[Hw: Quick Look:] - ASUS Prime H270 Plus

2x M.2 (Supports raid 0)
4x DDR4 (2400/2133)
6x PCIe (1x x16, 1x 8x, 4x x1)
Japanese solid caps

8CH HD supported only with Chasis that have HD front panel
No major cons IMHO.

Overall it will be a nice mining mobo :)

For mining settings:

For fails:

if you find this useful, you are rich as F**K and want to pay me a beer:




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  • Jacob Mull

    Nice. You're right, that looks like a nice motherboard.

  • PrincipleKingston

    Thanks for the review man.

  • iramike

    hi this mother board is good for gaming? im thinking to use a i5 intel with gtx 1060 can y use with this mother board ? and in future i want to upgrade processor and graphic card

  • Berkay M

    This mother board support these ?http://s.aliexpress.com/F3Ive6rY

  • Andrea Frongia

    Hi, the line near the sound card, it lights up? My light does not light up and I wanted to know if my motherboard is distracting

  • Juan Coronado

    hi my friend have you tried this motherboard with more than 4 gpus?

  • Kan Nata

    i just bought today, don't know why I turn on the de powerbutton and inmediatly turn off, i connect the both power socket to the main board , hdd, ram, just to know I connected the hdmi integrated, but nothing it turn off

  • Andrea Frongia

    Hi, the line near the sound card, it lights up? My light does not light up and I wanted to know if my motherboard is distracting

  • Antony Hoch

    What's the difference between the H270 Plus and the H270 Pro?

  • Kan Nata

    don't know why is cheap this mobo???????????, look like it has everything 6 pci 6 sata

  • Janred

    Hey buddy, I ordered this one for mining, too.I am happy that you got yours working with 6 and more GPUs so i hope I can do it too :PI guess it has 1* x16 and 1* x8 PCIe slots, you can edit that in your description.

  • Stefan Andrei Radu

    Hi. Do you think I can use the asus h270 pro? It has 4 pcie and 2 pci,can i adapt the 2 pci to pcie and work with 6 gpu :) ? Thanks

  • charles young

    did you ever install 6 video cards and if so can you post up a video of them working

  • Tarık Buğra Akdoğan

    can ı overclock with i5 7600k

  • Taye T. Akinde

    hows the internet on this

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