Ultimate How to Overclock Pascal GPU Guide - GTX 1060, GTX 1070, GTX 1080, GTX Titan X

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1:34 - Tools Needed for Overclocking
2:49 - Getting Started
3:24 - Getting Familiar with EVGA Precision X OC
5:00 - HW Monitor Setup
7:30 - What is GPU Boost 3?
10:57 - How to overclock using GPU Boost
12:21 - Pascal Voltage Adjustment and Explanation
14:43 - GPU Boost 3 Manual Settings
15:37 - What is K-Boost?
19:41 - What is Artifacting?

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Ultimate How to Overclock Pascal GPU Guide - GTX 1060, GTX 1070, GTX 1080, GTX Titan X

  • Kingy B

    Just max them out on mining Ravencoin, works like a charm!

  • WorthlessDeadEnd

    Why did I just download MSI Afterburner?

  • ne0dotnl

    +1000 on the mem, only +25 on core

  • SaintRS

    Glad to know i lost the lottery.

  • EyesOfByes

    How about condensation if the whole PC is in the cold?

  • mail maill

    evga website is total garbage pls delete

  • bra1nc417d

    This software doesn't seem to be doing anything for my 1070 FTW.......Its always at 2114mhz no matter WHAT...Broken software.

  • Thodoris Elemenoglou

    I m a new kid on the block. The best you can get is 5-6 fps?

  • Jeff Gao

    I have the evga 1080 gtx i can't get the gpu offset beyond 150mhz but I can set the linear curve to 275mhz. But i keep getting power throttling. I have the priority set to temperature, and 120% power. But the temperature is at 45C max and very stable. Anything else i can do? the slider for power doesn't seem to work and over voltage box is greyed out. btw thanks for the video very helpful contents.

  • matthew newton

    lmao 🤣 i feel like this is how my mind is when im OC, im not using this method of overclocking for gpu but none the less “more voltage here”, “damn gotta drop voltage here”, “sweet got more volts to move here”, “fucking bitch, yeah crashed, fucking driver UPDATESSSSSS AHHHHHH” its kinda like lol, but NO affter updating and installing the same damn drivers like 200-220 times a couple days can be frustrating 😒🤣 🥺🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Brazy Benjamin

    I have an EVGA GTX 1080 SC and I ran the Heaven benchmark at stock settings, and my power limit constantly goes from 0 to 1. If my card is at 100% power limit and is throttling does that damage or affect my gpu in any way? Or what happens?

  • Armando Rodriguez Jr

    Hey @JayzTwoCents I have the GTX 1080 Hydro Copper and I'm having an issue with overclocking... It crashes at +150 now when at first it was able to run at +180/+700. It loads for a few seconds and then crashes heaven. Because of the crashing I started over and reset EVERYTHING including the BIOS to remove the CPU overclocking. it still crashes at 150. So I set the CPU back to 5.0Ghz (8700K) and started overclocking and the best I can get out of the GPU is +110 at 2113Mhz. I can get the Memory up to +800 with no issues but just to sort out the GPU Clock speed I left it at 0 to find the MAX Clock speed of the GPU. Any advice? I was hoping this video would get me more details on what I may have overlooked but seems I covered everything and with liquid cooling I cant even push this card to your current settings...

  • PuffTheDargon

    Weird thought, the 1080 that i have (ROG STRIX) has the fan headers on it for the chassis fans. I wonder if increasing the fan curve for them while doing this OC is also using power from the GPU and taking away some of the power limit the card can use.. after all the card only cares about total power its pulling into it, not what the power is being used for. so 2 fans using a few volts each especially at higher % could be limiting the GPU power consumption for actual OC/bench marking results.

  • mrak408

    Why does my GTX 1070 reach power limit 1 in heaven benchmark? It's not over clocked yet.

  • Christopher Delano

    Does the application have to be running for the OC to be in effect?

