EWBF V.0.1.0b ZCash NVidia GPU Cuda Miner for Windows GTX980ti 430-460H/s

EWBF V.0.1.0b ZCash NVidia GPU Cuda Miner for Windows GTX980ti 430-460H/s

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Windows x64

Linux x64

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  • PaintballerVI5

    why does suprnova not need a zcash address?

  • Gustavo Camacho

    This program got flagged by Chrome, so I downloaded it with Microsoft Edge and it got flagged by WIndows Defender. Would really help to fix that...it worked a LOT better than Excavator btw

  • Samuel Lord

    Hi. Thanks for awesome updates. I find your vids extremely helpful since I'm a Nvidia Newbie miner. When I started mining I already had 980 ti and mining zcash mostly. and now I'm thinking to expand my rig. I have a question: if I get 7 GPUs on my computer, is it possible to hook up both AMD and Nvidia for mining? on a single MB? like, 3Nvidia Sli and 4 AMD cards (Not on Crossfire). I figured that if I uncheck one main GPU, I can use my computer just fine while still mining. if I assign them to different algorithms, will that be a possible option? or if I have 7 Nvidia cards for that matter, can I use my computer just fine by having 3 Slis only?

  • donaldandfriends

    power consumption 100%?

  • Tunnel Rat

    What's your power draw?

  • Michael D

    how do i run benchmark on this programalso i have a msi geforce gtx 1050ti only geting 155 sol/s on antpool what card is best to use amd or nvidia

  • Magnus Berggren

    I've got an offer to buy EVGA GTX 980 ti acx 2.0 for a good price. What are watt output figures for 980ti models and is it possible to undervolt them ?

  • Brett McConnell

    Hi cryptomined, iv been watching your tube video and have been mining for a few months now lots of fun. started off with GB windforce gtx 750 ti oc as iv had it for about 5 years as i upgraded my z77 to 1151. just brought GB windforce gtx 1050ti oc not bad for price i paid new but i get 750ti (62sol) 1050 +150mhz PL -20% pulling only 147 to 155sol.dont want to mod bios due to warranty and still play games with new card. any help would be greatful

  • Fotis Charchalakis

    can you please tell how much do you ear per day. I have 3x 980ti oc mining with Nicehash and i get around 7$. Does this gives more?

  • hangterisaan

    Any idea what i will get on a gtx 1070 and a gtx 1080? running at 1000 sol/s on nicehash ( 1070 +750 Mhz mem clock and 1080 +1000 Mhz mem clock. touching core clock freezes computer).

  • Tdell Productions

    I need a Cuda miner to run his correct? If so can somone link me the cuda download

  • Matt

    What'd you set up OC in afterburner?

  • Mr Carpcatcher

    how many watts are they using at these speeds for mining???

  • david poiz

    my card is overclocked to 1531 mhz and i get 505 h/s

  • Margus Parv

    There are no bat files in the downloads and no gonfiguration file !!! ???? What are you talking about ????

  • Harry Hightower

    I kind of asked on the Forums if you are the same Crypyomined on the gate less post how are you getting 230 with gate less atm ... can you make a video on how best i get with my 470's is 212 sol cm 11.1 does 240 at stock setting if i need to remold them which bios .I'll be honest the reason i don't want to USE CM any more is the Fee Mainly and pretty much no support if i ask for it in tells and I'm very nice about it ... I feel hes got enough in fee to lower it to some thing more reasonably other then if you use a SSL/TLS connection he lowers it to 2 % still to high and you have to use a SSL/TLS connection to get that .. i never once really complained about His ETH miner fee because to me that was reasonable . I know you can turn if off but if gate less does as much with it off then why . my point made . to me gate less works better any way better API support all kinds nice wonderful things CM doesn't offer .well any way if you could would you make a nice video explaining how you get 230 on your 470 using gate less , i meaning this as asking in a nice way . and not demanding . :) ... I'm not looking for any one to agree just a few tips . :) .

  • Pohodacik 007

    which geforce card are supported ?( generation..4xx,5xx..?)

  • M Kamran

    Hi, i have 4 980 ti , but all are giving different hashrate? any suggestion to make it better?

  • cool anuj

    how to get money in your zcash wallet .,where to put zcash wallet address??


    are cards bioses was moded? how?

  • _ catyZ_

    can you mine dogecoin with one of the pool???

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