Monero HardFork = X2 Mining Profits ?!?! nicehash cryptonight v7

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Monero HardFork = X2 Mining Profits ?!?! nicehash cryptonight v7

  • Bizul

    Mining will never be out of fashion, but now, many adopt the airdrop distribution model where coins are distributed to the public for free. Much more efficient than buying an ASIC or buying hash power. Unfortunately, Monero turned out to be traceable and the devs didn't deny it, they just said that it is fixed and more secure now. For their astronomically ambitious roadmap, I decided to go with the DeepOnion airdrop and I'm interested in mining it but I know it is going to be very difficult because it's a 13x algo.

  • arcadeuk

    Cryptonight7 on Nicehash yesterday was way way up, (0.82GBP on a Ryzen 1700) Now for some reason its down to only 0.38GBP today. Its like the botnets have switched over to V7 now or something? I'm currently giving direct mining on Monero a try, and it's doing better than Nicehash today

  • Matthew

    1070ti $569

  • Ramee REDz

    Hey boy brandon..How r u man?U r videos are improving and I start my day only after watching your video .....Its know kinda routine...If i get somehow couldnt watch the video..then That day would be gloomy for meThankx brandon...And keep on growing....adios Brandon😇

  • ricdog213

    Rates go up when they are not mined with an asic.

  • Ghirmay Mesfun

    My 1070 and 6600k waz rocking on v7 but quickly dropped off the gpu to equihash :/

  • Z

    You should make your room a bit more modern/ or organize it a bit differently.

  • james swain

    Your new intro looks good. And isn't too long. Nice.Thanks for another video 👍👍👍👍

  • Flight Deck HD

    Maybe I missed the rush. I took nicehash for a ride this morning to try out CNV7. I set NH to run Dagger, Equihash, Old Cryptonite and CNV7. My rig (nvidia) just stayed in dagger and equihash at a very low pay rate. When I ran just CNV7, I got a pay rate $.10 below dagger, but my rig was only pulling 500w at the wall instead of 800w. I bet if I set my rig up to mine CNV7 not through nicehash that I could turn my rig up to 800w on CNV7 and get pretty good numbers for the power. So, off with Nicehash, and sticking with RVN for $9.00 a day at 800w vs $5.25 on NH for the same 800w. Keep the vids coming! Monetize.

  • ShivAlexandrite

    sir is gt1030 mining cryptonight v7 if it is then how much ..plz need ur answer i want to buy it tomorrow

  • Flight Deck HD

    CNV7 on nicehash often won't rise above the other algos because it uses less energy. So, mining monero might make a little less a day dollar wise, but if you pay a lot for power, your profit per day might be the same as other algos. Also, AMD cards seem to mine XMR much better than Nvidia in hashes per dollar paid for the card. I would like to know if anybody uses xmr-stak for mining monero with NVidia. I get 850H/s with a 1080ti, 700h/s with 1070ti and 500h/s with 1060's. Cryptonight heavy (version 7) uses a huge amount of system memory. I only have a 64GB SSD for my mining, and 8GB of RAM. On one of the setup guides I read, you need 2GB of RAM(virtual memory) per GB of VRAM on your GPU's. Long story short, I need 47GB of virtual memory, and I can only scrape up 28. I watched all these videos when I was building my rig that said, "you don't need a 124GB SDD cause the miner will never use it." This is no longer true with Cryptonight 7. On my gamer with a huge amount of virtual memory, I can run 32 threads in 40 blocks on a 1060 6GB for a hashrate of 515. On the rig outside that is memory challenged, I can only run 22 threads on 40 blocks for a hashrate of 490.

  • SEE Videos

    After your video release on this topic its no more profitable. You can check now

  • VillageCity

    The network hashrate on monero has skyrocketed. It'd now only about 10% to 20% better profits than Ethereum.

  • FlyGuy Mining


  • Pavel Jelínek

    Maan doo not use NVidia GPUs to mine XMR.. My RX550 for instance is doing 520H/s cryptonight..

  • Escape3000

    Here is my setting! So try on the 1050 ti +140 for core and + 450 for ram powerLimit to 75 !!!  and for the 1080 +150 for core and + 700 for ram and powerlimit to 75!!

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