[Hw: Quick Look:] - ASUS Prime H270 Plus

2x M.2 (Supports raid 0)
4x DDR4 (2400/2133)
6x PCIe (1x x16, 1x 8x, 4x x1)
Japanese solid caps

8CH HD supported only with Chasis that have HD front panel
No major cons IMHO.

Overall it will be a nice mining mobo :)

For mining settings:

For fails:

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  • Stefan Andrei Radu

    Hi. Do you think I can use the asus h270 pro? It has 4 pcie and 2 pci,can i adapt the 2 pci to pcie and work with 6 gpu :) ? Thanks

  • Andrea Frongia

    Hi, the line near the sound card, it lights up? My light does not light up and I wanted to know if my motherboard is distracting

  • Ecorigon IV

    I got one of these on Gumtree (Aussie verson of craiglist) with an i5 7500 pre installed for 120 AUD or 85 USD. Absolute bargain. Just the CPU alone retails new here for about 279 AUD.

  • PrincipleKingston

    Thanks for the review man.

  • Andrea Frongia

    Hi, the line near the sound card, it lights up? My light does not light up and I wanted to know if my motherboard is distracting

  • Antony Hoch

    What's the difference between the H270 Plus and the H270 Pro?

  • Kan Nata

    don't know why is cheap this mobo???????????, look like it has everything 6 pci 6 sata

  • Tarık Buğra Akdoğan

    can ı overclock with i5 7600k

  • charles young

    did you ever install 6 video cards and if so can you post up a video of them working

  • Juan Coronado

    hi my friend have you tried this motherboard with more than 4 gpus?

  • Berkay M

    This mother board support these ?http://s.aliexpress.com/F3Ive6rY

  • superguyps3

    I have i7 7700k is it good for this motherboard ? What i mean will it properly run my cpu ?

  • Jacob Mull

    Nice. You're right, that looks like a nice motherboard.

  • Janred

    Hey buddy, I ordered this one for mining, too.I am happy that you got yours working with 6 and more GPUs so i hope I can do it too :PI guess it has 1* x16 and 1* x8 PCIe slots, you can edit that in your description.

  • iramike

    hi this mother board is good for gaming? im thinking to use a i5 intel with gtx 1060 can y use with this mother board ? and in future i want to upgrade processor and graphic card

  • Taye T. Akinde

    hows the internet on this

  • Kan Nata

    i just bought today, don't know why I turn on the de powerbutton and inmediatly turn off, i connect the both power socket to the main board , hdd, ram, just to know I connected the hdmi integrated, but nothing it turn off

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