Cheap AliExpress Graphics Cards - SCAM???

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When GPU prices stayed high for so long, people started to get desperate... So we went shopping for cheap GPUs on AliExpress to see what happens!

Buy a GTX 1060 6GB for a not ridiculous sum:
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  • Darryn Walker

    you in need of some testostrone

  • Jeff Neely

    Even if it was a 5g Card, wouldnt surprise me much! China is good at stealing our technology and brands and way of living! They water it down to be cheaper heat sinks ect... just swap it out or water cool that china card!

  • Michel IJ.

    but can it run minecraft

  • WiseM Gaming

    Dear Linus Tech Did you know anything about this 2 legit graphic cards ? 1.ASL G1302 Graphics Card - PLATINUM 22.ASL GT1030 D5 Graphics Card - BLACK 2Share more details about it , Your all videos are really amazing , I watching daily.. Thank You so Much!!

  • In Cognito

    yes five gig GTX cards are available in China


    I would not buy a unofficial product from ali express , because it can overheat over-time and live less longer

  • FGM11

    what the hell is maxsun?who tries to save money with this crap. it doesen't always have to be a high end card mid range is more that enough or just wait half a year the prices on graphics cards drop so rapidly.

  • Tengu98

    I've actually never had an issue with AliExpress. I've had better luck on Ali than on eBay. But that's me, I usually message sellers before buying.

  • ZHY FN

    That is not cheap...

  • pewpie99

    is this the king of the neo-nazi-zoom-dweebies?

  • noelie noelie

    My 1060 is a 5gig.Bought in guanxhi last year. $200.11

  • ReviewKeemstarUSA

    NCIX Data Leaked & Sold 7 times - SCAM???

  • Rafael In New Zealand

    You sound like Steve Carell lol

  • popnimpop

    I love how both of those are like 50% more than a non trash scam gpu

  • scrubl0rd

    test is already flawed because he's testing against founders editions which are running at higher clocks.

  • Michael St Denis

    Aliexpress is my new favourite site. I only discovered it two days ago and i'm addicted.

  • xDwelleR

    I know this is irrelevant but don't buy fucking Gillete mach 3 razor blades from there, fake as fuck, but look legit. I read online that the differenc eis the blue and white strip. If it is like plastic it's fake because the genuine ones hav a natural lubircant. If the dots on the razor are not algined they are fake because the real ones are aligned and the same for the bottom part, it's not fully to the edge, it's all aligned! The blade is blunt and shit, won't shave properly, it's worse than a $1 razor! Buy the legit Gillette blades from acutal retailers or trusted sources. There's a reason they're pricey and last long as hell and cut perfectly. I bought them from AliExpress site. Thought I'd drop it down before someone buys them. I shave my privates with them because I like my balls smooth.

  • Daniel Suarez

    well looks like china makes good products even copies..welcome to the future XD

  • Drone Guy

    do a giveaway tight arse

  • Stanly

    Well it's more like you got lucky then anything, I bought a GTX 1080 Ti from them and it said and looked like a 1080 Ti but when I tested it all I had was a 1060 that was modified and performed terribly, but hey at least I got my money back right?!!!! :/


    Wtf. De Broglie was a physicist who made important discoveries in quantum physics. You should have learned about the de broglie wavelength of electrons in high school! Pff North American education....

  • Aquacelot

    GTX 1060 5GB actually exists. It's made for the chinese market.

  • Brandon Shockley

    The tape on the SLI was heat tape like you would use in soldering or heating.

  • Raqeeb Ullah this out, i challenge you !!!

  • Nicolas Ouimet

    It could be the best scam 2018 from aliExpress 2018 😜🧐

  • Alex Mavro

    Your expressions and reactions are so fake i`m clicking your videos just to dislike them .

  • Jeff Neely

    6:51 Dont let chinese cards fool you, The coding software is written within the memory bus to say its a 5 Gig card.. If you were to decode the Bus , you would prob find that card a 2 G card!

  • Petter Balfour

    dude what fucking motherboard is that? i wanna buy one w all new high end parts, like ALL parts made in usa or some first world nation.

  • Jordi Nuñez

    In fact, seems an OEM product made by Nvidia for chinese market only, for the internet cafe customers/maintenance service(?). I think that the only place where Nvidia "cannibalizes" its own products and profits it's China itself.

  • Vin Comp

    Scam is like we pay for Gsync... when FREEsync is FREE

  • Harvey brooks

    I order from aliexpress all the time. legit items like vape stuff. but!! takes forever to ship across the ocean. linus how long did your test gpus come across? and plus if you do a give away with them I want in lol always needed a powerful gpu for my rig.

  • Niko marić

    I have geforce gtx 1060 4GB

  • KneeDown Club

    did you have a extinguiser tank in your room and to close?😓they can but, material?🙁😟😓but they will high technology soon🙂dont forget they re sivilization before more 1000 years🙂

  • Rupok hoque

    In the absence of moneyCan not buy If you can see a gift, then do a gift

  • El Prof

    I wish this worked for me.. turns out, AliExpress GPUs are actually more expensive than just buying one in a store here lol

  • GSDee

    I can already smell the burnt smoke coming from the graphics cards...

  • asf130 The Company

    Enything new fun from AliExpress? :P?

  • JAN-ERIK Schubert

    ...and it is intended for: DEATHS IN INTERNET CAFES...

  • josh sanderson

    Wrong! China gets a 5gb 1060

  • David Fischer

  • 张伟铮

    Well if you do not like that, you can purchase the one you like. But the thing is, those cheap cards do exist, we also know that. Some Chinese vloggers have already tested those kind of graphic cards. I think most of Chinese will not choose those cards as well.

  • lewis hayward

    What does Linus' company actually do? Is it just videos?

  • PX473K

    not a scam but the durability will be less than half the life expectancy was probably designed to only just outlast the warranty, if you buy cheap you get cheap unless you find discounts.

  • Charles Ilar

    I wish i have graphics card just for playing fortnite and LoL


    Hey if you dont really like it you can send it to me, i wont mind :)

  • Northern Freelance

    I bought one. Didnt have so much luck/ I got the GTX 1060 and it flopped on the benchmark. First score was zero. second run was total overall 800. It is an old 450 series with the 1060 firmware so that the nvedia driver will run.

  • Lion Main

    Its cool that he didnt just spilled his predjudment. He actually tested, compared and said the pros and cons.

  • Morning Wood

    disliked for the ad that you forced to watch me.

  • TheNoobertNoobie

    express......*thankss for buying this card for 0 euro its will come in 2 months*

  • Vincent Putrandi

    In Indonesia, Maxsun is selling the budget Motherboard

  • i7 8700K

    DO YOU WANT TO BUY GTX1060 ? ...BUT IT IS gt530..

  • Batsinthebelltower

    Just doont buy their guitars , especially the YJM malmsteen signature copy ; firewood and nothing less

  • Torjus Ekkje

    Chips with failure . Nvidia deactivate 1gb where the failure are located. Then sell it cheap to far east.

  • iiChris_says

    Watching a video called cheap graphics card... a list of sponsored GPU's over $7000 appears oh. Okay.

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