    how do you get that wallpaper

  • Jason Laidlaw

    Are U out of your mind ... 81c

  • Harsh Anand

    can i use this program for gtx 1050 ti

  • P.J

    80C on your cards? Are the fans even spinning? My 1080Ti with the Pill runs at a stable 55C and are doing 53 MH/s.

  • Cannibalistic Toast

    I just tried it. Works like a charm. It’s just an ex’s you have to run along with your miner software. I got 54MH/s with my Gtx 1080 ti with NO MODDED BIOS. This has allot more potential than we think for Nvidia cards.

  • Aditya Prakarsa

    happy birthday dude..


    This program is scam.


    The cards was crying 😂😂 83c

  • kaosapprentice

    i've set my 1080ti to 70 power -120 core 550 on the memory with this pill and i'm getting 52mh temp is 44c... could probably get the 55 as they said you could but 52 is plenty higher than stock 36 :D

  • Joseph Lau

    I'd suggest running Wireshark in the background and log all the network activities and see if the exe is sending/receiving anything from foreign places on the net.

  • TiagoDS

    Today B1RD0N3 uses his balls of steel to test malicious ninja software.

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