Ultimate How to Overclock Pascal GPU Guide - GTX 1060, GTX 1070, GTX 1080, GTX Titan X

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1:34 - Tools Needed for Overclocking
2:49 - Getting Started
3:24 - Getting Familiar with EVGA Precision X OC
5:00 - HW Monitor Setup
7:30 - What is GPU Boost 3?
10:57 - How to overclock using GPU Boost
12:21 - Pascal Voltage Adjustment and Explanation
14:43 - GPU Boost 3 Manual Settings
15:37 - What is K-Boost?
19:41 - What is Artifacting?

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Ultimate How to Overclock Pascal GPU Guide - GTX 1060, GTX 1070, GTX 1080, GTX Titan X

  • Tyler Thai Dinh

    Do i have to set it every time when i turn on my pc? or it just one time set and done?

  • Thomas Duffy

    i have a GTX 1060 6gb MSI GAMING X gpu and it already overclocks to 1900 mhz

  • HYPERwolf71

    do i need an extra cooler? is it safe to overclock a gtx 1060 3gb ?

  • Everyday Electronics

    GTX 1060 Strix --> Stock = 1911 gpu 4004 mem OC''d 2151 gpu 4539 mem

  • Phil Mish

    EVGA GTX 1070 TI SC I HAVE A MAX BOOST CLOCK OF 2088 MHZ WHAY CANT I GO ANY HIGHER i thought the 1070 ti can get to 2100?

  • Oyin E.

    This was a helpful video. Much better information than the garbage the OEM themselves made!

  • Christopher Delano

    Does the application have to be running for the OC to be in effect?

  • Jesus Lopez

    Hi Jay, can you tell me whats a good setting with evga precision x with zotac gtx 1070

  • jonny c 2.0

    See win i down lod that xoc. It diz not have the blue bar fraft is low ass hell jay its not fucking reding my spack right speed its like the drivers not there so pleezz lmk yu this happing yy is the softwhere not giveing me the right read out on my video card

  • Nick Beach

    Jay mentions "you probably won't hit the power limit" but I wish he would explain what to do if it happens. It happened to me after trying a 100 Mhz oc. I have a gigabyte gtx 1080 so I should be able to overclock right? If anyone has any suggestions or relevant forums/other tutorials dealing with this issue please let me know. I appreciate it!

  • MrBroxMan

    the stress test is fine,Furmark is fine, but MSI afterburner crashed like WTF.

  • Aurea Alicia Bernal

    Inno3d Ichill X4 1080 2025 no offset. Card is insane

  • Djordje Novakovic

    why my power limit is 104% on msi gtx 1080

  • mail maill

    evga website is total garbage pls delete

  • Logan Lewis

    could i let me fan just run at Auto? or should i adjust it manually

  • jonny c 2.0

    But i did not habe the setting like u did on this video and it waz like a gavner waz on it hi low hi low like hi 70mph than boom down to 50mph like that saffy thing

  • LordGuns

    hey guys am planning on OC my Nvidia 1080 ti I have never done OC before so this is all knew to me I have a few questions.1. am I suppose to play with the numbers till it crashes to find the final number I can push my card ?2. do I need to mess around with the fans? I seen videos where ppl say if you don't know what your doing leave them on auto.3. how long do I need to leave the bench mark program run after am done with OC.4. any preset any one can share for a 1080 ti reference card.5. do I need after burner open in the background always to have the OC take effect?

  • Killerash13

    Can someone tell me more about power limit? i have gtx 1060 6gb and i can go up to 116% power limit and it did hit it all the time. does that mean my gpu already cosnume 150 watts?

  • Luke Norman

    How are you getting 2150mhz core clock on a 1080 and I'm struggling to get over 2050mhz on a 1080ti.....?

  • Jed Sanford

    I frickin love you bro, lol. You are hella funny! Gonna burn this 1070, yeah!

  • ShadyisFatal

    Is a standard crap 2 fan basic no led version of a GTX 1080 oc 140 MHz core 500mhz memory stable considered good went from 1897 to 2050 goes down to 2038 core is this a good oc it's a EVGA card

  • Miguel Castañeda

    Hey guys, one quick question:If I manually set the values for OC'ing in the Manual Tab ( 16:20 ), will GPU Boost get in the way of whatever I set manually? Or do the Manual Tab settings override whatever the curve in GPU Boost is trying to do?

  • BluD

    Idk I just can't get the 1080ti over 1987MHz, not sure if that's normal since youre getting much higher on a 1080

  • Donato Perrini

    Hi, i have a msi gtx 1070 gaming x and with both evga and afterburner i can easily reach +500 on memory clock but i cant go past +60. Is this normal?

  • The Pacifist Gamer

    I'm oc my 1060 as we speak, and it's pretty okay so far, I know what I'm doing. I found a stable boost clock, just playing with memory to see if there's a difference

  • steve

    i have the nvidia gtx 1080 core i got 200 and mem 500 600.00 that sucks nutz.is that normal for that card fonder edition

  • Nemesi

    My overclocking options are this and it works pretty fucking well. Firstly, let me have a little rant here.I have a GTX 1060 6GB card... that's not bad right? But the 980ti is like £300 fucking more than the 1060... something like that. The scores shown on 3d mark for the 980ti stock reaches around 5100+ something.Now after applying these options to my overclocking settings I just practically.. (THEORETICALLY) got free money along with my 1060 lol.... here's why.On my GPU Tweak that I used to use. My settings couldn't be altered too much like PrecisionX. So my score using that was about 4600. Remember that the 980ti gets around 5100+. So after applying my own settings like:- Power Target 116%- Temp Target 91 C- GPU Clock Offset +250 MHz- Mem Clock Offset +600MHzThis gave me a score of 5106 within Furmark, around the same area as the 980ti...Now call me Charlie Rubberknuckles and sprinkle my ass with fairies but how the fuck does the 980ti cost so much more for BARELY little improvement... I mean all I needed to do was overclock a 1060 which is so much cheaper than the 980ti and BOOM I saved around £300+. That really baffles me to be honest.