  • YaBoyChenWang

    Question: I noticed you kept your fans at 90% through pretty much the whole 2nd half of the video. Can I just keep my fans on "auto" with the "aggressive" preset for the fan control? From watching your video I had my fans at 90%, even just sitting at the desktop, so I figure that would burn your fan rotors out pretty quickly. I currently have a GTX 1070 8GB FTW2+ with a +65 MHz GPU offset and +400MHz Mem offset (I know, I feel like it should be able to go higher with the card I have, but I get artifacts at anything higher than +60). Max clock I've reached is 2072.

  • Everyday Electronics

    GTX 1060 Strix --> Stock = 1911 gpu 4004 mem OC''d 2151 gpu 4539 mem

  • youtube star

    Why you leave my 1050 ti edit: wait a gtx 1050 ti is pascal

  • Zodiac011

    In mine I see a Shader Clock bar, but can't change it, what does this do and why can't I change it?

  • Adam

    If your cards running under full load how do you stop it from hitting max power load ie 1 instead of 0? My new gigabyte aurus xtreme 2080 ti constantly hits full load. On completely default settings with a temp of around 70? Failing 3d mark time spy extreme stress test. I'm a bit stressed as this card cost £1400 and shouldn't be hitting 1 on default settings

  • yotoprules

    What about non EVGA cards? Most of these settings are not in MSI afterburner like the voltage changer does not work and that curve at 7:38 does not exist either.

  • BigDeek walern

    Howcome i cant see kboost

  • Dam Jackass

    I'm oc my 1060 as we speak, and it's pretty okay so far, I know what I'm doing. I found a stable boost clock, just playing with memory to see if there's a difference

  • Branden Upchurch

    Hey Jay, sorry for question on an older video but like you said its still relevant to all 1080 or Pascal cards. I am using the latest version of Precision X OC ver.6.2.7. Anyway got my card overclocked pretty good but I cant seem to stabilize it like you dint in video. It keeps jumping from around 1940 and 2040 MHz. My question is, how did you get your power limit on Hardware monitor to 0. Mine shows that I have 0-1 and as soon as I run benchmark it goes to 1 until done or crash's. If you can shed any light on this would be much appreciated. Also I just got a Gtx 1080FE, am I spinning my wheels trying to over clock this Video card when I should just be upgrading to a 1080TI or a RTX 2080. Hopes are if can overclock enough that this card would last me 2 more years, but these new games like Anthem, Rage 2, Fallout 76, etc are getting more and more demanding. Should I just fork over the extra $400(Total $900) or $700(Total $1199 for 2080ti. Just wanted your opinion, I heard AMD is going to release a new Video card that is supposed to be cheap and relevant to the new RTX 2000 series

  • Jesus Lopez

    Hi Jay, can you tell me whats a good setting with evga precision x with zotac gtx 1070

  • Renan Sales Moreira

    it works on the gt 1030 2gb ?

  • Brandon Ainsworth

    when i try to apply max performance in nvidia control panel it says access denied. whats up with that

  • Juan Correa

    I opened the benchmark software, but the program crashed and now mu core clock is sitting at 139mhz ????

  • Eduard Martynenko

    How do you know when your card is hitting a power limit?

  • Valtteri Schuvalow

    I watched this guide for the first time 2 years ago when you uploaded it and am only now (after rewatching it multiple times over the past couple of years) able to understand how my 1060 keeps changing the voltage and clock all the time. Time to get the V/mHz curve in order!

  • Jimsterino98

    i got +100 MHz on my asus rog strix OC gtx 1070 and +410 MHz on my memory. is that good

  • Niclas Olsson

    Hi jay. im trying this following your guide. but my card goes down to 2101 after just a couple of seconds even when i set the temp target oiwer target as you did. i have the same card as you do. voltage set 100% in the yellow/red bar is that my max Clock then 2101? i cant test with k-boost since it tells me to turn off alot of programs some microsoft programs for example that i didnt even know i had. hope you can help me out here :)

  • Tony

    MSI Afterburner seems to be not liking to run on my PC that much.

