Cheap AliExpress Graphics Cards - SCAM???

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When GPU prices stayed high for so long, people started to get desperate... So we went shopping for cheap GPUs on AliExpress to see what happens!

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  • Raddz5000

    8:05 ay I see that guy loading up The Division. I like it.

  • Mole

    Just set it up 1440p and you will get another 10 years out off your Core 2 Quad ;)

  • gogolander

    just as a side note: de broglie is one of the fathers of quantum mechanics. So they are using the same naming scheme as Tesla, Maxwell, Touring, ecc...

  • Alexander Hold

    Omg in wouldnt wipe my A** With that

  • TeleRenegade 2

    Linus, chinese 1060 has 5 gb...

  • Alles Klaro

    Es heist Kurzgesagt!

  • SoundBubble

    I feel special now because I can pronounce "Kurzgesagt"

  • SionAfterEarth

    No way, the ELSA logo! Haven't seen it in a looong time. One of the first graphicscard I can remember and the first time I got online was with a ELSA modem (I think 33k) visiting the Star Wars site sometime in the 90ies

  • Fumi Yama

    I would say "in your face". Product made in China is actually getting better

  • aldoph glinkler

    I bought a gpu claiming to be a 4gb ddr5 yeah no well yes well no its a gpu that was this werid system of integrated graphics it had a normal 4gb ram stick i wondering how it worked if i still had it i would send it for review

  • Emir Can

    Aaaa mahsun Abi Ekran Kartı Yapmış 😂 👌

  • Jason Bourne

    I had no idea ELSA still existed. They were right up there with Leadtek during the GeForce 3 and Geforce 4 days.

  • Abhilash prince

    So u using win 10 do have any issues with the updates? Here win + r in that services.msc hit the enter and at last update u can stop it. 9999 days disable it haappy

  • Ken Masters

    5gb = chinese versions lol. Exactly why i no longer purchase products with odd #s memory 1,3,5 gb/tb etc they seem malfunction more frequently. Especially HDDs ive experienced this


    Hell I got a 1050ti for 43$ from alienexpress turns out it was correct and it ran perfect everything on ultra, But the fans melt if you don’t remove them

  • Shadowx Talion

    0:16 almost spit my drink all over the screen ,that fluid sponsor thingy tho😂😂😂

  • Artemis Kitty

    My first thought when he said 5GB was "Ah, a China-Only model." There are, in fact, a lot of manufacturers who will basically sell to 2 whole different markets with different prices, standards, etc, and China is among the leaders there when it comes to computers and technology. I've seen 5GB and 7GB video cards more than once that people assumed were fake, but turned out in the end to just be models not meant to be shipped or sold outside of mainland China. Makes it really easy to identify them in customer support cases (as in you get none, even if it's using real parts). Basically, from what the test results showed, these are the rejects, or "B bin" cards from manufacturers, being slightly modified for resale in certain markets where they will never be held liable for anything that happens after they sell those parts to an OEM. In those cases that I've seen, like here, they bought them off AliExpress. Linus paid $725 for a video card that likely cost the reseller less than $300 (around 2000 Yuan is likely from what I've found, but only found locally, not online, as they're not legal to export usually) at a local shop to buy AND ship, and ended up with something you were never intended to be aware of, let alone receive, as we are not part of that target market. The thing they usually find is exactly in line with what Linus found - cheap, low quality cooling systems and power management. You can bet that if Linus ran an actual stress test or 24hr burntest on either of those cards, he'd have much different results as the capacitors started to overheat and die or the GPU itself start to deball from the board due to extreme overheating, much like the original Xbox 360. Actually, Linus, you might want to get back in touch with Stranger Parts and see if he can find one or both of those same exact boxes at a local shop over there in Shenzhen, and get a more precise idea what the markup might actually be on those specific ones. I'm sure there are others like me who are curious.

  • Victor M. Cisneros

    I don’t understand shit about computers but I love to watch these guys.

  • Nate Jennings

    "160BIT BUS" The needle on my bullshit meter is in the red.One of the interesting things here is that eventually they'll start making graphics cards which work good using these very cheap methods. Just them being able to build what they built here indicates they're getting better at at.

  • Blandco

    "It's intended for internet cafes" Cuts to Death in Internet Cafes video clip

  • Miggs

    Linus, what watch were you wearing at the start of the video?

  • Sic Semper Evello Mortem Tyrannis

    Aliexpress has a lot of legit stuff and pretty decent customer service. Since i've found them, i never had a lost shipment (since i always upgrade to e-packet) and ordered probably 100 things.

