RX 550 4gb Mining review Nice Hash bitcoin

RX 550 4gb gets reviewed mining on nicehash
  • 21kpatriot

    The STUPID "mining" is what drove ALL PC prices through the roof anyway! That SAME card WAS $89.00 before.

  • Rindi Budiaramdhan

    so, result is:RX 550 4GB = 7MH/s >> 0.29 USD/day, Price about 110 USD (13 Nov '17)RX 560 4GB = 28MH/s >> 0.66 USD/day, Price about 132 USD (13 Nov '17)so, prefer 560 huh?but, how about the Electric cost?

  • angelo lopez

    hi there , do you know if you can mix gpus for mining , for example a rx580 + rx550

  • Fristail


  • Jeffrey Bozko

    they are nice, if you can buy for below 80 usd maybe

  • Frank González

    Hello, when you mine with the RX550, does not the miner have problems?I freeze the pc and I have to restart it

  • Rey Reyna

    Just connected my rx550 wif nicehash running 10mh/s or 37cents per day. No overclocking . I did see it get as high as 72cents when i first connected it. I may just go try the 560 local frys sells them $115 550 and $130 560

  • Mario Berger

    Hey Brandon, how did the 750 do?

  • SThielGamin

    I get 9.5 -10.5 on my RX 550.. With bios mod i got it up to 12-12.5 .. I think ur card is having issue's..

  • Charlie Harper

    you need bios and ATI mining blockchain driver

  • Syzygy FPV

    I get 10 MH/s with RX 550. It gives me around 0.80 cents per day. Your GPU mines slower than my laptop CPU, something is wrong

  • TimoN

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/18K7c-jAz_cWAh9BRYtG34wMPZ0QIh61xEA/view?usp=drivesdk :)

  • Frank González

    Hello, when you mine with the RX550, does not the miner have problems?It freezes my PC and I have to restart it when I do it with ETC

  • Nismo King

    Yup it’s ur rig bought 2 of these amd gpu and it’s making $3 a day and not including the gtx 1050ti and gtx 1060 all together $6 a day not overclocked

  • Pavel Jelínek

    Did you benchmark that RX550??? Because it looks like not! (precise bench and all algos is a must-be!!!) Oh btw im earning 1dollar per day with R7 250 2GB GDDR5 512SP edition from Sapphire

  • MadavTV

    I have a single gtx 1050 ti making $1.75 and the RX 500 is making $1.38. There is something wrong with your rig.

  • ngk330

    You need to do the bios mod!

  • Juvis Wilshon

    hey B, these cards are Cryptonight beasts for Monero. Bios mod them and they are killer. Best of luck bro i know march 2018 you're alot better now. 1080tis rocking it

  • snicks50

    bios mode and youre mining the wrong thing

  • Sebastian Hakansson

    You should not use nicehash for testing, it does not show the right results with amd cards often. My rx560 gets much lover results in some tests then i I test it with the miners separate on good pools. The xmr (monero) cryptonight-algorithms are best for most amd cards today, I earn about $5-6/day with my rx 480@850h/s electroneum. A rx 560 can get about 400h/s and I have seen rx550 get about 300-350h/s.And with a bios-strap mod you can get better memory speed..Etherium (daggerhasimoto) is not much profit today and dual mining use to much power.

  • Hugo Viegas

    i have one of this but are the 560, for more 30 bucks you have the Rx 560 it's better performance

  • Matheus Bernardes

    Essa placa é compatível com ASrock G41M-VS3?

  • Mistow Pwesident

    ichwircis risicchsvfjasv Every card is overpriced because of you filthy miners

  • Kingy B

    My cheapo $109.00 (newegg) evga gtx 1050 sc easily pulls in $1.30 per day.. it might be that relic of a rig ur running too.

  • John Braman

    not a bad card, the difference also is electric cost is more with the 560.

  • jackson clark

    Broski I get about 2.2$ a day with 2 550 4gb and a gtx1050 both 550 get like 70 cents each. It's definitely your rig

  • Bicc OG

    My 560 4gb i got for 95$ is getting 2$ rn on nice hash with only -15 power.

  • Renegade_Trade

    Why even make videos like this without doing the proper bios mods? Are you even using the blockchain drivers. These cards will do 450 h/s + for less than 50w on any Crytonight algo.

  • Pohodacik 007

    pls show all benchmarks result for this card.. see my videos

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