Cheap AliExpress Graphics Cards - SCAM???

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When GPU prices stayed high for so long, people started to get desperate... So we went shopping for cheap GPUs on AliExpress to see what happens!

Buy a GTX 1060 6GB for a not ridiculous sum:
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  • FeelTheThunder

    check out 1060 and 2060 windforce.. litteraly the same shit as that 1060... poor shit quality WITH A SINGLE heatpipe lol (2060 has 2 dammn..)

  • Bruno Xavier Leite

    Never buy from Colorful iGame company. They are Chinese, they sent me a defective GPU, refused to refund me and ran away with my money.

  • Prusapha Kasorn

    I buy Asus GTX 1070(used) from Lazada last month at $214 with 2 year waranty now working good setup to ULTRA all games

  • Anthony Donkor

    Can you send me the graphics card you don't use anymore ? Pls

  • Tsuj-Music

    gino debrogli the Tech mobster

  • punker4Real

    that fucken fat ass needs to lose some weight

  • 董行健

    actually GTX 1060 has a 5G memory vertion dedicated for internet cafes in China


    That 1060 5G version is for internet coffees only

  • punker4Real

    Also there is no such things as shortages it's a manufactured shortage to raise the price

  • ZoommaiR

    You should do a stress test to see if the parts are any good. Watch these cards burn up or fans fail under stress.

  • 8 Richard

    aliexpress in china we called tabao,There's a lot of fakes in there,If you want to buy real stuff, you'd better go to Amazon.

  • Amine Touil

    725$ cheap how’s that ?

  • Adnan Amin

    Hey Linus, do you donate this kind of products for disadvantaged people? People who can't afford to have those?

  • Jesper Justesen

    Do somebody know What the story is with the Danish badminton t-shirt on the Wall?

  • John Sanabria

    I thought that website sells fake Chinese crap fake it I rather get one used original one why buy a fake to save 75 to around 200 bucks cause fakes always break and it's not real info

  • MrOboema

    "... and easy top mounted installation." shows fan as high as the motherboard is wide xD

  • AnyWho

    nice video. just wondering what you do you do with all the cards you test on videos? ... just curious cuz i really need to replace my hd 5700 series card ... :P

  • Steven Garcia

    Not a complete scam?? You literally got what you paid for. No scam at all...

  • Macho Pikcho

    Buy a 1080ti for 300 a pice since you have the budget to buy 10



  • Fco M

    I get anxious every time he touch the fans.

  • dronus

    I could use one of those cards. Thanks, you're so kind.

  • Radars Red

    you cant let it go n0w

  • Channel07

    This reminds me yesterday i bought a COLORFUL brand Geforce GT 1030 and it is the REAL DEAL GDDR5 (their site shows that their GT1030 boards are only available as GDDR5) not the DDR4 stuff. Funny thing is the local online store puts the Galax and Asus branded DDR4 variety on a higher price (around 10 dollars higher)

  • Fuzzy Nova

    Yeah... I recently got my first Desktop. Had been playing on a lo end laptop for years and years hell forever Actually. I just settled for an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050/AMD Ryzen 5 2400 Vega. It's actually great. Really good if your just starting out. Hell I'm running Skyrim well over 100 Fps on Medium to high settings. 60 to 85 on Ultra Super High. Good card

  • The Game

    I mean I am a Chinese I will not deny the fact that we do have cheap and fake things but I really think naming the video”buying fake stuff from China” or as aliexpress will help in this fake Chinese stuff situation. I mean we do make and sell them but it is not a thing that will be representing China in any way. Plus we do make a lot of the apple stuff. FOXCONN: we make our worker work only 16 hours a day

  • Pranavraj SureshGeetha

    Do a vid on p40 GPU by Nvidia

  • Geno Sinatra

    lmao accidentally on purpose...couldnt have said it any better lol

  • Jake ,

    on amazon the msi gtx 1070ti is £600 and on currys pc world it's £300 I don't understand why they're selling it so cheap

  • Noob

    the tape is leftover from the manufacturing and someone forgot to remove it, we use kapton tape to run pcbs in solder wave machines and protect the connector from getting solder on

  • jr gamer

    Wow.... Why didn’t you choose wish? 1 dollar for a 1080 ti, it will 100% arrive write?

  • Mr. Husky

    the fans on 1060 5 gb is from asus, if you dont recognize it

  • Javi Ramirez

    aliexpress its the future¡¡

  • PatriotCat

    Don’t stick ur dick in a bee hive dude

  • Faraz Shah

    What kind of Monitor/Screen was that in the video

  • joseph purdy

    So there might be a Chinese government spyware on it ?

  • Rex Angelo Solis

    so. . . . more memory chip, more credible??

  • AliExpress SUPERIDEAS

    please attend . thankyou

  • Cornell Bentley

    Pcei ssd when will there be a price drop, geeeeeeeesh

  • NormalSpinda

    Debroglie (pronounced debroi) is a physicist, who did work on waves.

  • Andrej Tag

    Kurzgesagt Spätzünder.

  • nikko aguilos

    exaggerated actions! pweh!

  • starchild

    6:04 you stop that fan! 8:21 hahahaaa so funnny ...sarcasm

  • Callum Harris

    you should build a computer with all parts bought from Ali express and compare the benchmark with the same spec system bought from original manufacturer

  • Pro internet surfer

    Instead of the elsa 1080 now introducing the Anna rx590

  • Meme Man

    2:04-2:05 HOLY CROUP

  • Tobias Wikerholmen

    Is this the son of the Klein Bottle guy from Numberphile?

  • Burak Altınay

    lol he looks like stevie t :d

  • ram malar

    Can u review the colourful rtx2070 from aliexpress

  • PatriotCat

    HELL TO THE NAW TO THE NAW NAW NAW.There is no way in hell im putting my money towards that shitty card

  • Juaneko No.70

    Colorfull cards are the best

  • xxxtentesticles

    Can you mail me a graphics card because I only have a gtx 550 love you're videos

  • Lost Boy

    I am gonna buy gtx 750 Ti

  • Puffalupagus


  • Kostas Alextown

    No waranty.... no thak you !

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