  • DreamersImperial

    Linus, I love your channel. Keep on doing what you're doing!

  • Jeremy Purdy

    I wouldn't judge it based off of 2 cards... I'd judge it based off of more like the over-all experience of 10 different cards. That'd give me personally a much better indicator of just how sketchy this would be over all.

  • FUBAR 4295

    After he said today’s sponsor I skipped the video 25 sec

  • Kazzzzzo

    What a moron. I still can't decide buying or not on Ali...

  • Jusuf Hasanovic

    You need to do a new test for a longer time. So you can have a better conclusion!!

  • Tech

    It's a Frankenstein card!!!

  • Brenna Barkley

    If the item isn't exactly what the description said it was, it is a scam.

  • TechGeekWarren

    lol that "Elsa Debrogue" card is actually from Japan, not China (That is Japanese on their website @5:12)

  • Taha Tanveer

    Can i buy gtx 750 ti from ali express??

  • Brightlord

    And now there is GTX 1060 GDDR5X

  • Ken Masters

    i am naming the next family dog "ELSA DEGROBLIE"

  • Aaron Chicco

    I'm pretty impressed with the knockoff 1080 to be honest

  • Super Nova

    1:30 It's got what looks like a cereal!

  • KIPPIE408

    3:01 Am I the only person that think MaxSun card's backplate resembles the national flag of South Korea? I have a doubt that this kind of cards would be sold with a fake "Made in Korea" description at somewhere in China...

  • 12alex2

    Cuck surprised by cheap product vol 10

  • Kyle Henderson

    Ah Linus, why are you so cool.

  • schwarzerkuerbis

    Seeing and hearing this eunuch with this high screamish voice in this video I seriously wonder if he´s ever seen a va***a in his life... What a nerd.


    ali-express is basically a bootleg version of eBay *or craigslist*

  • Zoran Sekulovski

    Nvidia makse Quadro P2000 with 5GB od memory, that is the same chip with 1060, with less CUDA processors and less memory and smaller bandwidth.

  • Debbie Wilson

    Victoria changed my life and also thought me how to earn up to 0.5btc in every 9 hours, she mine a block of bitcoin through advanced ASIC machines including the AntminerS9 and L3+ hosted by the blockchain cloud mining network...she is an expert in mining and she's very kind irrespective of where you are from. just contact her via Email @

  • Matthew Stevenson

    De broglie is a famous physicist who has equations in quantum theory named after him

  • Will Breeuwsma

    Linus is a real one.

  • Shawn Damage

    since you can barely use the 6gb on a card 5 would have a tighter timing and prob utilize the ram better!

  • 刘汶锋

    6:50 May be the 1060 5g card of the laptop

  • MadMan

    well, china enough said

  • Richard He

    Most if not "All" chips are manufactured in China. GPUS, CPUS, Ram, SSD hard drives. But you still cannot buy a 1080 founders edition GPU in China, you must buy these crappy brands that no one knows about. Let me tell you from my experience of wasting over 10s of thousands USD on this one desktop computer, every part of my desktop computer broke within months. It's big business, people go around buying parts that are deformed, or factory rejects (yes rejects, chips that don't pass quality control/tests, they don't get thrown away, they get sold), solder and stick them together and sell them. Your Chinese 1080 GPU chip probably has a missing contact that's poorly/cheaply soldered together by hand, or the plastic chip is deformed. If you're lucky, it will work for a year. Just don't buy Chinese brand computer parts. I learned it the hard way, trusted too many 3rd party parts and salesmen who are basically scammers.

  • 32legoman

    Lucky. I’m still rocking the Intel Graphics that comes with a computer we got from Walmart

  • MrAbdullah

    check this out!!!! it a scam or legit??

  • Christopher Madden

    It's always China with these strange GPU and CPU versions that the rest of the world has never heard of, usually it boils down to little more than salvaged and re-implemented reject parts that are offered outside the official umbrella of the manufacturer. No one does anything about it because it's China and they have no copyright laws so they just steal the rest of the world's intellectual property and make shitty knock off's and re-hashes instead of playing by the rules and or designing their own products. It's a shame really, but hey thats communism..

  • Roly Harter

    Well not bad to buy from there if you are that much on a budget .

  • Oklino LP

    The Company Name of ELSA was sold to a chinese corporation? :-O Damn... i still remember when i applied for a software engineer training at ELSA in Aachen.

  • Ibrahim Ahmed is a 5g :D

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