How to earn through mining bitcoin ethereum dash zcash & comparison between gpu rig and antminer s9.

In this tutorial i will discuss the comparison between Antminer S9 and Gpu rig. And will tell you as to which miner should be use and which should not be use.
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  • Firas Porto

    Sir every Gpu much give you BTC every day ....

  • Shaban Sarwar

    True Intelligent Design, it turns out, is not the religious attempt to align science and religion, but also happens to be a probable prophesy of the future, and perhaps even the story of how creation, especially if we do live in a computer simulation, came into being.

  • Imran shah

    Kuch kamaye ya sab paisa barbaad hogaya light bill aur gpu me. Ab mining karte raho aur light bill bharte raho jeb se.kisi zamane me agar rate bad gayi to apki nasib. Warna gpu investmnt aur light bill ka bohot bada loss. Thumbs down. Total loss ka business.

  • Yadu Darmapalan

    Hi, I had just started mining etherium, How can i cash my mined etherium ?


    How much the price of one rig ???

  • Troy Boi

    Thanks for the GPU prices

  • Red Scorpion

    How much did everything cost?

  • Umar Bhatti

    i have 1060 6gb and iam doing bitminig on it is it is usefull????

  • ArkaSEN1151

    How to connect all thoose rig to one monitor,please explain guys

  • Sleddog Afterbirth

    Yeah, but does it play ARK on Ultra?

  • no1isguilty

    poi te le infilerai tutte su per il culo


    you know bagla language

  • Wellness Industry

    I wanna set up the whole process you have. kindly mail me info at

  • Gohar Rehman

    Please tell me which motherboard and gpu you are using

  • Cecil Turtle

    Asics are going to make ether mining unprofitable soon. Then mining will become obsolete for ethash.

  • Tamoor Ahmed

    Bhaii urdu main achaa explain KR saktay thyyy


    How much you earn per month ? And how much the electricity bill?

  • Tim Trilioni

    Hellooooo...please provide me with bitcoin and I will be your friend forever :)

  • Raj Patil

    I can't here youprobably no one can


    i would play games on ultra high settings if i had one one those instead of doing this useless shit

  • Marcel van Ommeren

    Hi, what is flow 1000Watt for 6 videocards?


    Sir i m living in malaysia i want this mining setup here bcz electricity is very cheap so what will be the cost of this setup and how much i can make per month thanx

  • Techno Yash

    Worst video can't view

  • ahmed hussain

    Sb ko rig dikha dilha k lory lgwa dya tm logo ny

  • ABC

    are you still mining in 19/05/2018

  • Alexandru Vaduva

    How many amp's you use for your rigs man ?

  • Isikalu Muiz

    i need help in just want to start mining

  • Let's Do Smart & Always Positive

    What should be the cost n time to earn 1btc

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