Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake -- Vlad Zamfir on Ethereum's 'Casper'

How does systems designer Vlad Zamfir plan to migrate a multi-million dollar crypto network from one mining type to another? What might be lost in the process, and what might be gained? What is not yet decided? Questions submitted by viewers via r/TheDailyDecrypt and r/Ethereum.

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Vlad's blog regarding Casper:
Daniel Larimer of Bitshares' critique of PoS:
Questions submitted via The Daily Decrypt subreddit:
Questions submitted via Ethereum subreddit:
Coin anlysis of Ethereum:

'Learning to Fly' by Tom Petty:

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  • Still Frenzy

    So basically we're using the term "validators" instead of "banks". Right?

  • Joseph Lewis

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  • Sports and Entertainment News

    Sounds like a Huge Greed and Power Trip by the guys at the top for sure. Rich get richer and can do what they want with the coin

  • BBG

    don't you give up control of your coins when you stake your coins to create a masternode?

  • Marco Meerman

    One of the best interviews into Ethereum tech ive seen. An interviewer with insight and charm asking great questions that make the interloquetor feels home.

  • Simon Trevaskis

    Love the user names on Reddit

  • Mah Lu

    Incredibile CG work!

  • 88Zero

    Its so refreshing to have a girl in this industry, thank you :)

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