EVGA 1050 ti GTX 4GB hashrate mining 169 SOL/S

this is the superclocked EVGA GTX 1050 TI mining zclassic. Like if u overclock it it doesn't really seems to go any faster even though hashrate can like go as high as like 178. I was reading the 1070 gtx like can go as high as 400! so two 1050 price = one 1070 gtx but then I was like reading that 480 rx is better for mining so i dunno you tell me what u think? donate so i can go try a gtx


  • VanceAnce

    plaing to get also one gtx 1050, do you know if you can upgrad two two of them or as the support no sli as i heard - is it not possible ?

  • Chot Chotie

    1050TI EVGA 1050TI SSC Gaming 4G DDR5 ACX 3.0 = Gpu Clock -200, Memory Clock +1000 = ETH 15.691mh/s, ClaymoreDualMiner, Nanopool = Power Target 75%, Temp Target 65%. Running smooth at 54c, Fan 37%

  • Subscriber4u Sub

    Bro I got my 1050ti now I need to know which coin is profitable for this GPU

  • ThePeaceMaker

    nvidia is way better at mining zec than amd. My rig has 4x gtx970 4gb (up to 274 sols each) 1x gtx 1070 (up to 422 sols) and separately I have a XFX R480 8gb only pushing 284 for zcash.

  • sakiusad

    I want to buy one to mine Monero. How much H/s do you think I can get with one of these?

  • Mason Smith

    I can't seem to start mining smh every program looks like mal or adware.... Or it is outdated and doesn't work anymore Wtf I want to get the hang of it with my budget gaming/basic work pc before i invest 2000+ dollar on a mining rig Ps: Electricity is not realy an isue if you know what i mean 😏 👌

  • Robert Nastase

    guys, take it easy. I have a hd7970 at almost half a price wich gets 270 sol/s without oc in zec

  • Subscriber4u Sub

    Bhai mane gtx 1050ti oc edition buy krna ha. Can you tell me how it's performance in mining.? How much single GPU can mine in single day.?And if I buy this GPU then I need to buy extra power supply or I can use my existing power supply

  • Adam's Rants

    change the priority to the temp instead of the % and i think that u will get more hash

  • Smuud

    how often should I get an accepted share? It goes several minutes between each one to me.. I have 169 h/s

  • mem emmo

    Hi guys what is MH/s on MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GAMING X 4G

  • Massive Wealth

    So what is the actual hash rate of the card, sorry I'm a newbie

  • Raoul

    most of mining is based om memory clockspeed not baseclock speed.. if you down clock you get lower power consumption at the same hash rate. 1050 ti has poor memory clock. to get goos you need atleast 6000Mhz

  • Subdude

    Man I thought 1050 was weak this smoke the lame rx 560 card I brought

  • weissekt

    1050Ti Inno 3D, Core +200, memory +1000 = ETH 14.8, ZEC 185-190

  • voltrox

    can you show us the hashcat wpa2 keys per second

  • RadiantTesla

    What temp should it be? This is my first mining session while I’m away, and I’m afraid my gpu will be fried.

  • Sulfen

    158 h/s is about $15 a month today on ZClassic. Was it better back then?

  • Cesar Poveda

    hi! what drivers are you using? My old gtx 660 ti is giving me only 50 sol/s, that's little.

  • Scivis GaZT

    hi can u mine it for 24hour non stop? pls answer my question pls

  • Ruslan Swatik

    my old r9 270 makes 188h\s :)

  • Anewbies

    hi, I wan't to mine using multiple 1050 ti, what good motherboard can I use? maybe 5 or 6 1050 tis if possible. thanks!!

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