GT 1030 vs GTX 650 ti | G4560 | 720p - 900p - 1080p | 10 Games Benchmark

GT 1030 vs GTX 650 ti | G4560 | 720p - 900p - 1080p | 10 Games Benchmark

Mass effect : Andromeda
Grand Theft Auto 5
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Tom Clancy's : The Division
Titanfall 2
Hitman 2016
Battlefield 1
Deus Ex : Mankind Divided
The Witcher 3

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  • 개인 채널GT 1030 개발자

    GTX 650 TI VS GT 1030

  • Tomy

    es fake yo tengo una 650ti con un pentium G4560 y gta v en 1080 con graficos altos me va a 90 fps estables

  • 12316_Official

    Phew! Thats not a 650ti its a 660 ....😥😥 650 is 1.1ghz


    Tu ssd es mas cara que mi pc

  • BU𐍂AGØ

    All those liars in the comments...

  • fistsOFfury366 D

    The fake bechmarks don't help either

  • Good Michael

    Old map loses new office.

  • Wan HL

    but 1050ti is better choice for 4GB VRAM and will be comfortable at mainstream 1080p res. 2GB VRAM is too tight for 1080p.

  • JayzThreeCents Studio

    Due to the 1gb memory of the GTX650ti it obviously didn't reach the minimum 2gb requirement of latest games specially if you set the settings to high/ultra. If its a GTX650Ti 2gb version both cards would almost be on par.

  • Lucifer

    At cex which is kinda a pawn shop for electronics and DVDs ect the GTX 650 ti is £35

  • CrimsonDante Gamer

    My desktop is rolling two RX 580's in Crossfire and my laptop a GTX 1050 ti :D.

  • Cleber Santos

    960 2gb vs 1060 3g plzz

  • Riga Style

    of course the test is not entirely correct because the 650ti has 1 GB of memory ..

  • Cesar Alvarez

    Both have their own advantages:GTX 1030 advantages:Much Newer Architecture.Higher Clock SpeedMore VRAMSlightly higher Effective Memory Clock SpeedHigher Memory Clock SpeedLower TDP.GTX 650Ti advantages:Higher Memory BandwidthHigher Texture rateMore Render Output ProcessorsSupports ShadowPlayMore Shading UnitsMore Texture Mapping Units.

  • Francesco Barbieri

    What about the 650 ti boost 2GB? I used to own up until not too long ago and it performed mighty well in many gamesEdit: I see you've made a video about it, awesome!

  • 개인 채널GT 1030 개발자

    아 지금 10 16일 12시 46분임 심심함

  • Richard Salinas

    I have a GTX 650 1GB but its not Ti version. I thought GTX 650 Ti was 2GB. Anyway, I cant run Battlefield 1 at 30fps in low graphics. So I think my graphics card is worst than this GTX 650 Ti 1GB; time to get a GT 1030! Ty very much for this video

  • Ran Ng

    Lol, just picked up a 650ti for free yesterday.

  • Joe Xspada

    gtx1030 can get over 60fp battlefield1?.my 1050ti can't even reached tht fps..

  • Charles_Cabbage

    In my country gt 1030 - gtx 750ti is a big price difference while gtx 750 ti - gtx 1050 is very less.

  • Some Random Horse

    I think GTX 650ti just lack of VRAM , even though VRAM doesn't affect performance but when VRAM reach over it limit , you can start see stuttering and lack of texture and graphics rendering .

  • Hitbar

    Yea the gt 1030 gets like 10 fps more and the 650 and the gt 1030 are like the same price so like yeah I guess it's worth the 10 fps more

  • Mahesh D.R

    only a fool will upgrade gtx 650 to gt1030.I had rather go out with gtx 1060 if i had a gtx 650ti.

  • Edge

    tests are fake i have i5 and had gt 1030 and then i replaced it with gtx 1060 gt 1030 was not able to run division on 30 fps 35 on low settings and also on 50% resolution scale. and rise of the tomb raider i was not able to run it on Low-med settings. (dont waste ur time tests are fake)

  • Crazy_ SuPer _p0pe

    I thinking Bout getting a gtx 650 ti 2gb gddr5 amp versionWill it make the gtx 650 ti eqiulant to gt 1030

  • jyuan1999

    looks like the extra vram and newer stuff helps a huge bunch

  • Doonix

    gt 1030 runs on a g41mt-m7 motherboard?


    I have almost the same system; I don’t need to think that 1030 is garbage, a normal video card.16GB of RAMGT1030intel core i3 810064 bit system

  • 2EZ for U

    The real question is:THE NAME OF THE SONG

  • Greengamer Pro

    Cuanto de ram tienes 4gb o 8gb ..?

  • Nghi Nguyễn

    I can buying gt 1030

  • Vudish

    Ух, взял 650ti 1gb за 500р... :D

  • andrei boyze

    good test but did you manage to run assassin's creed origins on an old GTX 750 TI video card?

  • • Cross •

    Hello using to Traductor a Spanish :)Hola mw quiero comprar un pc de 14.200 pesos argentinos , este incluye :~Procesador:Intel Pentium G4560 ~Placa Madre:Gigabyte h110~Ram: 8gb ram (1 modulo) 2400mhz~Placa de video: Gt 1030 2gb Gddr5 evga~Fuente:500w certificada 80plus evga~Disco Duro:1tb WD blue 7200/64mb cache~Gabinete:Gabinete Gamer Sentey Furious Gs-6062 =$14.200 ARGEsta bien el precio??? O puedo encontrar algo mejor rendimiento mas barato?:) plis respondeme !! :3 like

  • COOLAx

    chujnia ten 1030 widze

  • 개인 채널GT 1030 개발자

    intel i7 6960X ♥♥ 하지만 라데온이 가성비는 좋다

  • fistsOFfury366 D

    I disliked because of the over used cancer background music.

  • mr brown

    did u over clocked the GPU in this test

  • Juan Sebastián

    Hi, I should buy the Gtx 650 ti or the R7 250X. Thank you very much

  • Siro Odilla

    Is it 720p or 768p?!

  • Antonio ElRisas

    I have both cards and the 650ti wins

  • huy bv1998

    Gt 1030 vs gtx 460 1gb 256 bit version ?

  • Instant Gameur-Fr

    gtx 650 ti sucks gt 1030 rocks

  • Anup Sonawane

    hey my pc specs are as follows i5 6508gb ddr3 ram500 gb hddwhich graphic card should i pair with my cpu gt 1030 2gb ddr5 or gtx 1050 mini 2gb ddr5 plz help tell me which combination will be better ?

  • Shanks

    This is fake cause I have a gtx 650 ti and also a gt 1030 and the gtx 650 ti supasses the gt 1030 by 10 fps in all games

  • elmer perez

    Gtx 650 ti is good, but sounds like a helicopter XD

  • Mister Govnyashka

    Щас бы в играх 2016 года сравнивать эти две карты, при этом взяв 650 Ti версию на 1 гиг. Это битва не 650 Ti vs GTX 1030, а битва 1 Gb vs 2 Gb, где 2 Gb выигрывает по понятным причинам. Ни о чём тест.

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