Mining Ethereum & Monero RX 480 vs GTX 1070

Measuring the mining hash rate of Nvidia & AMD GPUs with two of the most popular cryptocurrencies; Monero (XMR) & Ethereum (ETH).

mining ethereum with nvidia gtx 970, nvidia gtx 1070, radeonrx 480 8g
Miners: Claymore
mining monero with nvidia gtx 970, nvidia gtx 1070, radeonrx 480 8g
Miners: Claymore & ccminer
  • PC Gamex

    this is the most useless review so far.. so wrong fuck so wrong. nvidia is a very good product for mining if you up to quality and longetivity and hey dumbass amd is more power hungry idiot that nvidia.. nvidia is known for less power consumption you dumbass!

  • George Papageorgakis

    700 hertz per second!

  • Steve Dvernichuk

    who'd you suck off to get GPUs for that price?

  • Eduardo Braga

    Earn 10.000 Ethereum Cash Pro here ->

  • Eduardo Arantes

    With the increase of dificulty now in 2018, do you still recomend amd over nvidia 1070 or 1060 ?

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