GTX 680 vs GTX 1050 Ti | Still worth it to buy ??

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SONG : TheFatRat - Monody (feat. Laura Brehm)
  • Malik Sami

    Gtx 680 2GB in this video ?


    Bullshit, the 680 is more powerful

  • BoostieBoy

    GTX 780 vs GTX 1060 3gb pls 😄

  • Walking Dead

    1050ti is bullshit. my old 680gtx 2gb is better

  • Miles Deighton

    The lower performance is probably just due to VRAM. When there's more VRAM less loading has to occur, during the loading of textures there's thousands of little tiny jitters, most too small to notice, but it impacts the overall number.

  • nikolygtx

    this its some shit from nvidia, gtx 680 should be at least 30 % better, they just don't optimize drivers so we could buy new gpu, mine 7790 almost beat 100 $ more expensive nvidia card when i was about to get gpu, don't buy nvidia pls, they do same shit with every new gpu

  • SlideY

    Have a question mate. I got a Manli GTX 660 which is a bit overclocked over the stock model. It's 980-1057 core clock boost and it's temperatures in games are getting over 65-70c is that in a safe spot still? Fans are going to 74% max since it's bios capped at 74% can't get it to 100% sadly.

  • Rogsus

    Can you do GTX 780 vs GTX 1050ti???:D

  • Benchmark

    I changed the song due to copyright claim :(was TheFatRat - Monody (feat. Laura Brehm)

  • Farens

    Херня gtx 680 быстрее

  • No Name

    and yea, what name of the song (now song)

  • Jeremy R

    Once you add 100mhz to the 680's core it matches the 1050 ti without adding much power

  • Brian Colet

    The song is sooo relaxing I like it

  • Analitik Mira

    Моё почтение, но я не могу понять как ты в бф1 получил 50фпс, если у меня с i5 7400 и 1050ti 73фпс?? Занижаешь чтоли?

  • The Wowzor - GamesNews

    but I've got much higher fps than this, with the gtx 680 direct cu 2 top edition

  • Taras Sow

    такой "тест" и я могу сделать, графики нарисовать от балды нихуя не сложно

  • Bayborodov Viktor

    почти схожи параметры , а если посмотреть лучше то у одной версия 6 другая 10 притом вторая не много ушла от первой.)))а это 4 поколения и в чем тут суть - Nvidia подсовывает немного улучшенные версии

  • :DDD

    Русские влетают в комменты!

  • kiran tk

    Wat bout Asus Gtx 680 direct cu Oc?

  • Stormdestruktor

    ok now im know im fine i get the gtx 680 from a clan mate for 20€ :D

  • xMunchii

    all of these are simulated, and they arent very accurate.

  • sultan arya

    i want to buy a gtx 680 because i have big deal in my country for a less than hundred dollar i got the flagship from 2012 :D

  • Salmaan Jaffer

    Yo dude I know this video is old but can you please also add 1% and 0.1% lows in the future as it helps to see if stutter is present. Love your vids

  • JForce

    What people need to remember is that it's beating a gtx 680 and by extension a 770 for the most part, while only using pcie slot power. This is the strongest pcie slot powered card on the market right now.

  • KrooX

    this loud music breaked my life

  • Sean Eredia

    I cant wait to pair my G4400 with a 1050ti!

  • Sergey Chepenko

    Побольше таких познавательных видио было бы .

  • Yizuz Christ

    GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 ti sucks :)

  • PokeBurnPlease

    Do you think the 680 with 4GB performs better ? than the 1050ti ? i am going to buy one.

  • Pnanasnoic

    Did not expect it to be quite that close. Amazing what Nvidia can do with the watts nowadays.

  • DeroxyoGames

    I am gonna buy my 1050ti monday So hyped!

  • len

    gtx 680= gtx 1050 (not ti) ?

  • Monthly Builds

    How do you get/afford all of these video cards? These are very expensive video cards and you upload at least 3 videos a week.

  • Trajan Augustus

    The 1050ti is not bad.  My latest PC came with the MSI OC 1050ti coupled with an i5-7600k, 8gb DDR4 on an MSI Z270 pro MB and 4tb of HD space total. I was going to upgrade the 1050ti to something else, but after a few games I think it is more than enough for now. Maybe next year I will see what AMD or Nvidia has to offer for newer gpu's.


    These are not real time benchmarks, all simulated crap, a 680 performs way above this, videos like this should be banned.

  • Venom Snake

    R u serious? redoo it in 2018 and we'll see

  • Yefry

    Gracias.. Saludos desde Cucuta Colombia ;)

  • Dhannov Faris

    WTF 195w For old GPU

  • Jorel Coutinho

    hell yeah !! got a really insane deal on a gtx 680 for 60 pounds , meanwhile the price of a 1050ti is 130 pounds new. similar performance for half the price!!!

  • Kurt Cobain

    Bullshit you don't get average 60 fps on very high with a 680 I have one and I fucking know it.

  • Ashley McGovern

    These modern mid range cards still don't hold a torch to the R9 290X after this time (or even the plain 290). Yeah, they might have the latest shader & FX support etc because they're new but, cards of this tier are never powerful enough to use those new features with everything else on higher​ settings anyway. Just buy a second hand R9 290X if you've already got a decent PSU.

  • Matteo

    hello, can u help me? i can get working 680 4gb for only 40$. But i have only a 500w pcu. Can i use it?


    Technology has come a long way for a budget oriented card to beat a flagship card like the GTX 680 from back in the day.Many people think it's from gimping but it's not it's actually from the overall better architecture.

  • No Name

    wow so good music, man rly impress me, its look like "so many times long ago (about 680ti)" make me nostalgy about prev years of my life, thank you

  • Mosie

    Got the 680 as it was half the price of the 1050ti

  • Mr. Hamed0099

    Hd 7850 vs gtx 1050 ti🔥💪💪

  • Denis Naydenov

    and what happens when u remove AA ? the 1050Ti cant even cover half the FPS of the 680 lulz

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