Vertcoin got split inhalf a week or so after this video. Just a quick vid on how i am mining for Vertcoin with ccminer (cryptocurrency) at the moment. mining algorithm Lyra2v2! currently making around 20-23 dollars (AUD) a day and abit. I'm really into mining and investing in bitcoin and other coins, i'm learning a lot along the way too! If you want more let me know in the comments bellow. Ask anything you want to know about it and ill try and reply asap! thanks for watching :)
  • Dylan Hyson

    I really enjoy watching these videos. I wanna start but don't have nearly enough money. Can someone explain more in depth how this works. Thanks guys xP

  • A.S.M.Mehedi Hasan Prodhan

    Which software and pool you are using?

  • Zelio P

    can you give us the break down list of hardware you have used?

  • mohit jena

    I wanted know our model number of our 1070 graphic card

  • SBR Syncro

    You picked a great coin to mine and perfect choice in cards. Well done sir. I also mine BTC Gold and Zcash. Always good to mix it up a bit after you get a healthy supply of Vert.

  • Gamer 49

    Try awsome miner profit switching pools... its paying more than nicehash, pre and post hack...

  • BooostedGTI

    What program are you using? And also is 3 gtx 1060 good?

  • we agree to

    Bitcoin tranaction is bann in india

  • UnserRommel

    why don't you mine vivocoin? I bet it's the most profitable for a 1050!

  • Kiesha Jones

    My parents want me to be a full-time university student but I know they need some help financially. I’m going to ask a friend to help me invest in gig9 because I think this will give me a way to help my parents… even just a teeny tiny bit.

  • Erick Mullen

    Thanks for the information! I have a problem I don't know if you could help me out, I have a rig with 2 GTX 1070 installed and connected directly to my PCI slots cause I use to play too (SLI enabled) currently I'm using Claymore 10.x everything is working like a charm! (60 MHz/s) the problem is when I added a third GTX 1070 using a riser, claymore detects 3 GTX 1070 and start working fine, after a while it crashes and displays this error: "gpuminer cu_k1 failed 1, unspecified launch failure"My PSU is a corsair 850w bronce certification, do you thing that possibly the PSU has something to do with this problem?or maybe a malfunction in the riser?any suggestion is appreciated, thanks!

  • Tiberiu D

    nice build. You should list all the parts that you used.

  • Female Species Never Cares Honest Love

    Hey buddy u r using v1200 from cooler master ?? If so how many pcie cables u have got with that .Will u plz reply!!

  • han jayu

    Guys I just got $4513on my paypal from this tool without paying anything:(just go to) ~>

  • Moin

    Buy 500 VTC or use it to invest in a mining rig? Mining rig seems risky, but assuming you recoup your initial investment, then it wasn't a bad idea at all. It's only regrettable if you don't get your investment back or it takes a while(years) to break even. Just buying the coin in general can arguably be a better choice, but really I think it's the safer choice while taking the mining route is riskier.

  • ShillBullshit007

    Nice rig...looks well cool! ;o)

  • M Olah

    Legitimate Bitcoin Cloud Mining 2018you don’t need a lot of money in order to make a lot of money. In fact, if you do the right things and utilize the right investment strategy, you can take a small investment of only $400 and turn it into over $200,000.

  • Adrian Lau

    can you post a video on how you build the wooden case?

  • Jaco Bronkhorst

    Nice rig, but didn't they cut the profit margin in half for Vertcoin on 12 December?I was mining Vertcoin as well and noticed a received about half of what I normally made after that date.

  • supergabee

    Hey, which msi motherboard are you using?? Great job, btw! Thanks for sharing :)

  • #harizyoBatista

    what pool are you mining on?

  • SVG VG

    Nice video.Just one question, how are you cooling them? AC? Isnt it hot where you are?

  • RandomStuff

    Great video! Keep the updates coming! I also just started mining Vertcoin a couple days ago with a 970 and 1060 (about 49 Mh/s combined), already have 1.4 vtc in the wallet... also, subbed!

  • Explosivefibers

    Just passed a 100 VTC today with mining. Used my 3x 1070 rig, but my gaming rig with watercooled 1080ti helped to get there faster. But kinda lost now because Vert seems to be stuck in pricing. We all hope it shoots up to the same level as LTC one day, but not seeing that happen anytime soon. Will start using Nicehash again I guess, because it gave some good profit last year. Not because of mining itself but because bitcoin went to the moon, turning what I mined into a ROI within a few months. I guess it's a bet either way. Keep mining Vert and hope it goes 10x up. Or have higher daily payout in Bitcoin and hope that it will go up 5x again...

  • Deny2 Des

    Did you mining straight from vert coins? Website?

  • jean pierre fruet

  • Lavin fx

    Nice rig brother, looking to do the same setup as yours.

  • Geordan Reisner

    I have 5 GTX 1070s I can only get them to mine $2 USD a day...Averaging 16.15 Mh/s a day..How do I increase this? I am currently mining BTX through SUpaNOva...What settings do I have to do?

  • netswimer

    HelloDont miss a big bonus you can get on a minning ssite till 3 jan 2018... if interested in expirience big big big bucks contact me... if you dont try you will not see what you can missContact me

  • William Mickelson

    what mining program are you using

  • Radek P

    what's the power consumption on this setup?

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