  • Logan Lewis

    could i let me fan just run at Auto? or should i adjust it manually

  • Old Monkey

    As of the end of the video I've reached 2000MHz with a 1050ti

  • Shadow_992

    I hit 2.2 ghzThen it crashed lol

  • Valvstar

    A little to late to the party with overclocking pascal cards, but today with help from Jayz got mine Gigabyte AORUS GTX1060 6GB overclocked at +50mhz core and staggering +825mhz memory.. Can't believe how much more "raw" power this card still had. Thanks again for tutorial!

  • Vin Man

    too long - hyper talk.. there are better OC videos - watch the one from Auto vs. Manual GPU Overclocking - Man vs. Machine geez yak yak yak

  • Julius Godinez

    can't even get +50mhz on the GPU offset

  • HYPERwolf71

    do i need an extra cooler? is it safe to overclock a gtx 1060 3gb ?

  • Phil Mish

    EVGA GTX 1070 TI SC I HAVE A MAX BOOST CLOCK OF 2088 MHZ WHAY CANT I GO ANY HIGHER i thought the 1070 ti can get to 2100?

  • mason ryker

    I am lowkey scared to do this because if I mess up my graphics card im fucked i have a gtx 1060 3 gb can someone tell me if I will be ok

  • the x assasinn

    fuck my gpu blew up lol.

  • BluD

    Idk I just can't get the 1080ti over 1987MHz, not sure if that's normal since youre getting much higher on a 1080

  • Liam Welsh

    I got my 1060 up to a 210 overclock with a 150 on the memory and after that, it starts crashing. I tried raising the voltage then and then I do it crashes heaven right away even if it's at my current overclock. How could more voltage crash my game?

  • Bob GrattonQC

    gtx 1050ti mini run 1946mhz(oc+150) when i put voltage to 100% lol!

  • LordOfGuitar666

    My PNY GTX 1060 OC 3gb I got a +35 Core Voltage - +175MHz Core clock - +500MHz Memory clock Anything above +178MHz I get artifacts Stays around 74 degrees under max load

  • MikeLatin7

    What you forgot to mention that you are using a Eva card that's why your using their program even though this program, like Msi Afterburner work in all pc's with any NVidia card not everybody is going tp see all those setting like me having a Asus pc I tried and used both programs, and this is true for both, HELLO. and believe it or not my Asus FX73Vewhich is a GL753Ve but with a 7200 RPM hard drive not like the GL 5200 RPM hard drive for less, hello,with a 1050Ti in heaven is 2050 MHz. 85c when over clocked never over, and when it's not overclocked it runs at 1911MHz., By the way it's a Laptop. seems like I hit the silicone lottery hello, Love Asus three had 5 pc's and 3 laptop can't go wrong with them

  • Arvydas Baikauskas

    Is this video still relevant? Or after 2 years it is different for pascal? 🤔 I am trying my ZOTAC GTX 1070 ti AMP Extremely. 😅

  • Tyler Thai Dinh

    Do i have to set it every time when i turn on my pc? or it just one time set and done?

  • TheMagicalCarrot

    My MSI GTX 1080 power limit is 104% max and it keeps hitting the power limit.

  • Zoltán

    Gtx 1060=1911mhz.Thanks!

  • Nikolai Runstrom

    as soon as i raise the power im constantly at 1 for my power limit as well as getting a lower score than at just +100mhz and normal power.. hmmm.. performance throttled by power? meaning i needa new power supply?

  • Van Dan

    After watching your channel, it is just tiring to watch you use expensive hardware that most consumer won't have. For this video, why couldn't you just use a 1060, show the majority of the gamers who use mid range cards what real life advantage they may see... i mean you are Oc-ing a 1080, and in 2016 this was a beast, and very expensive... hell it's pricey even now dec 2018, at about 800 Canadian. The only message i get from your videos is, buy pricey pieces. I have it, so should you.

  • TechMantra

    I get blue screens and errors if I turn on Max Performance.

  • R3D

    what if you don't have a evga gtx?

  • Djordje Novakovic

    why my power limit is 104% on msi gtx 1080

  • trumbaron

    +100 +500 and the card gets up to 90 C

  • Richard Clavelle

    not sure why but the install is going in a x86 program folder and the program doesnt open

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