  • Macallie Atkinson

    Great, Good Fantastic. Thanks for showing the Nvidia control power settings.

  • Arvydas Baikauskas

    Is this video still relevant? Or after 2 years it is different for pascal? 🤔 I am trying my ZOTAC GTX 1070 ti AMP Extremely. 😅

  • jappatapuli

    asus Geforce 1060 6gb +220 core / 550 memo

  • Ryan Muragin

    Better than msi afterburner??

  • TheMagicalCarrot

    My MSI GTX 1080 power limit is 104% max and it keeps hitting the power limit.

  • LTDanno360

    msi afterburner or evga precision x ?

  • Graeme Groot

    for some reason my fan curve is not saving or something. it keeps going back to the stock curve when i exit out of the software. im at like 79c underload because my new fan curve is not working

  • Ladislav Brezovnik

    I'm late to the party. I get 2025MHz GPU and 11016MHz mem on a EVGA GTX1080 FTW Thanks for the video.

  • angry salesman8

    my gtx 760 reaches 97c with or without ocing????

  • Purple Rhino

    thanks man vid rlly helped me out

  • jonny c 2.0

    Jay i got pny 1060gtx and not same as the one whith back plat that xl something name my pny. Any way i no mad both buy pny but I cant oc out all but i no u can win i got to oc it dont list the gpu mhz it list at 140mhz or somthing it not right it a 1800mhz so idk what to do see msi and evga both gave same bs prblam how to fix it not over clockinhlg or giveing right info on oc tool pleezz make video

  • Richard Meraviles

    is GT 1030 DDR4 work ?

  • Valtteri Schuvalow

    I watched this guide for the first time 2 years ago when you uploaded it and am only now (after rewatching it multiple times over the past couple of years) able to understand how my 1060 keeps changing the voltage and clock all the time. Time to get the V/mHz curve in order!

  • ErickIsNotAmazing

    Should I do what jay did and put the voltage to 100%? I’m fine with everything else it’s just I have heard bad things could happen when it comes to voltage

  • Donato Perrini

    Hi, i have a msi gtx 1070 gaming x and with both evga and afterburner i can easily reach +500 on memory clock but i cant go past +60. Is this normal?

  • Kryvtex

    What should you do if your power limit reaches 1?

  • na1du

    Can you do same video for RTX 2080

  • drakegostream

    How did you figure out that 1.093 is your maximum before maxing out the voltage bar?

  • Armando Rodriguez Jr

    Hey @JayzTwoCents I have the GTX 1080 Hydro Copper and I'm having an issue with overclocking... It crashes at +150 now when at first it was able to run at +180/+700. It loads for a few seconds and then crashes heaven. Because of the crashing I started over and reset EVERYTHING including the BIOS to remove the CPU overclocking. it still crashes at 150. So I set the CPU back to 5.0Ghz (8700K) and started overclocking and the best I can get out of the GPU is +110 at 2113Mhz. I can get the Memory up to +800 with no issues but just to sort out the GPU Clock speed I left it at 0 to find the MAX Clock speed of the GPU. Any advice? I was hoping this video would get me more details on what I may have overlooked but seems I covered everything and with liquid cooling I cant even push this card to your current settings...

  • Old Monkey

    As of the end of the video I've reached 2000MHz with a 1050ti

  • Bill P

    What are your settings on Heaven? Do you run them max on Fullscren?

  • Quicky

    How you have 5000mhz base cloak.I have a gtx 1070 with 48000 MHz"cloak" but it has only 4000mhz, and I overcloak it to 4500mhz

  • The Jovial Brit

    Yep! FPS is a huge problem for me on my 1080 lol.

  • Ramon Sauls

    I have a low profile card GT640, oc'ed it with msi afterburner to 1097MHz on the core clock and 1111MHz on the memory clockat reasonable temps, works just fine, but i could't unlock the power limit and the temp limit.if i use EVGA precision x will i get higher clocks?

  • Juan Correa

    I opened the benchmark software, but the program crashed and now mu core clock is sitting at 139mhz ????


    I have a gtx 1070 it’s only about a year old and I tried over clocking it and I only get about 30 frames on bo4 blackout and I see other people with the same graphics card running at 80 why is mine not running that high I updated all my drivers and everything. And my power usage always jumps between 0 and 1. What can I do to make it run normal without overclocking

  • Jiggzzz

    Just oc a gtx 1060 3gb, getting 2012clock+130 clock offset+400 mhz68c temp 1 fan lol

  • Sniff Gun

    Hi guys, i don't really need to overclock anything if the performance is already good, right ?

  • seannyboy789

    I heard the voltage can make you GPU have a shorter lifespan, is that true?

  • Colby Perry

    Should power supply be taken into consideration when OC'ing a card?

  • Alexander Forster

    Instructions unclear, penis stuck in gpu fan...

  • mrak408

    Why does my GTX 1070 reach power limit 1 in heaven benchmark? It's not over clocked yet.

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