Sapphire PULSE RX560 4GB Crypto Mining Benchmarks: ETH/ZEC/XMR

Today i show you the Mining Benchmark of the Sapphire PULSE RX560 4GB, it has been benchmarked on the main coins Ethereum, (Ubiq), Zcash and Monero.
This card can mine the following cryptocurrencies: ETH/(ETC/DBIX/UBIQ), ZEC(ZCL/HUSH/BTCZ), XMR/(BTN).
It performed very well for being only $129 but it has a low resale value for gamers.

Check out the RX560 Builds at:

(Bios Mod of this card:

Buy the Sapphire PULSE RX560 4GB on Your Nearest Amazon:

Or buy using the following links:

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Or Pre-made AMD/NVidia builds at:


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  • Ceng Kahyaoğlu

    Thanks buddy. Im new at AMD world so have some rookie questions.1- how can i make bios mod at win 7 ? 2- how and where can i load special mining driver for AMD (RX 560) ?

  • xEddy3013x

    I understand that blockchain drivers are the way to go but my system is just so unstable with them installed. Any advice for an amature miner here?

  • Kshitij Raj Shrivastava

    I have 6GPU og Rx560 and in my rig it showing only 3 any solution ? need help plz

  • Sniper Pro nerf mods

    One of the worst bang for buck card out there, I find the the gtx 1060 to be the best bang for buck, nice 3dmark slideshow didn't know they made that version lol😉

  • Moudar Shanta

    what was the fan setting when you did your benchmark?

  • Frankwell

    Have you done the RX 550 video yet?

  • Mariusz Zoolek

    Sapphire RX 550 4GB Micron with Polaris 21 GPU (GPU=1067MHz/850mV | MEMORY=1850MHz/800mV) = ~475H/s (~55 at wall) =>

  • Subdude

    I felt your pain when running this card on 3D mark I wanted to hang myself when I saw the stutter and lag

  • reynaldo gonzalez

    common sense tells me the rx 560 4gb ddr5 makes sense. why? cmon 15mhs mod? at $129 a pop? you will never find a rx 580 8gb for $260. buy 6 (560 4gb) mod it for15mhs a pop, and mine the shit out of pirl.

  • Kev45

    I get 13.5MH with the new RX560 Pulse 4GDDR5 Micron, with GPUCORE: 1100 GPUMEMCLOCK: 1950, for 26 Watt

  • Martin Maršík

    Hmm i have OC version 45W. XMR 400h/s. Wall 35-40w. From box terrible 280H/s (no extra setting card,miner...). I hope i get 420-450. But now testing lot of setting stability etc...

  • David Wallis

    got 5 x rx570s running 29+ etherium, the king of all the cards and very surpising is the Sapphire Rx570 Pulse ITX Mini which i have got to 30.2 Mh/s thats crazy, my red devils pull 29.5 and they are more expensive and much bigger :) the runt of the litter is the XFX rx570 black edition OC is crap at 26.7 and thats pushing it hard with 0 memory errors. Add the following lines to your mining bat file and see if you can get an extra 1.5mh/s ..... -dcri5 -etha 0 -ethi 5 only use these if mining ETH only, happy mining !

  • Simon Phillips

    Are these the RX 560s with 896 or 1024 stream processors?

  • The Naughty Spanish Channel

    If you're just and solely mining, say, monero, with this card as a beginner, would you recommend it?? I've got very inexpensive electricity in the country where I live and also I'd be happy mining about $5 a day to start off with. What's your opinion? Thanks!

  • ebo orilla

    the bios mod link is for rx 580 not 560

  • Paul Berlin

    For what memory brand ist the bios mod? I have micron memory and would like to mod.

  • PC Gameplay

    Like someone else has said that isn't a 560. It shows here 3:20 in MSI afterburner that its a 550 that no one uses because they already know the 550 is shit. 1024 shader 560s are supposed to be half decent but it looks like the only way i'll find out is if I buy one because videos like this tell me less than nothing. Maybe if I get enough BTC saved for one i'll give it a go.

  • Slopeflyer Slope Soaring

    12.8 mh. I get 10mh on Ether. This card is shite.

  • poin dexter

    I wonder if you could verify that why rx 560D is better than rx 560 in mining monero. I get 335 H/s fusing rx 560D and 301 H/s using rx 560. Thanks

  • Moudar Shanta

    is there any way to bios mod msi aero rx 560 with hynix

  • Faisal .Shalash

    Il get more hashrate from a potato.

  • Fahed Zarzour

    You are the BEST .....


    chutiya hai tu bhartiy nagrik like karein

  • vRoyaL

    I think 1050ti is better

  • Mike ™

    ...Buy 570 4gbs, bios mod makes them do ETH 28 - 29 MH/s depending on how high you can OC the memory, but core should ALWAYS be 1200.Lower the mV by -100, with the new MSI Afterburner released, you can push it to -125, maybe -150 if you got a good enough card.You will do less than 80w man.XMR/Monero over 700+ H/sZcash, 295+ Sols/s.

  • Teo Kardoš

    ... Ehh why does it says rx 550 ? 4:42

  • Christof Devue

    Really exited about these results ... I bougt a "Radeon RX 560 AERO ITX 4G OC" manufactured by MSI a week ago (price being about the same you told about yours, but in € here at another store cheapet than Amazon was for this choice) and am very disapointed with ETH mining performances. Do you think your proposed setup would also work with this card as it has the same chipset ?

  • Sammy Arias

    what software are u sing to benchmark this cards, it looks pretty nice

  • een gamer jens

    whist memory is it? on 3:26 i see that it say that it is a rx 550!?!?

  • Darren C

    Its got a 6pin connector, MUST that be connected as it only pulls 75watts?

  • Amar T

    I got my XFX rx560 working at 12.6MH/s core clock: 1044MHzmemory clock: 1950MHzAverage power consumption 30WMemory GPU errors: 0I think it could be pushed even further without being unstable, will give it a try these days. Bought two of them at $120 each so I think they are worth it, I know it won't make a million but a nice vacation at the end of the year will be probably in. Enough for me! (athou searching the market for a real rig already)Screenshot

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