Mining Digibyte to Generate Passive Income

The CryptoDad shows you how to generate passive income by mining Digibyte with your computer graphics card. You don’t need top run out and buy any expensive equipment. If you have a halfway decent Nvidia graphics card you can set this up in a few minutes.

You will need:
A Digibyte wallet:
CCminer (mining software) :
A Mining pool (

Here is the configuration I used:
ccminer-x64 -a skein -o stratum+tcp:// -u DBBiEWcNXE5qWG2aDesC4pUpaYg8HrNiZx -p x --cpu-priority 3

Make sure you use your own wallet address and not mine!!!

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  • Craig Candor

    Bout time you posted a DigiByte video! Most underrated blockchain of all time. 80-90% of crytpos don't even have their own blockchains. They'll dwindle away with time, and only the legit UTXO blockchains (Bitcoin, Litecoin, DigiByte) will remain. DigiByte has the longest UTXO blockchain in existence, and the DGB core wallet has been downloaded more than 200,000 times, so DGB is highly distributed across the globe. DigiByte developers have often been ahead of the pack, for example DigiByte implemented segwit before Bitcoin and Litecoin. DigiByte is not a company and never had a ICO, so it's never at risk of being labeled a security by the SEC. It's soooo ridiculously undervalued right now.

  • DigiByte Helper

    Glad to see you’re looking into DGB man. Subscribed. Liked. DigiByte Developed DigiShield, which Bitcoin Cash, Z Cash, Dogecoin among about 30 others use. DigiByte is a UTXO, like Bitcoin and Litecoin I wouldn’t be buying tokens right now. Unless it’s pure utility (AGI Token). Wouldn’t want to be holding a bag of securities in the U.S.DigiByte is so undervalued it’s could add Lightning Network if it wanted but there’s no need for an off-chain scaling solution to something that has been probably scalable on-chain. DigiByte could just about handle all the transactions of the top 50 combined, 10 times over. It is mineable, decentralized, and launched without an ICO in 2014. It can run DApps also on its Blockchain. Transaction speeds will reach 280,000 transactions per second. Mining algorithms (5) adjust mining difficulty in real time to prevent attacks, vs bitcoin which takes weeks.It is aimed at cyber security, IOT, and digital currency. All of those markets will be huge.I talk to the Core team all the time personally, and they know what they’re doing. Our roadmap can be found at is also being invited to some very large schools, most of which I’ll keep private until it’s officially announced. The founder, Jared Tate, has spoken and Harvard and MIT, and is going to NYU in the fall.

  • Robert Patrick

    I am getting my ass kicked by both windows defender and Maleware bites - thought I had the MB exclusions figured out, but they keep stripping the .64 file. Any suggestion. I have yet to figure out how to exclude folders before they are opened.

  • D avid

    Thabks for the video👍 do u have to leave your computer running all the time, or do you suggest a vpn (i think its a vpn or vps? )..still learning.. Thanks in advance

  • Craig Candor

    For the record, DigiByte has never been advertised as a "token" or "ICO." DGB is a 4.5 year old completely decentralized, opensource, and entirely spearheaded by volunteers. It's a truly independent blockchain with cryptogrpahic digital assets known as "DigiBytes”

  • JH 2450

    Hi Mr Rex Kneisley - great video ,an easy setup of dgb mining, very well explained!! but i do have a question, i have been mining for approx 4 days now on my 1050ti and did receive aprrox 7 coins over the first 24 hours but ever since i havent recieved any coins from the miner, am i to un pation or is there a problem here i have to attend to?

  • Sob Crypto

    Hi, great video. Can i mine with a lenovo lap top built with a Dell intel core i5 1.80GHz? Thanks

  • nikolay feofanov

    I want to say some words about ZILLIQA) this is a really long-term coin! For a few years it can give 50, and even 100 X-es! Just buy some of these coins and you can cut loose for 2 years! In case you are running low on funds, it is possible to get some coins free of cost on

  • Alan Taylor

    UPDATE my credits in DGB came through finally. All is well. No sure what the long delay was about.

  • My Journey to Passive Income

    Keep the good value coming. Thank you again for all you do!

  • Dimas Andreyan Pradana Putra

    Thanks you for your good tutorial... That's very clear for me .

  • Grand Illusion

    Approximately how many DGB are mined per day with your 1080 set-up?

  • Thomas S.

    Hi Rex. Obviously this isn't for everyone. There's no question that it is too complicated for an average user just getting started in mining. You would almost need a Napoleon's Idiot checklist to convey the steps. What is a Napoleon's Idiot checklist? Napoleon was known as an innovative field general who figured out how to convey his orders to his troops-- written orders, because he knew verbal orders always got misconstrued by the time it reached the lower echelons. To make sure the written orders were clear he had, by his side, an idiot who would read his orders. If the idiot didn't understand them he would rewrite and edit until the idiot did understand. And that's how he made sure his orders were clear, concise, and understandable-- to everyone. He won a lot of battles that way.What I'm getting at is it would be nice if you listed the major steps under your comments section then, using the YouTube video show in detail how to accomplish each step, before going on to the next logical step. To you it makes perfect sense as someone familiar with all the processes, but to me it's too intertwined, too casually linked together, and too easy to get tripped up.And I really want to mine DGB! But I think I'm going to hold back for right now.

  • ThanksMia

    my system dosen't support cuda 9.7 what can i do? win7

  • DragonBallForever

    this is not pasive income as You need pay electricity

  • Don Rasmusson

    are 1080s the best cards to mine with or is there something better

  • Sonia Kircher

    hi do I have to have a hard wallet to mine digi ? great video thank you

  • Harry Kavalary

    Does anyone know why DGB Skein is dead on TheBlocksFactory Pool?

  • K

    Thanks!! great walkthrough

  • sarmagal

    Hi Rex, i am loving your videos. I am from Argentina, learning and loving the crypto world! I ve been watching your videos since last night, so thanks for your work!!! I have one question please: Why Digibyte? As you said on the Ethereum mining video, i am one of those just trying to learn and have fun, and i really want to experience the mining process. But did you choose Digibyte for any particular reason? Or just because it is easy? Is it more profitable than others in terms of energy consumption or that is not it?

  • k chiranjeevi

    i don't have ledger wallet how to do ?

  • Wounded Warr1or

    Great vid, you can save yourself a few steps by turning off your virus software before you download the miner; then exclude the folder you install it into before starting your virus software back up. The Ledger Live has a balance display bug for DigiByte and Ethereum Classic. You should show everyone the Digibyte one Click Miner, pretty straight forward. Just say'in .. Peace


    Make a review :

  • Garry Robinson

    So how many DGB per day/week/month can you mine like this?

  • Craig Candor

    Love using my Nano Ledger S to store DigiByte. Jaxx will start supporting DGB after July 1st. DGB Foundation is working with Trezor to gain support too.

  • Alan Taylor

    Thanks for video, I followed instructions and miner seems to work but after 50 hours I have nothing in my wallet so I have an error somehow. BAT file looks like this, any ideas? ccminer-x64 -a skein -o stratum+tcp:// -u DAjCje2WDGufy3HRi7W3QfeHV1BM5KJDZm -p x --cpu-priority 3pause

  • Mentos Mentos

    amazing video. hi at the black screen its shows me , your system does not support cuda 9.0 api. am using my laptop is that the problem ??? any help pls

  • Fun-Daily khmer

    HELLO BROTHER i have a problem with CoinEx authenticBecause i loss my Phone so now i cannot log in to my account Brother.Can you help me !!!! please .Thank

  • Don Rasmusson

    hey guys has any body been mining with there computor and if so how many dgb s

  • Bill Macy

    Can you mine DigiByte on a Mac?

  • WOLF 226

    Good video, I know it's obvious to some people but you should have also specified that the digibyte core wallet should be encrypted.

  • Yenireth Coronado

    wonderful this video.

  • zSEVENz WolfPack

    Awsm video 😎 New sub. Im bullish on Digibyte. I have a Mac, the in-depth computer stuff was over my head. But hope to be mining DGB with some help.

  • robbycast

    thanks for the vid. although it would have been nice if you addressed it didn't work for the Radeon Graphics cards in the beginning of the video. total waste of time watching it.

  • media 360

    why my address changes every time ?

  • Hans Müeller

    I downloaded the 7z ccminer, It says 15.2 mb but when I tried to extract it says empty

  • Gabriel D

    Great video. Live long and prosper with Digibyte !

  • nathan wallace

    Nice tutorial. I set mine up with a wallet named coinomi. I saw a comment about using the correct encrypted wallet. I believe I'm ok but just thought I'd see if anyone has an idea. It seems to be working fine although It's only been running 15 min. Thanks again !

  • NPC #6822125

    Can you use a mobile wallet address like coinomi?

  • Ravi Bahal

    How does one switch off and switch on the miner at-will?

  • S.HERVEY617

    Great video thank you so much for doing this for the community👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😁😁

  • Sergey Shilo

    ODYSSEY grows in popularity. By the end of current year arapid growth is going to start. Succeed to pick up few coins or take part in free distribution using

  • metal garurumon

    can it mining with with ati radeon?

  • Gaetano Carmelo La Delfa

    My Avira antivirus says that there are viruses, When I unzip files

  • D H

    I got 780gtx and say RECONNECT AFTER 30SECONDS....... never connects.

  • Jana Miko

    I am getting a msg saying “your system does not support CUDA 9.0 API!” Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • Xemex

    Dont mine to Nano s!!!! Will frees!

  • john holmes

    Can you mine with CCMiner on a mac? Only see downloads for Windows?

  • Nik K

    Dangerous Web Page BlockedYou attempted to access: is a known dangerous web page. It is highly recommended that you do NOT visit this page. How you went spontaneously to Ledger? and suddenly ......aaaaaand lets say we want to try the ledger nano .... your thinking must have logical series

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